Monday’s usually bring the Veto Ceremony inside the Big Brother 23 house, but with the Veto Ceremony happening live on Thursday, this Monday brought a lot of lounging. There was a bit of a disagreement between two Big Brother 2021 houseguests which brought up a lot of questions. Keep reading my Live Feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Monday right here!

We started the day with Derek and Azah talking about some of the events throughout the season and their game moves. One of the things they talked about was Derek’s Storage Room fight with Tiffany and how if it weren’t for the Cookout, she never would have gotten an apology for that. Xavier had joined the conversation for a short time and they all discussed things that Kyland did that went against the best interest of the Cookout.

After Xavier left the room, the conversation continued and somewhere in the conversation, Derek made Azah feel like she was the least deserving of a F3 spot. He tells her that he has done a lot to get her to this point (talking people out of putting her up and making sure others were always on the radar over Azah). She gets offended because he is making her feel like her social game didn’t play any part in this. Derek says that he isn’t saying she did nothing to get herself here, just showing her all the things that he has done. He leaves the room as Xavier is coming back in.

Xavier asked Azah what happened and she retells the conversation, meanwhile, Derek has gone outside to tell Kyland everything that transpired. Azah tells Xavier that Derek keeps saying he’s worried about how the Jury will feel about this move and Xavier reassures her that he won’t put this up to chance. Azah also tells Xavier that Kyland told Derek he deserved to be in the F3 and she says that no one is entitled to be there, if Kyland won the final Veto, then he would have deserved to be there.

Xavier tells Azah that if he feels like Derek might not pull the trigger, he will pull Azah off the block and let her be the deciding vote. Xavier says that he doesn’t understand why this is such a hard decision for Derek since cutting Kyland is more beneficial for Derek’s game than anyone else’s. Xavier also talked about how he might have to reevaluate his F2 with Derek after all of this.

There was a lot of relaxing and lounging. Derek did laundry and talked to Kyland about the different Star Wars movies. Azah and Xavier talked about Tiffany and her gameplay. They agree that Tiffany played a good game, but Xavier thinks that Tiffany might have played too hard. Azah says that she feels like watching Tiffany play was probably fun to watch and Xavier agrees that the fans probably enjoyed it. Xavier believes that the top three America’s Favorite HGs are probably Derek F, Derek X, and Tiffany. Azah mentions that she feels like Kyland’s biggest mistake was getting rid of Tiffany because Tiffany would have stuck by him.

There were a lot of general conversations inside the house throughout the evening. The only game-related talk was camtalking from Derek who was talking about how he needs to come up with a F2 speech in case he makes it there. The HGs had dinner together and talked some more.

Derek talked to Xavier later about how annoyed he is that Azah is still upset with him for saying he’s done more than her in the game. He tells Xavier that he just wants her to give him the credit he deserves. Xavier tells Derek that isn’t a productive mindset. They continue to talk a while and then Azah comes up to the HOH to play cards and hang out with Xavier. Xavier asks Derek to join them, but he declines and goes downstairs.

After Azah, Derek, and Xavier go to bed, Kyland camtalks about how hard he has worked to get to the end. He talked about studying interviews of past HGs, adjusting his sleep schedule and diet months in advance, and spent hundreds of hours doing puzzles. He talked about how devastated he was when he was nominated Week 1 because he thought that it all might have been for nothing. Kyland admits that Xavier hasn’t given him a reason to not trust that the guys will take him, but he is paranoid that it might happen.

Azah was called into the DR around 1:20 AM BBT and when she came back into the room two hours later, she lays back down to go back to sleep. Derek got up to do laundry at about 4 AM BBT and then went back into the bedroom. Azah initiated a conversation with him about their disagreement earlier in the day. Azah tells him that he didn’t carry her there, her own game got her there and she has never held anything, big or small, over his head all season.

She says that they have had this conversation over and over and it’s started to feel a little disrespectful to her and her game. She says that she will not tolerate him putting her down to lift himself up. They went back and forth for quite a while and Azah continued to put him in his place every time he said anything that came off as condescending. In the end, Derek apologizes to Azah and she accepts his apology. They went back to sleep at about 5:45 AM BBT.

As of right now, the plan is still to vote out Kyland this week and if Xavier has any kind of inkling that Derek won’t do it, he will pull Azah off the block and let her do it. We only have two and a half days left until Thursday’s eviction show.

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