It was Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother 23 house and the HGs competed in the BB Comics competition! With us being down to Final 6, there was no need for any of the Big Brother 2021 houseguests to sit out. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

We started the day off with Tiffany talking to the cameras about how she is in the same position Derek X was in and she just has to win the Veto. She is completely okay with people seeing her as a threat and also okay with having to play the game to stay in the game. Azah comes into the room and Tiffany asks her what Kyland has mentioned about the plan for the week. Azah tells Tiffany that she doesn’t know what the plan is and he only asked her which HGs she cared the most about and she told him, Tiffany and Derek.

Tiffany switches the conversation to why Kyland didn’t put Xavier up since he is the biggest threat in the house. Tiffany says that this must mean they are working together. Tiffany says that if Xavier makes it to the end, no one in Jury dislikes him and she adds that she would vote for Xavier to win. Azah says that if she wins HOH, Kyland would be her target. Tiffany says it’s not as easy as that and she would still have to get the votes to get him out.

Azah asked Tiffany if she and Kyland had a deal and Tiffany says they were working together for a while. Azah wonders why Tiffany didn’t drop in the endurance comp and Tiffany says it’s because she didn’t want Kyland to have three HOH’s when Tiffany only had one.

The HGs got together for breakfast and Tiffany told them about how she told Claire she was being renominated. She says that Claire was super understanding and that made the situation even more emotional for her.

The feeds went down for Veto and were down for six hours. When they returned, we saw Kyland wearing the Veto medallion. Tiffany talked to the cameras a bit about how she lost the Veto but for her fans not to lose faith just yet because she has another trick up her sleeve.

After the HGs spent some time hanging out and talking about the Veto comp, Hannah camtalked a bit and told us she has a plan. Her plan is to pitch a F2 with Kyland and a F3 with Kyland and Xavier. She plans to throw Tiffany under the bus, but in the end, her goal is to get Kyland and Xavier out of the game.

Hannah talks to Derek a little later and asks him why everyone wants Tiffany out this week and he tells Hannah that he would have made the same noms this week in order for Tiffany to go too.

Tiffany talked to Azah a bit about how she regrets allowing herself to question her relationships inside the house. She thinks that her game started to take a turn when she started to distrust Kyland. She also apologizes to Azah for all of their differences as well. Meanwhile, Hannah is upstairs talking to Derek and Xavier and Derek is talking about how bad he wants Tiffany gone this week.

Xavier talked to Derek later on and tells him that he won’t throw an HOH to him, but he would be okay with Derek winning one. Derek says that he really would like to see Xavier win the next HOH and take Hannah out so that it could be the three guys versus Azah. Xavier says that he is feeling pretty good about his game and feels like no one is targeting him.

Xavier later proposes to Kyland that they use the Veto on Hannah and replace her with Derek. Xavier says that he would pitch it to Hannah like they are going to save her that way she is less likely to come after them if she wins HOH. Xavier does admit that the worst case would be that Hannah and Azah vote out Derek and then they have all three women coming after them.

Tiffany talked to Kyland before heading to bed last night and she tells him that she has no one else in this game that she trusts except for him. He tells her that he will consider the options and talk to the others. Tiffany also tells him that Xavier isn’t going to take him to F2 if they get there. She tells him that even if he does, she would vote for Kyland to win, but that’s just one vote. Tiffany tried to convince Kyland that it’s time to stop playing nice. She says they need to keep HGs in the house that they can beat.

Derek walked in so Tiffany headed out. Derek asks Kyland how his talk with Tiffany went and Kyland tells Derek that Tiffany let the paranoia get the best of her last week. Derek tells Kyland that this week they get Tiffany out, next week they get Hannah out and then they get Azah out. He talks about how he has really put in the effort this season and he wants to be in F2. He adds that even if he makes it to F2, he doesn’t expect to win.

Derek is continuing to try and get Kyland or Xavier to take him to F2 claiming that he would be easy to beat. However, Kyland and Xavier both plan to take each other. We will see how this week plays out, but I don’t think that Kyland is going to budge with his decision of sending Tiffany to Jury. No matter how much she tries to talk him into turning on Xavier.

Just a heads up that tonight’s episode of Big Brother doesn’t start until 8:30 PM EST/7:30 PM CST. I’ll see you then for my live recap!

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