The nominees for Week 10 of Big Brother 23 got a headstart on their campaigning and got it out of the way. Even after getting confirmation from the Diary Room that there was no surprise eviction this week on Big Brother 2021, they still speculated that something was coming. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds.

The day started with a camtalk from Tiffany who mentions that she offered Kyland a pretty sweet deal in order to convince him to use the Veto on her. However, he declined it so therefore that deal is no longer on the table. She talks about offering the day deal to Xavier in hopes that she can convince him to keep her this week.

Azah and Derek talk about scenarios going into the next HOH and Azah tried to bring up a “what it Tiffany is still here” scenario. Derek tells her that he can’t keep Tiffany this week. He says that if they keep Tiffany here, it’s like giving her permission to go after someone they are working closely with (Xavier). Derek wonders if keeping Hannah around would be a risk for them and Azah tells him that she thinks that Hannah puts them up together if she stays. Derek thinks it would be a dumb move on her part if she did that.

Derek tells Azah that if he wins HOH, he might have to use Azah as a pawn. This came after Azah went over tons of scenarios where they didn’t need to use each other as pawns. He tells her that just because she has deals with people that allow her to use them as pawns, that doesn’t mean that he can make the same type of moves. He explains that his deals are different.

Hannah joins Azah and Derek and says that she got confirmation that the eviction is happening on Thursday, not Wednesday as they speculated. They wonder if there is going to be a fast-forward week after this week’s eviction (nope, just another double). Even with this confirmation, Tiffany and Hannah decided to go through with their campaigns a day early anyway.

The campaigning started with Tiffany talking to Xavier. She tells him that if he helps to keep her his week, she will have no choice but to be loyal to him because she won’t have anyone else. She reminds him that keeping her in the house keeps the target off of him one more week. Xavier and her go over some scenarios including what happens if Hannah wins next week? Tiffany says that she thinks Hannah puts Xavier up with either Derek or Azah. She says that Kyland would vote out Derek or Azah and they would vote out Xavier. Hannah would then have to break the tie and Hannah sends Xavier to Jury. He also asked if Tiffany thinks Hannah wins if she is sitting next to Kyland in F2 and Tiffany says yes.

Hannah makes her pitch to Derek and tells him that she has no reason to go after him and Azah because it’s better for her to keep them in the house. She tells him that she has the best chance of winning if she is next to one of them and she has no chance of winning if she is next to Kyland or Xavier. She also implies that she is going to put Kyland and Xavier up if she wins HOH next week and promises that Derek and Azah will not be on the block together if she wins.

Tiffany made the same pitch to Azah and Derek that she made to Xavier. Azah tells Tiffany that she has her vote so she just needs to get one more. Meanwhile, Hannah is talking to Xavier and tells him that she is nervous that Tiffany’s campaign to the others might be working. He tells her that his only concern with her is not knowing where her head is at. Hannah paints a picture for him where Kyland is her target if she wins HOH, not Xavier. She tells Xavier that because Kyland hasn’t accepted any of the deals she has proposed to her, she feels like he has no intentions of working with her.

Hannah makes her pitch to Azah next and Azah tells Hannah straight up that she doesn’t want to hear about what Hannah plans to do next week. She wants Hannah to give her a reason why Azah should keep her this week. Azah tells Hannah that she is really battling with this week’s vote because she feels like if it were Azah and Tiffany on the block, Hannah would keep Tiffany over her. Hannah talks about how when it comes to trusting people in the house, Azah has never lied to her and Hannah wouldn’t have to worry about Azah being unpredictable.

Azah tells Hannah that her pitch is great, but she feels like Hannah is pitching reasons why she would keep Azah in the house, not reasons why Azah should keep Hannah in the house. Azah tells Hannah that Tiffany can tell her all of these things too. Hannah brings up how she has consistently put her personal game aside for the better of the Cookout and then tells Azah that if she wins HOH next week, she and Derek won’t see the block together.

After all the one-on-ones, Xavier and Derek touch base and compare notes. They realize that Tiffany offered them both the same deal and then talk about what happens if Hannah wins HOH next week. Xavier says that best case, Hannah puts Kyland and Azah up together because if Kyland wins Veto, they can just vote out Azah. Xavier says that even though Azah hasn’t won anything this season, she is becoming a bigger target by the day because she hasn’t been on the block and she has a great relationship with everyone in the Jury house.

Derek tells Xavier that he doesn’t want to sit next to a woman in F2 because the Jury will be mostly women and they will all vote for a woman over Derek. Xavier tells Derek he has to stop saying that because it makes it sound like women can’t think for themselves. During his talk with Hannah earlier, they both talked about how Derek saying things like that is disrespectful and insulting. Derek says that he didn’t mean it like that and Xavier tells him that him saying they would only vote for Hannah because she is a woman, is belittling their game.

Azah talks to the cameras a bit and asks why should she keep Hannah? She says that if Tiffany stays and wins HOH, Azah is safe from the block. If anyone else wins, she knows she will be on the block. She adds that Hannah hasn’t given her one reason why she needs her in this game, but she also knows that she is the only one who wants to keep Tiffany in the game.

Derek asked Azah later if she had a deal with Hannah and Azah tells him that she doesn’t and even told Hannah that she couldn’t make a deal with her. Derek tells Azah that Hannah is going to go next, but Tiffany has to go this week because he and Xavier aren’t comfortable with her staying.

Hannah camtalks about how if she can’t win this season, she hopes that Xavier does. She says that doesn’t mean she won’t cut him if given the chance. Hannah says that if she wins HOH, she would put Derek and Kyland on the block. She thinks that Xavier is less likely to use the Veto on Kyland than Kyland would be to use it on Xavier.

Xavier later tells Kyland that Tiffany and Hannah are both trying to make Derek aware of the fact that he can’t win against the two of them. Kyland suggests that they downplay their achievements in the game when talking to him so that he doesn’t overthink it.

Tiffany is talking to herself and says that everyone in the house is playing a weak game. She says that everyone is underestimating Hannah. Xavier joins her and talks to her about her campaign and Tiffany tells him that she couldn’t work with Kyland if she stayed since he targeted her this week. She tells Xavier that Hannah is smarter than they are giving her credit for and Hannah won’t take Xavier to F2. Xavier tells Tiffany that he is leaning towards voting out Tiffany this week because Hannah has made him the same promises. Tiffany says that the difference is, if Tiffany stays, they can work with Azah also. She says she has Azah’s support this week.

Tiffany tells Xavier that they are all making her lose respect for Big Brother because they are playing such a weak game by keeping Hannah. Xavier tells her that she is acting like he is the swing vote and she explains to him that he is because she doesn’t want to work with Derek, she wants to work with Xavier and Azah. She says that Derek is too unpredictable.

After Xavier leaves the room, Tiffany talks about how she might just become a bitter jury and taint the whole jury pool when she gets there. Meanwhile, Xavier is asking Azah about how she is feeling about the vote. Azah asks Xavier if he has changed his mind at all and he says no. She says that she is swaying but she will do whatever they want her to.

Kyland tried to invite Tiffany to come upstairs, but she declined his offer three times. He goes upstairs and camtalks about how he was just going to try and help her, but her bad decisions continue.

Tiffany fought hard but unfortunately, it looks like she lost her battle. She has one more day to convince Xavier to keep her in the house, can she pull it off?

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