Now that we have said good-bye to another HG in the Big Brother 22 house, it is time to find out which of the remaining HGs will be in power for week 3 of Big Brother All-Stars! Let’s kick off the week with some Big Brother spoilers! Who do you hope won Head of Household this week? Are you hoping for any specific targets? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

In this week’s HOH competition, the HGs had to take mugs and slide them down three long counters with numbers laid out on them. Where ever their mugs landed, they got the points in that value. Their score was a cumulative score from all three counters. Here is the order the HGs went in and the number of points each of them got:

  • Cody – 4 points
  • Enzo – 8 points
  • David – 6 points
  • Christmas – 8 points (not faster than Enzo)
  • Da’Vonne – 7 points
  • Kevin – 7 points
  • Ian – 10 points
  • Nicole F – 9 points
  • Dani – 4 points
  • Tyler – 12 points
  • Bayleigh – 7 points
  • Janelle – 11 points
  • Kaysar – 5 points

With 12 points, that makes Tyler our HOH for week 3 of Big Brother All-Stars. Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out which HG wins the Safety Suite competition and who their plus one is. I will also have nomination spoilers for you at some point throughout the day!

Who do you think Tyler will target this week on Big Brother? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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