It was a crazy day inside the Big Brother 23 house with the HGs scrambling to try and figure out what the HOH was going to do at the Nomination Ceremony. After the Nomination Ceremony, there was a huge fallout as the Big Brother houseguests tried to figure out where Frenchie’s head was at and why he nominated the people he did. Get all the details of Friday’s live feeds right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Friday morning, most of the HGs thought that the plan was to get Derek X out of the house since he was starting rumors about some of the other HGs. Everyone expected that Derek X and Travis were going to end up on the block because there really were only a few options after the Wildcard Comp left two more HGs safe from eviction and Frenchie had already promised most of the house that they were safe for the week.

Frenchie seemed very emotional when he got up this morning. He pulled Derek X aside early on and told him that he believes in second chances and Derek X is safe this week. Frenchie however, didn’t tell many people about this, but word started to get around the house that Frenchie’s target had changed.

Kyland, Christian, and Alyssa were all talking in the Skylounge and during this conversation, Christian mentions that Frenchie has at least five people supporting him this week (with his teammates and Travis). Kyland tells him that Frenchie has more support than that and mentions Whitney and Brent also. Christian mentions that he thinks that the nomination plans changed again and Alyssa wonders why he thinks that. Christian mentions that they haven’t heard any more talks about pawns, therefore Hannah must have gotten Frenchie to rethink that part of his plan. Talks turn to who they think is closest to Frenchie and Kyland says that he thinks that Frenchie and Derek F are closest, then Azah and then Britini.

After asking his allies for their support this week, Frenchie talked to Xavier and Brent and thanked them for being the only real people in a house full of fakes. Frenchie mentions that no one thinks he can hear them talking in the Skylounge while he is in his HOH room, but he can hear everything. He tells them that he found out that someone he was aligned with is aligned with two people who are coming after him. Also mentions that he heard this person throwing him under the bus (Kyland).

Travis walks in and they all head upstairs to the HN room to talk. Frenchie tells Travis that his original target this week was Brent and it was all because of a miscommunication. Brent then tells Travis that he thought he was going to be a big target for Travis and Christian, but Travis tells him that if he won HOH this week he was going to put two women up or self-preserve his game and put Christian up. Frenchie mentions that the person he really wants to go after, he can’t (Christian), but he’s going to go after someone close to him. He tells them that he isn’t nominating Derek X this week though because he doesn’t understand the game and that’s why he made those mistakes.

Feeds go down for the nominations and when they come back up we find out that Alyssa and Kyland were nominated for eviction. Kyland is in the HOH room talking to Frenchie. Frenchie tells him that he nominated Kyland because the theme this year is big risks, big rewards, and he thinks that the POV Comp is going to have a big reward attached to it. He tells Kyland that he is not the target this week and promises him that if he (F) wins the POV, he will use it on Kyland.

Meanwhile, Alyssa is telling Sarah Beth, Xavier, and Christian that there isn’t a BD plan because if there was, she would have been warned. While this conversation is going on, Kyland is still talking to Frenchie and Frenchie tells him that Christian is trying to build this big alliance that he doesn’t think Frenchie knows about. He tells Kyland that Christian and Travis are really close and if he can’t get Travis on the block (BD) then Alyssa going home is just as good.

Kyland talks to Alyssa really quick and asks her how she knew she was going up. She tells him that she just had a gut feeling and Xavier was giving her weird vibes all morning. Kyland tells her that they need to talk to Xavier then because Frenchie told him that no one knew about his plan. Alyssa says that Xavier didn’t know for sure and that he just had a weird feeling.

Alyssa then heads into the HOH room to talk to Frenchie and Frenchie tells her that she is on the block because she and Christian are working together to get him out. She tells him that’s not true and the only reason she and Christian talk are because they are on the same team. Frenchie tells her that he doesn’t believe that and that he sees that she and Christian are super close. Frenchie then tells her that

Alyssa brings in Christian and on their way to the HOH room, she tells Christian that it is because of him, that Frenchie thinks that the two of them are really close and she is going home because of it. Christian has this dumbfounded look on his face and wonders why Frenchie would think they are that close.

Alyssa tells Frenchie that he based his reasons for nominating her on a lie and wishes that she had a chance to talk to him beforehand. After Frenchie explains all the things that people were saying to him and how he came down to the conclusion that she and Christian were close, Alyssa realizes that it actually makes sense for him to have thought that which just annoys her more.

Meanwhile, Sarah Beth and Kyland are talking about the POV and how Sarah Beth promised Alyssa that she would play for her if she got HGs choice, but says that she will throw the POV so that Kyland has a better chance to win it and save himself.

Things in the HOH room got even more interesting when Britini and Derek F join the conversation. Frenchie asks Britini how many times has he been told that Christian is coming after him? Britini tells them a lot. Christian and Alyssa both tell him that they are not in any way coming for Frenchie and Derek F backs up the fact that Christian has never said that he was coming for Frenchie.

Frenchie wants to know if Derek F, Britini, and Azah have heard that Christian is trying to start an alliance. None of them have heard this from anyone in the house. Azah asks Frenchie what his reasons for his nominations and he tells her that everyone is so worried about saving themselves they offer tidbits of information but it all messed with his head and he got stressed out.

Frenchie tells everyone that as they talk, things are really starting to come together. He goes to get Brent because Brent has heard things about Christian coming for Frenchie. Brent says that he’s been told that Christian has been trying to build a bunch of alliances. He added that he has walked by Christian having private conversations and has heard that Christian is gunning for Frenchie.

Brent then says that he knows that he is one of Christian’s targets and adds that Derek X has been plotting against Brent even though they are on the same team. Christian tells Brent that he isn’t one of his targets but now he’s nervous because if he thinks that then that makes Christian one of Brent’s targets. Alyssa says that clearly, Derek X is going around lying and causing all these problems.

Frenchie, Alyssa, and Kyland are able to have a conversation and they reiterate the reasons why they are on the block. Frenchie tells them that if one of them wins the POV then they can get the problem on the block and out of the house (Derek X). Later, Frenchie goes to Whitney and Christian and asked them both to use the POV if they play and win. Brent says that he will also use it if he wins it.

Frenchie then tells Hannah that no one knew his plan and that Kyland is not his target. Hannah asks if she should gun for the POV if she is picked to play and he tells her yes.

Throughout the evening there were a lot of the nominees telling the rest of the HGs why they are on the block and a lot of planning talks about people winning the POV and using it. Alyssa also mentioned that she knows if the noms stay the same that she will end up going home against Kyland. At the end of the night, Frenchie and Brent solidify a F2 deal and say that Whitney could be someone they can lean on for F3.

A lot of fallout in the Big Brother house after Frenchie names his nominees for the week. A lot of talks about Derek X being the BD option for the week and with the way that this week is going, chances are that information will get back to Derek X. The POV competition should happen at some point today so be on the lookout players and comp result spoilers right here!

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