The Final 3 on Big Brother 23 spent a lot of time relaxing and sleeping, but first, they did a lot of reflecting on the season. There was a lot of talk about how Kyland left the Big Brother 2021 house and Derek realized that something of his was missing. Keep reading my live feeds recap from Friday to get all the Big Brother spoilers for the day.

We started the day off with a conversation between Xavier and Derek who have been trying to come up with a name for their F2. Xavier tells him that he has some ideas and shoots off The Chefs and The Grillmasters since they were both responsible for starting the Cookout. Derek however wants to stick to his idea of B.A.M. which stands for Bald Ass Men so Xavier says they can use that for now.

Derek has been looking around the eviction hot seats in the living room for the ring that his father bought him. It was a class ring and it was one of the last things that he got him before he passed. He had given it to Kyland to hold before the eviction, but Kyland didn’t give it back to him so he thought that maybe he dropped it somewhere near where he was sitting.

After Xavier lifted the couch so they could check underneath, they have determined that Kyland must have taken it with him despite knowing what the ring meant to Derek. Xavier reassures Derek that they will get his ring back, but Derek doesn’t seem too concerned about it. He says that he can always have it replaced and feels like Kyland apologizing to Xavier for bringing his family into things last night is more important.

The F3 sit at the kitchen table to play cards and talk about how Kyland’s game seemed to have gone downhill pretty fast. Azah says that his social game was great until it wasn’t and she isn’t sure what caused that. Azah and Xavier agree that it was probably Week 5 when it started to steadily decline.

Talks turn to how Tiffany will probably tell Kyland “I told you so” when he gets to the Jury house. She’ll tell him how he should have stuck with her and they could have made it to the end together.

Azah goes to the DR and Xavier and Derek use this time to brainstorm ideas for their F2 name. I’m not exactly sure why they are trying to name their F2 this late in the game, but that’s what they did for about a half-hour on the feeds. They end up deciding on The Creed since they both have a love for boxing, they are both very family-oriented and they both came into the house with a goal and stuck to the plan.

Derek then talked to Xavier about how hard his F2 speech has been to put together because he and Xavier had played pretty much the same game and he doesn’t want their speeches to sound alike. Derek adds that he thinks he played a great social game that will do down in history. Talks turn to Round 2 of the Final HOH comps of the past and they wonder if the next comp will be anything like those. Derek told Xavier as soon as he saw that Round 1 was an endurance comp, he knew he wasn’t going to win.

They start talking about Kyland again and Derek says that he really hopes that Kyland has time to think about what he said to Xavier. He says that he really doesn’t expect Kyland to give him his ring back, but he owes Xavier an apology. Xavier tells him that he owes them both an apology and he will give Derek back his ring. Derek says that Kyland could have just said something back about Xavier and kept going, he had no right to bring Xavier’s family into it.

A little later while Derek and Azah are napping, Xavier came out of the DR and told them that he put in an order for Chic-Fil-A for dinner so they expect to get that later on. They talked about random things, nothing game-related, and slept a lot of the evening.

Derek and Xavier have to come up with another name for their F2, they were told that they can’t use The Creed. They consider a few different options and then decide they will run them by the DR to make sure they can use them.

All the HGs were laying around sleeping again when all of a sudden, the feeds cut to pet loops for about an hour and a half. When they came back up, the HGs were all around the table. Maybe they did get a food delivery for dinner and that’s why they were down. The HGs closed out the night talking about dating and having small talk.

There isn’t much for the HGs to do at this point in the season. Round 2 of the Final HOH where Derek and Azah will face off should happen at some point today. I will have the results for you as soon as it does!

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