It is week 2 of Big Brother 22 and before we find out who the nominees for the week are, we need to know which of the HGs are safe from the block. There were a lot of HGs talking about competing in the Safety Suite comp on the Big Brother Live Feeds this morning. We now know for sure who played and who is safe! Find out here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The feeds went down at 10 AM BBT and were down for five and a half hours as the HGs decided whether they were going to play in the Safety Suite for week two and the comp played out. Now that the feeds are back up, we know who won and who they picked as their plus one!

Safety Suite Winner for Week 2:

  • Christmas won the Safety Suite
  • She chose Ian as her plus one

Well, that’s an interesting turn of events! Christmas is in Memphis’ alliance, she goes on to win the Safety Suite and then uses it to save one of the people that Memphis was planning on targeting this week! I can’t wait to see how this week unfolds now that Ian has been taken out of the picture for eviction.

The first thing to remember is that Ian will now have to endure some type of punishment for the week. Also want to note that Dani and Nicole F were talking when the feeds came back up and they said something about having to make sure they keep Da’Vonne safe this week. I’m wondering if Da’Vonne’s name has been thrown out there since the feeds went down at 10 AM BBT.

Next up, I will have spoilers for you for the nomination ceremony which will be happening at some point this evening!

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