We were told on Thursday night during the Big Brother 22 eviction show that another twist would be introduced into the game this week called the BB Basement. It’s a comp that was played in complete darkness and if gave three Big Brother HGs special powers. We have some Big Brother spoilers regarding the BB Basement twist for this week! Read on to get the details.

We have gotten information on two of the three powers for this week’s and we know who two of the three winners are. When I get more information on the third power, I will update this post! For now, here are the winners and what their powers do:

  1. Dani – Her power gives her the opportunity to allow the current HOH for the next three weeks the chance to play in the next HOH comp. For example, if Dani wants Christmas to play in next week’s HOH, she has the power to do that. This power if good for the next three weeks and Dani isn’t happy about getting this power. She called it garbage and said it would be a great power if she could win HOH and then allow herself to play in the next one. She told Nicole about her power.
  2. Christmas – Christmas got a power called “The Blocker” and this allows her to protect someone from being put on the block at the POV Ceremony as a renom. If she feels like she is in trouble or if she should win the POV and wants to protect an ally, she can use it to save them from being backdoored. She told Tyler about her power.

When I have the third power details, I will update this article right here! Stay tuned for that update and for Nomination Ceremony spoilers later on!

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