Sunday was a pretty quiet day inside the Big Brother 23 house with this week’s target putting some work in to try and get the target to shift this week. If you missed any of the chats between the Big Brother 2021 houseguests on Sunday, keep reading my live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday!

We started the morning with Xavier warning Hannah that he saw Tiffany go up to the HOH room late last night. He says that Tiffany might be putting together a plan to save herself, but Xavier promises that no matter what, Hannah will get his vote. They talk about the possibilities of Hannah coming down and Azah or Derek going up. Xavier wonders how serious Kyland is about going to the end with competitors. After his conversation with Hannah, Xavier camtalks about how he needs noms to stay the same because if something happens to Derek, Azah will go rogue.

Azah and Derek were outside talking and Azah asks Derek if there is an alliance between the three guys and Derek denies it. A little later, Derek talked to Xavier about how Tiffany is all of a sudden being more social and asking about deals that Derek has. Derek is also upset that Tiffany is still upstairs because he wants to go up. Azah and Derek talked about their next moves. They agree that it’s just going to keep getting harder to get rid of Xavier.

Hannah gets a chance to talk to Kyland and she tells Kyland that she sees Xavier in the middle of this game with Derek and Azah. Kyland asks if he takes Tiffany down, who would go home? Hannah says that the only one who Hannah might stay against would be Azah. She adds that if Hannah comes down, Tiffany will go no matter who she is sitting next to. Hannah tells Kyland that she thinks that this season deserves a winner who fought and earned it. She adds that she doesn’t think that Azah and Derek did.

Xavier is worried that Kyland will take Tiffany down and he would be the replacement. He says that he would go because Derek and Azah would vote him out. Hannah agrees that is how it would play out. Xavier then goes to talk to Derek about how he thinks Tiffany might have gotten to Kyland. He thinks that Azah would go up if Hannah came down, but he’s worried that would cause Azah to target them if she wins.

Tiffany attempted to clear the air with Derek and talk to him about all their conflicts throughout the season. She even told him that it was hard for Tiffany to connect with Azah while Britini was in the house. They talked for a while, but afterward, Derek tells Xavier that his conversation with Tiffany just annoyed him more. Later, Tiffany tells Azah about her talk with Derek and she tells Azah that she thinks that the conversation went well.

Azah talks to Kyland a little later and he tells Azah that he is worried he can’t trust Tiffany anymore. He then asks Azah what she would do if Derek was on the block. Azah tells him that she would keep Derek and if Xavier was on the block, she would do what Kyland wanted.

Xavier talked to Kyland and tells him about how he coached Hannah on how to make an offer to Kyland about wanting to take competitors to the end. Later, Hannah and Azah are comparing notes on their talks with Kyland.

Kyland talked to Hannah again later and he tells her that he isn’t using the Veto this week, but he expects the vote to be unanimous against Tiffany so she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Hannah asks him if there is any way the three of them (H, T, & K) can work together and he tells her he doesn’t have the confidence that it would work out.

Late last night, Tiffany went up to the HOH room to talk to Kyland some more. He talked to her about his issues of distrust and doubts. They kept talking and Tiffany kept trying to convince Kyland to target Derek or Xavier. She tells him that everyone watching at home is wondering why he isn’t targeting Xavier.

The Veto Meeting happens today and according to Hannah, it’s going to happen early. Be on the lookout for spoilers coming up when it happens to find out if Tiffany’s talks with Kyland changed his mind at all.

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