It was a quiet day inside the Big Brother 23 house with very little game talk, but there were some questions on whether or not things will go the way Xavier has it planned. Find out what the Big Brother 2021 houseguests had to talk about and what we might see happen at this week’s Veto Ceremony right here with my Big Brother spoilers!

We started the day off with a lot of general chit-chats. Most of it was about Derek and how hard it is for him to find dates and how he has never had someone ask him out. They played cards a little bit and they did a lot of napping on and off throughout the day and BB kept calling them out for it.

Even though this week’s Veto Competition was the days and events comp, Xavier and Kyland went over days and events in case it’s part of the Final HOH. Xavier asks Kyland if he knows how old Tiffany is and Kyland says that he doesn’t know for sure. Xavier doesn’t understand why she would never tell them her age and Kyland says that if he had to guess, he’d say she is 40 (she is).

After this, the HGs got called in one by one for their Covid tests and prepped for their taco Tuesday dinner. While Kyland was in the DR, the others discussed the situation. Xavier tells Azah and Derek that he doesn’t want to blindside Kyland, but isn’t sure when to tell him that he is going this week. He says that he feels like Kyland is going to fight to the end no matter what.

Derek mentions how he can’t believe he has to vote out Kyland and how it’s going to break his heart. Azah says that she would love to be the vote to send Kyland to Jury and offers to do it for him. Derek is worried that he will lose Kyland’s jury vote if he does this and Azah reminds Derek that every time Derek was on the block, it was because of Kyland.

Azah and Derek talked later about all the HGs that were voted out, they also discussed how Derek thought that Tiffany would have made F4, but then she crossed Kyland. Derek has a realization that if he doesn’t vote out Kyland, he will lose the respect of everyone. He then brings up Jury votes and Derek says that he doesn’t think he could beat Azah in F2 because she has never lied to anyone in the house and she has an HOH win. He does say that it could be close between her and Xavier though.

Azah did tell Derek that even though he declined her F2 earlier in the season if she wins the Final HOH, she would bring Derek to F2 because it would be good for her game. There has been some talk about whether or not Xavier will be pulling Azah off the block to vote Kyland out rather than putting it up to chance with Derek. As of right now, the plan is for Derek to do the voting, but we will see what today brings.

We have a big night tonight! The 2-hour Survivor premiere starts at 8 PM EST and Big Brother starts at 10 PM EST. Tomorrow we will watch as the Veto Meeting happens live during the eviction show and we will find out who our F3 is.

I will have recaps for both shows tonight and I hope to see you all there.

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