It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 23 house and believe it or not, there was very little campaigning going on inside the house. Instead, there were a lot of chats about next week and who should gun it for Head of Household and who the targets should be. Keep reading for all the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s live feeds!

Kyland and Tiffany had a talk early yesterday about who they think should go before jury. Kyland thinks that Whitney should go next and then either Britini or Claire. Tiffany thinks that Whitney, Brent, and then Alyssa go.

Xavier talked to Frenchie about who The Slaughterhouse is going to target first when they have to start picking each other off. They agreed that it should be Whitney, Brent, and Alyssa.

Azah talked to Derek F about her concerns about French Kiss. She tells him that she finds it odd that Frenchie has been playing this game with a bunch of men and now all of a sudden he wants an alliance with the women. She tells Britini later that the only person this alliance helps is Frenchie. He is clearly doing this just to cover himself in case he ends up on the block next week.

Frenchie talked to Derek X about how he (F) is a large target next week and that he wouldn’t be surprised if Frenchie and Derek X end up on the block together. Derek X asks if he thinks that they (DX and F) will be on the block over Frenchie and Brent? Frenchie says that he and Brent aren’t as close as everyone thinks they are. Derek X mentions that Travis might come to talk to Frenchie a little later and talks about how Travis has a pretty good argument. Frenchie mentions to Derek X that if they keep Travis it will be harder for the house to get rid of Frenchie, Derek X, Kyland, and Travis.

Frenchie then goes to talk to Xavier about the French Kiss alliance but tells him that he didn’t actually say yes to the alliance (he did). He says that he wanted to talk to Xavier and the rest of The Butchers. Xavier thinks that it’s a good idea because it will be like having a spy. Frenchie tells him that he could influence the women to not target any of their core group members. Derek F joins the conversation and Frenchie tells them both that none of the women are looking to target any of them (F, X, and DF).

Derek X and Christian have a chat in the HN room where Derek X is trying to clear the air with Christian. During this conversation, Derek X asks Christian about who he thinks would be most likely to head an all-girls alliance. Christian tells him that he thinks that it would be Whitney. Later, he realizes that name-dropping was probably not a great idea and goes to Xavier about it. Xavier tells him that from now on, he should not mention any names. He suggests that Christian goes to Whitney and tell her what he said and that he said it so that Derek X wouldn’t assume that they (C and W) working together. Christian also adds that Whitney is on Derek X’s team so he (DX) wouldn’t be able to target Whitney anyway.

Derek F told Xavier that he was going to throw a vote to Travis for him to stay this week. Xavier told him he might not have to do that because Derek X plans to do that. Derek F says he wants to do it anyway, but Xavier worries that it might get pinned on someone from The Cookout (Kyland). Alyssa later tells Derek F that he might want to rethink that because it could get pinned on Derek X.

Derek X did mention that he didn’t plan to vote for Travis to stay because he didn’t want to risk it making him a target.

Sarah talked to Kyland about the girls alliance that Frenchie tried to form and who is in it. She adds that Frenchie is now covered from all angles. Sarah mentioned that if she wins HOH she wants to start going after some of the members of the bigger alliance. She mentions Brent and Whitney specifically.

Hannah talked game to Alyssa later on and they talked about Frenchie and how he has been playing the game and they also speculated about what could happen next week. Hannah then mentions to Alyssa that she heard something about a girls alliance but thinks that it would be stupid to have a girls alliance without two of them in it.

Travis did make a pitch to Frenchie last night and focused on Alyssa and the threat of a potential showmance there. He also told Frenchie that he would be loyal to Frenchie and Frenchie says he knows that. Travis ended his talk with Frenchie by telling him that a woman has to go next week so they can weaken their numbers in case they form an alliance and that Frenchie will be able to use Travis as a shield because he (T) will be the bigger target.

Frenchie talked to Tiffany about throwing a rogue vote against Alyssa to pin on Derek X so that they can make sure that Derek X is a bigger target next week. Tiffany asked if Alyssa would know the vote came from her and Frenchie assures her that no one would know it was her. Tiffany says that she will do it under one condition, that he never tells anyone about it. He promises.

Whitney tells Alyssa that Frenchie told her about the girls alliance, but told her that the girls formed it and asked Frenchie to join after the fact.

Travis tells Frenchie that he can’t get the votes to stay because everyone is saying that they are doing what Fenchie wants. Frenchie encourages him to keep trying to get the votes. Brent then talks to Travis later and tells him that Travis is definitely going this week and he blames it on the women wanting a guy to go first. Travis mentions that if he stays, he will be the bigger target going into next week. Travis considered dropping bombs in his eviction speech about Frenchie and all his lies, but Brent tells him that his speech is how he is going to be remembered in the house.

Tonight we will watch as the first live eviction happens inside the Big Brother 23 house, make sure you come back for my live recap tonight! Also, be on the lookout for my eviction poll and eviction prediction post coming up a little later.

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