Sunday’s Big Brother live feeds were a little slow to start but definitely picked up throughout the evening hours. The houseguests are waiting to see what Monday’s Veto Meeting will bring who Frenchie might renom if the opportunity arises. Find out what the plan could be right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap. Make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers from week one to get all caught up on the week!

The day started off with the HGs getting ready for their swimsuit photoshoot in the backyard. The feeds were down until about 11:30 AM BBT for that.

When the feeds came back up, Frenchie talked about Alyssa staying on the block and Travis going up in Kyland’s place. He also says that Travis will be the target, not Alyssa. Xavier tells Frenchie that Travis knows he is in trouble because he felt his energy change after Derek X won the POV.

Frenchie goes to talk to Claire and ask her if he has done something to offend her because she hasn’t been talking to him. She tells him that everything is fine, she just knows that he has been stressed and is trying to give him some space.

Alyssa told Brent that she is going to try and distance herself from Christian after all of this. Brent says that he expects Christian to nominate him and Frenchie if he wins HOH next week. He also tells Alyssa. that Christian clearly likes her.

Azah and Britini talk about how they think that Christian will go after Brent if he wins HOH. They also talk about how Frenchie didn’t trust his team and come to them with his ideas this week. Azah reiterates that a lot of this could have been avoided if he talked to them.

Frenchie at one point in the afternoon also solidified a F2 with Christian and Christian promised to keep Frenchie safe until the end.

The HGs enjoyed some time in the backyard, played some games, and just relaxed for a lot of the afternoon and early evening.

Brent, Alyssa, and Frenchie talked and Brent tells them that he doesn’t trust Kyland, but if Travis stays this week, he could become a really big threat. Frenchie mentions that usually a woman or older HG goes first every season, but that’s not going to happen this time. When he walks away, Brent tells Alyssa that he trusts Frenchie, but he keeps going back on everything he’s said so far. Alyssa wonders if Frenchie would tell Derek X not to use the POV. Brent says that if he does that, then the alliance means nothing because no one will trust him.

Frenchie goes around asking people where they would vote if noms stayed the same. Travis and Hannah tell him that they would vote to keep Kyland, but Xavier says that Alyssa is on his team so he would vote to keep her. Frenchie then tells Hannah that he would rather the POV be used on Alyssa, but he doesn’t know where Derek X’s head is at. Shortly after that, he goes to Travis and asks him if he could try and persuade Derek X NOT to use the POV. Travis asks if Kyland is okay with that plan and he says he hasn’t mentioned it to Kyland or anyone.

Derek X tells Kyland that the plan is still for him to use the POV on him and Travis will go up and become the target. Derek X reiterated this to Claire also. Travis then goes to Derek X and tells him that Frenchie wants the noms to stay the same and now Derek X is confused. They try to figure out which one of them Frenchie is trying to test. Travis asks Derek X not to tell anyone that Frenchie was trying to get Travis to secretly convince Derek X not to use the POV.

Frenchie goes to Derek X a little later and tells him that even though Kyland is being really nice to him, he is only doing that so that he will use the POV on him. Frenchie adds that Kyland is trying to make a F2 with him (F). Frenchie then goes to Alyssa and tells her that Sarah Beth would keep Kyland over her (A) and Alyssa is surprised by this.

Travis checks in with Derek X again and Derek X tells him he isn’t even sure what the plan is anymore (I honestly don’t think Frenchie knows his own plan at this point).

At around 3 AM BBT – Derek X finally gets a chance to talk to Frenchie about the POV plan. Derek X tells Frenchie that he has already promised Kyland over and over that he would use the POV on him. He says he feels obligated to do it now. Frenchie tells Derek X that everyone is fighting to save Kyland. He thinks that if they keep him in the house, Kyland will likely win the game. He also wonders why no one is worried about Alyssa.

Frenchie is also convinced that Kyland disrespected him somehow and mentions that he would really like to see the POV be used on Alyssa so that he can put another guy on the block and the two guys could fight for everyone’s votes. Travis joins the conversation and Derek X had mentioned that he would prefer another woman be renom’s. They head to the memory wall and talk about other renom options. Travis is trying to convince Frenchie to renom another woman instead of renoming him (T). Travis mentions Hannah as an option and Frenchie seems to be thinking about this option and says that he hasn’t promised Hannah anything (I’m pretty sure he has promised everyone something at this point).

Brent joined the conversation and says that he thinks they should keep noms the same and let the house decide, but Derek X says that’s a bad move for his game. Talks then turn to if Kyland stays on the block then Derek X comes off as unloyal because he has already promised him that he was going to use the POV on him. Derek X asks Frenchie if he can tell Kyland that Frenchie was the one that told him not to use it and Frenchie tells him he could.

Christian then tells Brent and Frenchie that if Kyland goes home this week, that could blow up their alliance. Christian tells them that they have to get Travis out this week or else people will think that Frenchie is unreliable.

Frenchie decided at about 5 AM BBT that he was going to stay downstairs and sleep next to Derek X to try and convince him to pull Alyssa down instead of Kyland. After about a half-hour, Frenchie finally stops talking and they go to sleep.

Today’s POV Ceremony is going to be an interesting one. Make sure you come back later to find out who Derek X uses the POV on who the renom is!

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