It’s the final Saturday inside the Big Brother 23 house and while we might not have had a Veto Competition, we had Round 2 of the Final Head of Household! At this point in the season, there isn’t much for the Final 3 on Big Brother 2021 to do other than wait for finale night where the winners of Round 1 and Round 2 will face off live. Find out who won Round 2 of the Final HOH and other Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

The HGs got an early wake-up call around 8:45 AM BBT in anticipation of Round 2 of the Final HOH. There wasn’t much going on inside the house prior to the feeds going down for the competition. When the feeds came back up about three and a half hours later, we see Azah in the shower and Derek laying in bed in the Coral Room. No one is saying anything.

It took about 10 minutes of waiting for Xavier to come out of the Diary Room and go to check on Derek. When he enters the room, they talk about Azah winning the comp and Derek says that had to have been his worst performance all season long. Xavier says that he doesn’t think that is going to matter because no matter what, Derek is going to F2. He tells Derek there is no way that Azah doesn’t take Derek if she wins Round 3 and he has already promised Derek that he would take him numerous times. Derek is convinced that he is going to take 3rd place this season.

Azah goes into the Coral Room to check on Derek and he is really upset that he didn’t win the comp. Meanwhile, Xavier is in the Yacht Room talking to himself about Round 3 of the competition and how hard it’s going to be.

Xavier tells Azah that he doesn’t know that he would come back next year or the year after if they asked. He says that he would at least consider it if it was him and another member of the Cookout, with the exception of one person. He doesn’t name that person, but I think we can all take a pretty good guess at that.

Derek at this point in the day is now laying in the bathroom beating himself up over his poor performance in R2 and not winning a single comp all season.

Azah and Xavier talked about how neither of them was worried about being on the block all season. Xavier says that he was on the block in both DEs and still wasn’t overly concerned. He also wonders if he holds the record for the season for most nominations (Britini was also nominated four times, but she was evicted on her fourth time on the block). He also mentions that no one even noticed him in the game until the roulette wheel put him on the block.

Xavier worries that he could lose in F2 if the jury is bitter because Azah and Derek didn’t lie to anyone. Azah then goes over the votes with Xavier and she tells him that she thinks that Xavier will be both her and Derek in F2. Xavier tells Azah that he didn’t want Kyland to win this season and says that it would have been hard for him to chose between Kyland and Tiffany if they were in the F4, but it was easy for him to chose Azah over Kyland.

Xavier did some camtalking about how he is just one competition away from winning. He still plans to take Derek to F2 and suspects that if Azah beats him in R3 that she will cut Xavier over Derek. He also talks about how if he took Azah to F2, she could beat him because she played an honest game and has two comp wins.

The HGs talked a little bit and Xavier made it an early night while Azah and Derek stayed up a little later to play cards before bed. Azah and Xavier will face off in R3 of the Final HOH on Wednesday night and then one of them will have a $750,000 decision on who to bring to F2. Who would you like to see win R3? Do you think that Azah will cut Xavier at the end if she should win?

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