Oh, what a day inside the Big Brother 23 house! With the Big Brother 2021 finale just around the corner, all one houseguest had to do was literally nothing, but it looks like that ship might have sailed. Find out what happened right here with our Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds!

The feeds started and ended with a bang on Monday with some ongoing tension between Azah and Derek. It all started when Derek told Azah that he is just feeling the same way she was feeling last week when Derek was going back and forth between saving her or Kyland. She tells him that it’s not the same thing because she hasn’t given him any indication that she has changed her mind about taking him to F2. He tells her that her not reassuring him and then laying around and cuddling Xavier makes him feel like she has changed her mind.

Derek and Azah both tell Xavier about their argument and when Derek gets out of the DR, he and Xavier play cards and talk some more. Derek tells Xavier that he doesn’t understand why Azah is so torn between taking Derek or Xavier. He says that she has been cuddling with Xavier and he doesn’t even care about her like that. Xavier cuts him off and tells him “who said I don’t care about Azah?” He mentions that he came into this house with the plan of not getting into a showmance, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemistry and that he doesn’t care about her.

Xavier also mentions that the difference between him and Kyland is that Xavier has never made moves against Azah in this house, where Kyland repeatedly made moves against Derek. Derek spent a good while complaining about Azah to Xavier and Xavier made sure to stop him every time he got disrespectful.

Azah comes out after taking her shower and getting dressed and sits next to Derek. She asks him if she had disrespected him in any way and he tells her that she hasn’t. He tells her that right now their communication is poor and also difficult. Derek got up and went to the Yacht Room to read the Bible after Azah went over and laid with Xavier. She asked Xavier what he is thinking, objectively, and he tells her that he is split because he honestly thinks that he can lose to either one of them.

Things died down for a while throughout the day, but later last night, Azah and Derek talked again. Azah tells Derek that her decision is not set in stone and she needs to pray on it. She tells him that she doesn’t want to argue with him, she just wants to talk. She tells him that if you asked her last week, hands down she would have taken Derek. She tells him that the conversation they had earlier implied that she didn’t deserve to be there and it struck something in her.

She tells him that she is honestly okay with getting third place, but she is not okay with Xavier getting third place after all the work he has done. She tells Derek that at this point if she wins the Final HOH, she will be taking Xavier to F2 with her. Azah tells Derek that before he says anything, it has nothing to do with her crush on Xavier or the money. She tells him that she thinks that Derek will win AFP and he will have tons of options after this season is over.

Azah tells him that she doesn’t want to make an emotional decision though. Derek says that he respects that but then adds that he kept her going into F3 because he knew that she would have picked him, but that seems like a mistake now. Derek tells Azah that he isn’t going to kiss anyone’s ass and his resume reflects everything he has done this season. He says that he is going to start preparing himself now. Azah tells Derek that chances are, Xavier is going to win the Final HOH and take him. He still has a 50/50 shot at making it to F2.

Azah tells him that this entire game she wanted nothing more than to sit next to her best friend in F2, but this last week has shown her that Derek doesn’t even think she deserves to be there. He tells her that he never said that, but he has told her that every chance that he’s had to over the last week. She tells him that he doesn’t respect her gameplay. He tells her that if he was as emotional last week as she is now, she would be sitting in Jury and Kyland would be here.

Derek then tells Azah that he thinks that since she has started cuddling with Xavier that now all of a sudden this is an emotional decision for her. He reminds her that he broke a deal with Kyland and cut someone that he was emotionally attached to in order to keep her in the house. He tells her that his one move all summer that he is going to regret is keeping her over Kyland.

She tells him that her change of heart has nothing to do with her cuddling with Xavier. She tells him that it has to do with Derek telling her that she didn’t deserve to be there. Derek tells her that he still proved his loyalty by keeping her in the house, but she counters with how he still hurt her feelings and continues to do so. He says that if he felt she didn’t deserve to be there he would have cut her a long time ago.

Derek tells Azah that she still has a competition to win and if she does, he tells her to do what she has to do. He tells her “you’re welcome” and says that she is only there because of him. He says that he could have kept Kyland who he knew was going to take him (no, he wasn’t).

Derek leaves the room and goes out to the living room where Xavier is sitting. Derek tells Xavier “congratulations” and Xavier is confused. Derek tells him that if Azah wins R3, she is taking Xavier to F2 with her. Derek tells him that he should have stuck to his own game and took Kyland to F3. Derek says that his game is over and he can’t do anything about it. He says that he isn’t going to talk to Azah anymore until the end of the show and says that she judged him last week for going based on emotions and now she is doing the same thing.

Derek says that he doesn’t regret cutting Kyland because it was showing his loyalty to Xavier and Xavier hit Derek with the hard truth that things wouldn’t be different if Kyland was there instead of Azah. Derek tells Xavier that he isn’t going to be Azah’s friend after this and Xavier asks Derek how keeping Kyland would have changed anything. Derek says that Kyland may have still taken him (he wouldn’t have). Derek says that he never in a million years thought that he would have had to worry about Azah cutting him.

Derek continued to bash Azah for at least another hour while Azah was in the Diary Room. Xavier tried to reassure Derek that he is still going to take him to F2 if he wins R3, however, Derek is too upset to care.

Azah comes back from the DR and Xavier goes in to check on her. She retells the conversation she had with Derek and she tells Xavier that she is okay with coming in third because she came here for a bigger purpose. She tells him that she is not okay with Xavier getting third though.

All Derek had to do was keep his mouth shut and he would have been sitting in F2 no matter who goes on to win tomorrow night’s R3 of the Final HOH. I guess we will see if he can patch things up or make things worse today. Be on the lookout tomorrow morning for my final Live Feeds recap of the summer and join me for some more Finale Day posts and predictions.

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