The Final 3 on Big Brother 23 really made this last day of feeds an interesting one with more discussions between Azah and Derek. Late last night on the Big Brother 2021 feeds, Azah had a realization and shared that with Xavier. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds.

We started the day off with Azah telling Xavier that if he wins Round 3 that he should honor his deal with Derek and take him to F2. She adds that she feels like her decision not to take Derek to F2 is what’s best for her. She just has to own it and she’s worried that America is going to view her move and she is worried that Derek won’t be her friend after this either.

Azah asked Xavier if he plans to tell Derek what he is doing before the finale and he tells her that he does plan to tell him. He says that the first thing she said to him this morning was that he should honor his deal with Derek, but if the shoe was on the other foot, Derek wouldn’t say the same to him about Azah. He adds that that selfishness bothers him though.

Later, Azah talks to Derek and tells him that if Xavier was any other HG and did all the same things, she would still choose to bring them to F2. She adds that just because she has made this decision, she is still encouraging Xavier to honor their F2 if he wins R3. She tells Derek that she is perfectly okay with taking third place, but Xavier doesn’t deserve third place. She promises Derek that this isn’t her picking a man over her best friend.

Derek repeatedly told her that this doesn’t make sense to him in any way and that he doesn’t know how he is going to recover from this betrayal. He tells her that she came here to become the first female African American winner, but it seems like she is giving the money to Xavier. Derek also made it a point to tell her time and time again that he is the reason she is there in the first place.

Azah also tells Derek that he is constantly talking about how he is there for her and has been there for her the whole season, but these last couple of weeks he has said a lot to put her down. He tells her that wasn’t his intention, but actions speak louder than words. She tells him that words still hurt and he apologizes for hurting her.

Derek of course goes right to Xavier and tells him all about this conversation. Later Azah tells Derek that she was 70/30 the previous day and now she is 55/45.

Things died down for a while while the HGs napped and hung out. There were some conversations between Azah and Xavier about how Azah always felt that she was at the bottom of the Cookout. Xavier pointed out every time Britini was on the block, Azah took it very personally, and that caused the disconnect at times.

Derek talked to himself for a while on the feeds about how he feels defeated and hurt. He says that he doesn’t know what to do because he doesn’t want to beg Azah to take him if she wins.

Azah tells Xavier that she feels really bad for how Derek is feeling right now. Xavier tells her that he is just playing the game and is going to say anything he has to in order to get second place. Xavier tells Azah that he is most bothered by Derek’s sense of entitlement. Xavier added that they said at F4 that the people who deserve to be in F3 are the people who won comps and he hasn’t won anything.

He says that he is really annoyed with Derek and his whining because he was fine with the idea of Kyland taking Xavier, but has an issue with it now because it’s Azah. He says that Derek trying to guilt trip Azah isn’t fair to her. He tells Azah that she won and earned her spot, he lost. Xavier also told Azah that if he (X) wins BB23, he will make sure that Derek’s mom gets some of the money he won, but he isn’t allowed to tell Derek that because of the rules. He says that he isn’t going to hang Derek out to dry.

Derek tells Xavier later that he really wants to talk to Xavier and Azah again to make his pitches. Xavier tells him that he has already talked to Azah and he doesn’t have to pitch anything to Xavier. Derek says he just wants to make sure and continues with pitching to them both. He does more guilt-tripping with Azah.

Azah talks to Xavier later again about how bad she feels because this is a game move for her, but he is taking it personally. Xavier tells Azah to do what she thinks is best for her because if she wins R3, she can beat Derek in F2. He adds that Derek is playing the game by trying to guilt trip her into taking him. He tells her that if she thinks that cutting Derek is going to hurt too much to do, then take Derek to F2 with her.

Azah goes back and forth a lot and she still seems to be leaning towards taking Xavier because she can’t get past Derek telling her she didn’t do anything and doesn’t deserve to be there. There were some more talks about the same things, but there is still a possibility that none of this will matter in the end. There is still another competition that has to play out tonight on Finale Night!

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