The final Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 23 house came and went and this week’s target is still pretty oblivious that they will be heading out to the jury house this week. Meanwhile, one Big Brother 2021 houseguest is convinced that they were the mastermind of the season, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s live feeds!

It was another slow start to the day but when the day got going, boy did it get going. Kyland tells Derek that he should try and be more positive and that he has heard Derek do a lot of complaining and he has said a lot of negative things. Derek didn’t realize that he had been complaining so much and Kyland tells him that he just wants to see Derek happy.

Later on, Kyland is packing and Xavier walks by. Kyland asks Xavier if he should pack thoroughly and Xavier tells him he should be good. Which implied that Kyland wouldn’t be leaving this week. After Kyland left the room, Xavier gives the camera a big smile and shrugs. After dinner, Xavier tells Derek about this conversation. Derek had already been complaining about Kyland calling Derek cocky for saying he was the reason for the Cookout’s success this season. Xavier says that he is packed and he is HOH, they both agree that Kyland is arrogant.

After Xavier heads downstairs to eat with the others, Derek stayed in the HOH room and talked to the cameras. He is complaining about how Kyland called him cocky for stating facts. He says that everything that happened this season, he has had some kind of part in. Derek says that he has made it clear that he has been running the house, but that isn’t him being cocky. It’s just true. Derek tells us that Kyland is in his way to getting the $750k and that he can beat Azah and Xavier in F2 so it doesn’t matter which one he takes.

Xavier tells Derek that they get Kyland out this week and then Azah out at F2 because she will have the jury votes sitting next to either of them. Xavier also tells Derek that Kyland has to be blindsided, he can’t know about Derek voting him out until it happens. Derek says that he really thought that Kyland deserved to be in F3 until this week and adds that Kyland has been treating him like crap. He says that he has been really nice to Azah though and says that Kyland probably thinks that Xavier is going to use the Veto on him so being nice to Derek isn’t something he feels he needs to do.

Derek talked to Azah about their games so far and Derek mentions that he got all his targets out and made them all feel safe while doing it. Derek asks Azah if she plans to take Xavier to F2 and adds that Xavier would beat her, but it would be close if she were sitting next to Derek. Derek then claims that if he is sitting next to Xavier in F2, it could go either way because they both played a similar game. He says that both he and Xavier started the Cookout, made big moves, both manipulated people, and they were both on the block. He says that even though Xavier won comps, Derek made everything happen. Derek also tells Azah how he manipulated this F4 by talking Kyland into using the Veto on Xavier which sent Hannah to Jury. Azah is surprised by this claim and tells him that she had no idea that he influenced that because Kyland never mentioned anything about Derek in that decision.

Before heading to bed, Kyland camtalked about Alyssa and her thinking that she had a hand in Claire going on the block when Tiffany was HOH. He is really confused as to why she would think that she had any influence on that decision.

So there you have it, Derek has officially lost his mind and thinks that he masterminded the entire season. Today is Eviction Day inside the Big Brother house! Make sure you come back later to let me know who you think will be evicted, find out who I think will be evicted, and then come back for my live recap to find out who is actually evicted on Big Brother 23.

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