Now that Kyland has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house, we are down to our Final 3! Last night before the Big Brother 2021 live feeds came back up, Azah, Derek, and Xavier all competed in Round 1 of the Final Head of Household. Read on to find out who won and all the other Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds.

When the feeds came back last night after being down for nearly 12 hours, we get a look at Xavier in the Yacht Room pacing and mumbling under his breath. He says “what kind of role model will you be for your nephew? You know what Ky? I’m going to show you…I’m going to show you by winning.”

Meanwhile, Azah is in the shower and Derek comes in to talk to her. He tells her that he is proud of her for staying in it for so long and reminds her that it isn’t over. She still has Round 2 and says that she doesn’t have to worry about Xavier in the next one, just Derek. Xavier is still in the back bedroom pacing and clearly irritated about Kyland’s comments before he left the house. He tells Kyland to kiss his ass.

After everyone is showered and relaxing, Xavier is talking to Azah about Kyland and how bad he wanted him out all week. He tells her that he thinks Kyland wanted a F3 without Azah. Xavier tells her that he is glad they blindsided him though because if they gave him a heads up, he would have been all over Derek every day trying to convince him to keep him around. Azah tells Xavier that Kyland shouldn’t have been surprised that people were looking at him after he targeted Tiffany.

Derek tells Xavier that he wishes he could see the Jury’s faces when Kyland walks into the house. Xavier tells Derek that they are only one win away from F2. Derek says that he is excited that after all this work he will make it to F2.

Later, the F3 talk about Kyland and how he thought he was a master manipulator. Azah mentions how hypocritical it is for Kyland to think he deserves to be there after all his hard work, but he targeted Tiffany who also deserved to be there and worked hard to get them to the end. Derek tells Azah that the original plan was to get Tiffany and Kyland out first at F6.

Xavier and Azah talk more about how Kyland reacted when he was evicted and they think that his reaction was because he was embarrassed. Xavier says that he wanted to take Kyland out the same way Kyland took Tiffany out. Later they all talked more about it and say that Kyland’s attitude leaving the house was so bad that they don’t think that he will get over it.

The HGs did mention that today would be a regular day and that Round 2 of the Final HOH will be on Saturday. Derek and Azah will compete in Round 2 and the winner of that will face Xavier in Round 3. Make sure you check back for all your Big Brother updates.

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