It was a fairly quiet day inside the Big Brother 23 house with there being nothing left to do until Thursday night. If you have missed anything that has gone on inside the Big Brother 2021 house, make sure you check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up. Otherwise, keep reading my Live Feeds recap for Sunday to find out what went on and whether or not this week’s Veto holder is still feeling comfortable with their original plan for the live Veto Ceremony.

We started the morning off with Xavier telling Azah and Derek that he is going to hold his one-on-ones throughout the day on Sunday. He adds that he is going to keep his talk with Kyland as short as possible because right now, Kyland is okay with Derek doing the voting. He is worried that if he says too much that Kyland might get worked up about this week’s vote.

Xavier talked to Kyland and tells Kyland that he should be good with Derek voting at the Veto Ceremony. He says no one will truly know until it’s over. He says that he is going to have to pretend like he is going to use the Veto on Kyland because Kyland used it on him when he talks to Azah.

A little later, Xavier talked to Derek and explains to Derek that he will have a spot in F2 if he cuts Kyland this week because both Xavier and Azah will bring him to F2. However, if he doesn’t cut Kyland and Kyland wins the Final HOH, Derek will end up being the last Juror. Xavier says that he needs reassurances from Derek that he can beat Azah in one of the Final HOHs because if Azah wins one of them, she has the potential to beat Xavier.

Derek says that he is sure that he can beat Azah and talks turn to how Azah contributed the least when it came to the Cookout. Xavier says that he feels more confident in their ability to beat Azah than Kyland. Xavier says that he is guaranteed a spot in F2 if they bring Kyland instead, but he doesn’t want to put Derek in a position where he would be in danger if he (X) didn’t win.

There was some back and forth between Derek and Xavier all day about this subject, which had Xavier feeling a little worried about whether or not Derek is the right person for the job. Derek learned that he would be voting in front of everyone and says he needs to start working on a speech then. He says something about having to choose between his best friend and his showmance.

Xavier asked Derek if he planned to play this whole season without getting blood on his hands and Derek tells Xavier at this point it would be foolish for them not to get Kyland out. Derek says he is worried about how the jury will see it because he had a deal with Kyland and then broke it. Xavier says that he thinks that the jury is going to be happy to see Kyland. He adds that the jury will likely be impressed by it.

Later Xavier spent some time camtalking about how he needs Kyland out because Derek lets Kyland get into his head. Xavier says that he is considering taking Azah off the block because he knows that she will vote Kyland out, no questions asked. He goes to talk to Azah and asks her if she thinks that Derek will actually vote Kyland out. He doesn’t understand why this is such a big decision for Derek.

Kyland ends his night talking about how he doesn’t think that Xavier is going to want his nephew to see him make a cowardly move by cutting Kyland this week. He then starts counting jury votes and realizes that even if he does make it to F2 with Xavier, he will likely lose by a 5-4 or 6-3 vote.

So even though Xavier is a little worried about Derek’s willingness to vote out Kyland, he will likely still leave the noms the same giving Derek the responsibility of voting out Kyland. If Xavier feels like Derek won’t follow through, at least he has Azah ready, willing, and able to vote Kyland out without any remorse.

Stay tuned throughout the week for any more updates!

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