We are down to the F6 in the Big Brother 22 house now that the first-ever Triple Eviction on Big Brother is in the books. It’s now time to find out which of the remaining HGs went on to win the HOH to kick off week 9 of Big Brother All-Stars. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out all the details!

We are down to Tyler, Cody, Memphis, Enzo, Christmas, and Nicole inside the Big Brother now after saying goodbye to Kevin, David, and Dani during the Triple Eviction. Tyler won the last HOH of the Triple Eviction, which means he did not play in the Week 9 HOH competition. Now that the feeds are back up, we know which HG won the HOH and will have the power to nominate two of their fellow HGs. Let’s get to the results, shall we?

The HOH Winner for Week 9 is:

  • Cody

Now that The Committee has started turning on each other, it’s going to be really interesting to see where the target lands this week on Big Brother 22. Based on Cody being the new HOH, I’m wondering who he will target. I’m guessing that it will probably be between Nicole, Christmas, and Memphis. Although, Cody has mentioned a few times in the last couple days that he is worried about Tyler and where his head is at.

I should have nomination spoilers for you tomorrow at some point, but with Sunday’s show now on Mondays, I’m not sure if our schedule will change at all. Either way, I should have a better idea of who Cody will target based on talks inside the house tonight. Stay tuned for my Live Feeds recap coming up tomorrow morning!

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