We are just days away from the premiere and live move-in for Big Brother 23! I know a lot of you have been waiting for the Big Brother 23 house tour to see how the beach and casino vibes would be brought together. The house tour has happened and we are starting to get videos and photos of the inside of the Big Brother house.

The Reef Room, Sea Glass Room, Yacht Club are the three downstairs bedrooms in the house.  Here is a video preview of the three bedrooms inside the Big Brother house courtesy of Andrea Reiher on Twitter:

What do you think of the bedroom themes?

Here are some photos that I was able to get from Big Brother Network and Big Brother Junkie on Twitter:

There is no lounge room this year, instead, the HGs will have an indoor gym for all those days they are stuck inside the house. The HGs will use the upstairs area outside the HOH room as their lounge. There is a comfy seating area and a table with a chessboard just like in previous years. There have been no pictures of the backyard, just yet, but I’m sure they are coming.

I also want to point out there is a door by the spiral staircase in the kitchen that leads to the hallway to the gym and bathroom now. It is no longer completely open.

What do you think of the Big Brother house this season? I personally like the design! I think that the beach vibes are something everyone could use a little of this year. I’m super excited for the new season to start on July 7th at 8 PM EST! Make sure you check back here for show recaps, live feeds recaps and all sorts of spoilers throughout the season. Also, check out our social media accounts linked below where you will find all our posts throughout the season.

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