It was Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother 23 house and one of this week’s nominees has realized that their game is coming to an end on Thursday. The Veto Ceremony happened early in the day and the rest of the day was spent plotting out the next couple of evictions on Big Brother 2021. Find out what some of the houseguests are planning right here with my Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds!

The houseguests got an early morning wake-up call at just after 8 AM BBT and nothing happened before the Veto Meeting other than Tiffany realizing that she didn’t prepare a speech for it. The feeds went down and when they came back up, we find out that Kyland didn’t use the Veto, and Hannah and Tiffany will remain the nominees for Week 10. Tiffany talked about how she had to wing her speech because she only realized about 20 minutes before the ceremony that she didn’t prepare one.

Azah told Derek that Kyland came up to her right after the Veto Ceremony to make sure that she would vote whatever way he wanted. She then wonders what made Kyland decide to all of a sudden target Tiffany this week. She always thought that he and Tiffany were close. Azah also added that Kyland and Tiffany making selfish decisions for their own games both had the same effect on her.

Xavier joined the conversation and when Azah told him what they were talking about, Xavier says that he thinks that Kyland decided to target Tiffany because they both made similarly bad decisions in the game and Kyland thinks that people would have more respect for him if he targets her and gets her out. Azah is worried that Kyland would target them next but Derek tells her that if anything, he is going to target Xavier next. Derek adds that putting Derek and Azah on the block together does nothing for anyone’s game.

Tiffany talked to Derek a little later and asks him if she were to be able to convince Azah to work with her, would he and Kyland consider working with them? Derek says that Azah has already talked to him, but he is stuck because he has also had conversations with Hannah. Tiffany tells Derek that Azah won’t work with Hannah as she will with Tiffany because Azah doesn’t trust Hannah. She adds that Hannah won’t take him much further in the game because she has said she feels like the winner should have worked hard for it and she doesn’t think that Azah and Derek have. She also tells Derek that if Xavier is sitting in F2, he wins no matter who he is sitting next to because he has played a flawless game.

Tiffany gets up and Kyland comes and joins Derek. Derek whispers that Tiffany is trying to get him to keep her and Kyland tells him not to let Tiffany think there is even a chance. He says that if Tiffany thinks she has a chance with Derek, she will pressure Azah into voting for her too. Derek says he isn’t. After Tiffany leaves the HOH bathroom and goes downstairs, Derek tells Kyland everything that Tiffany had just told him.

Tiffany goes downstairs to campaign to Xavier and tells him that if she leaves, that leaves him as the next target. She tells him that everyone in the house knows that he would win no matter who he is sitting next to in F2, which means no one is going to take him. She tells him that he doesn’t even need to keep her around that long, she just wants to survive this week so she is able to take home some kind of prize money for her son. She says that Hannah is young enough to play this game again, Tiffany isn’t and she doesn’t want to leave empty-handed.

Azah talks to Xavier for a while about what her plan is if she wins the next HOH. She tells him that she made a deal with Kyland not to target him so her only option would be Hannah. Xavier tells her that he was thinking of putting Hannah and Kyland up if he won HOH also. Xavier tells Azah about Hannah wanting to target him if she wins, but he isn’t sure if that’s just because she wants to stay this week or if it’s true. Azah says that she feels like Tiffany and Hannah would both have good reasons to come after him. He says he has to take that into consideration this week.

Xavier tells Azah that Kyland is set up pretty well for F4 or even F3 which makes him feel like he (X) will have people coming after him for the next couple of weeks. Azah says that Hannah can’t win HOH no matter what.

Derek tells Xavier about the things that Tiffany told him about how he loses if he is next to Xavier in F2 and how Hannah is going to take him out next if she wins HOH. Xavier says that they aren’t keeping Tiffany this week, but Hannah has to go next week. They think that Hannah is a bigger comp threat, but Tiffany has to go. Xavier says that Tiffany is throwing Hannah under the bus without realizing (oh, she realizes it and said that she was prepared to do so if it came down to it). Xavier wonders who he should put up against Hannah if he wins HOH and Derek tells him Azah. Xavier wonders how Azah would take that and Derek says that she thinks they have a F3 so she will have to deal with it.

Xavier asks if they get Hannah or Azah out next, what is stopping Kyland from taking Xavier out at F4? Derek says they have a deal and Xavier says they only have a deal if Kyland honors it. Derek says that he will just have to hope that Derek can win the F5 HOH so that Xavier will be safe. Xavier says that Tiffany goes this week, Hannah next, and Azah after that then the guys can have a “friendly gentleman fight” at the end.

Derek tells Xavier that Azah wants Tiffany to stay this week and Xavier doesn’t think that makes sense if she is good with Kyland. Derek says that she wants Tiffany to stay to take a shot at Kyland.

Hannah and Tiffany are talking and Hannah says that if Tiffany was up against anyone but her, they would have been able to figure out a way for her to stay. Tiffany says that she is more of an old-school player and that the rest of the houseguests play too safe and predictable.

Derek tells Kyland and Xavier that if Hannah wins HOH next, he is going to tell her that Azah was trying to get Hannah evicted this week. That way Hannah targets Azah instead of one of them. Derek tells Kyland that he wanted to be the one who sent Tiffany home. The guys are all wondering why they closed the backyard so early and they wonder if there is going to be some kind of special HOH on Wednesday.

Hannah and Kyland talk in the HOH after dinner and Kyland is rambling about each person’s odds of winning against each remaining HG. Hannah is just nodding and agreeing with him.

Derek tells Azah that if she wins HOH next, she has to put Derek up against Hannah. Azah says she was planning to put Kyland up next to Hannah. Derek is trying to steer her away from Kyland by telling her that they have a deal with him to keep him safe so it has to be Kyland.

Tiffany talks to Azah and makes her pitch to stay. She tells Azah that Hannah and Kyland likely have a deal together. She mentions that she just wants to make it to F5 for the prize money and Hannah is much smarter, therefore Tiffany would be easier to beat.

Later, Azah works through the scenarios if Tiffany stays with Xavier and she asks him if he is set on Tiffany going this week. He tells Azah that he is.

Regardless of Azah wanting to keep Tiffany this week, with Hannah on the block next to her there just aren’t enough votes. Xavier and Derek are both set on Tiffany being the first one evicted during this week’s Double Eviction. Unless something big happens, which I’m not convinced will happen, Tiffany will become the first Cookout member to join the Jury.

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