The Final 4 on Big Brother 23 spent a lot of their day studying their days and events in order to prepare for the final Power of Veto Competition. There were a lot of talks between the houseguests about who they would be taking to Final 3 if they won the final Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 2021. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds to find out who we could see in the F3 depending on who wins the Veto this week.

We started the day off by listening to the HGs go over the days and events by themselves and with each other. The first real conversation we got was between Derek and Azah. Derek tells Azah that he spoke with Xavier about his Final 3 options and while talking to Xavier he realized that cutting Azah to honor a deal with Kyland didn’t make sense. He tells her that she is the only one who has cared about him being in this house since Day 1 and Kyland couldn’t care less if he was there or not. He apologizes to her for even considering cutting her at F3 and tells her that if he wins Veto, he is going to cut Kyland.

Xavier walked in to let Derek and Azah know that breakfast was done and Derek tells Xavier that he talked to Azah and let her know that they would be honoring the F3 they had with her if one of them wins Veto. Xavier later questioned Derek as to why he would tell her that before the Veto comp because if Kyland wins, she might tell Kyland that Derek and Xavier were going to cut him and he will take Azah instead of Derek. Derek tells Xavier that if that happens, it is what it is, but he needed to have a clear conscience before going into the comp.

Xavier did mention to Kyland that Derek is probably telling Azah that he will take her as damage control after him spilling the beans on his F2s with Xavier and Kyland. Derek later told Kyland that he would probably be telling Azah this too, so he doesn’t want Kyland to be caught off guard if she should tell him. Derek spent a lot of the day stressed out about whether or not Kyland is going to cut him if he wins the Veto this week.

There was a lot of downtime throughout the day and Xavier even mentioned to Azah and Derek that until the Veto takes place, they have exhausted all game talk. They all agreed that the Veto was likely not going to happen by mid-afternoon.

Derek told Xavier later that if Kyland wins the Veto, he’s going to be heading to Jury. Xavier tells him that Kyland wouldn’t go back on their deal, however, Derek is convinced that because Kyland knows Xavier and Derek had a deal from the beginning, that Kyland won’t take him. Azah reiterates to them that when Kyland won Veto during her HOH, she felt like it was no longer her HOH and she felt very disrespected. Azah also tells them that she thinks Kyland getting rid of Tiffany was a bad game move on his part because Tiffany was a big target. She says that it would have been smarter for Kyland to take out Hannah or Azah.

Derek and Azah both made an agreement that if they win Veto, the other will be going to F3. Derek says the only one that can’t win the Veto is Kyland. Derek goes to Xavier and tells him that he losing it and his game is falling apart. Xavier tells him that he needs to stop talking so much game because he is saying and doing things he doesn’t need to be doing. Derek talked about how he was good with both Azah and Kyland, but then he messed it up right before Kyland was going to be nominated when he asked him who he would take to F2.

Xavier tells Derek he needs to take a break because he is talking himself into a hole. Derek says that he thinks that if Kyland wins Veto, he takes Azah and if Azah wins, she will take Kyland. Xavier says that they don’t know what is going to happen, but he really thinks in both scenarios, they take Derek. Derek tells Xavier he wasn’t going to talk about this anymore because there was no way to fix his game now.

Less than an hour later, Derek goes to talk to Kyland. Kyland tells him that he hates having his trust questioned especially because Kyland has proven that he can be trusted. Derek tells him that he was just being selfish and he shouldn’t have asked him, but Kyland tells him that he (D) doesn’t owe him anything. He says that he has done so much for Kyland already. Derek tells Kyland that he can’t keep stressing over what’s going to happen at the Veto Ceremony.

Xavier picked Azah to watch the CSI: Vegas premiere with him and they got to keep some leftover wings, mozzarella sticks, and pizza. Derek tells Xavier that he doesn’t feel good with Kyland and hopes that Azah wins Veto. Then Derek tells Kyland later that he wants to see Kyland win it. Kyland asks Derek if he would be okay with Xavier winning it and using it on Kyland so Kyland can make the final decision and Derek says he would be.

Kyland talked to Xavier later and tells him that he had a good talk with Derek while Xavier and Azah watched CSI. He tells Xavier that Derek doesn’t want to be the sole vote because he doesn’t want to be the one who sends Azah to Jury. Xavier tells Kyland they are so close to their goal, they just can’t let Azah win Veto.

After his talk with Kyland, Xavier camtalked about how Derek needs to stop talking because he has already told Azah that if he wins Veto, he isn’t changing his noms. He says he can’t go back on that now. Kyland comes back in and tells Xavier that Derek doesn’t want to be the one that votes and would rather be on the block. Xavier tells Kyland that Derek needs to get his own hands dirty. Kyland says that he will just have to win Veto and take care of it himself then.

We ended the night with Xavier alone in his HOH stressing out because he doesn’t want Kyland to win Veto. Meanwhile, Kyland was going over Jury votes in the HN room. He thinks that he could beat Xavier if he takes Xavier to the end.

Be on the lookout for Veto Comp spoilers coming up later today! While Kyland seems to be set on taking Derek and Xavier to F3, it doesn’t seem that Derek and Xavier are feeling the same way.

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