The Veto Ceremony took place inside the Big Brother house on Monday and the final nominations for the week were set in stone. The house was pretty quiet after the Veto Ceremony took place with some short side conversations between allies. There have also been some budding showmances going on inside the Big Brother house. Find out who right here with our Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds!

The first game-related talk we got was between Derek F and Kyland. DF tells Kyland that he doesn’t want to win HOH and if he did, he doesn’t know what he would do. He mentions that he might put one person up from each of the duos (Christian & Alyssa and Brent & Whitney) and Kyland agrees that he thinks that will give them the most options. Kyland tells DF that he lucked out this week because Frenchie self-destructed his own game. They also agree that Brent or Whitney can not win HOH next week.

Frenchie did try to get them to use the POV so that he can be up against another guy. He said that he wanted to go out like a champ (in week 2?) and being up against Britini is too easy. Frenchie told Britini that he wasn’t going to say anything negative in his Veto speech. He also spent a lot of time trying to collect Big Brother items from the other HGs to donate to Hearts of Reality.

Kyland had a chat with Tiffany and Claire and tells them that he is worried about Britini and Azah winning HOH next week. Claire doesn’t think that they would come after Kyland if they did win, but Tiffany thinks that it might end up being someone they are working with. In this conversation, Kyland tells them that he is going to let everyone know that he prefers Derek X doesn’t use the Veto this week.

Before the Veto Ceremony Kyland tells Frenchie that there is still a lot of time before eviction day so nothing is set in stone. He tells Frenchie that even after the Veto Ceremony, anything can happen with the votes on eviction night. Kyland tells Frenchie that he would really like to know who the two votes were last week. Frenchie tells him he can tell him who one of the votes were but he would have to talk to the other person to see if it’s okay.

Feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony and DX didn’t use the Veto which set Britini and Frenchie as the final noms for the week. Brent told Kyland that he really respects the way he has run his HOH and adds that he trusts Kyland and will until he gives him a reason not to. Whitney tells Kyland that Kyland hasn’t come up in any conversations around the house and no one seems to be targeting him.

DX wonders to Kyland who the Kings would target if they won the HOH. Kyland tells him that they are all targeting the same person and DX seems surprised by this. DX mentions that he was curious because he wanted to know if it was safe for him to throw the HOH to one of them if it came down to it. Kyland tells him that he would be in a good place if he did, implying that DX isn’t on their radar.

Kyland talks to the Kings and they tell him that he is safe with them going into next week. Kyland tells them about what DX had asked him and they told Kyland that DX is also completely safe with them also. Alyssa and Kyland agree that DX can’t win the HOH next week because that will make him a bigger target.

Kyland talked to the Jokers and Frenchie basically did all the talking. He tells Kyland that he isn’t upset with him and he has told Britini not to be either. He tells everyone that he doesn’t plan to campaign against Britini and all he asks is that someone throws him a pity vote. DF says in front of everyone that he will throw Frenchie a pity vote so that he doesn’t go out on a unanimous vote. Frenchie then talks about how he doesn’t want to talk game anymore this week, he just wants to enjoy the last few days inside the house. Talks then turn to the two votes against Alyssa last week and Azah says that she honestly couldn’t care less about who voted against her because it’s everyone’s choice. They all talk about how voting with the house doesn’t always help your personal game, it helps someone else’s game.

Brent talked to DX later about his romantic feelings for Alyssa but says that Christian and Alyssa seem to be getting closer. He also mentions that Alyssa has only offered to be friends with Brent, nothing more. Brent says that he isn’t going to compete with Christian for Alyssa though and DX asks him about Whitney and Brent says he couldn’t. Brent mentions also liking Hannah but that he isn’t Hannah’s type. Hannah even told Claire that later on that she thinks Brent is funny and all, but she doesn’t see them being friends outside the house.

Christian tells Alyssa that he likes the idea of them working with the Queens more than he liked the idea of the Slaughterhouse. He thought it was ridiculous that they were in an alliance with Frenchie when Frenchie was targeting them. Christian mentioned that if he wasn’t on Big Brother that he was going to be on Love Island. Later, Christian and Alyssa talked about sleeping next to each other the night before. Alyssa tells Christian that they need to be more secretive because she doesn’t want anyone to know about them.

Xavier and Whitney seem to be getting kind of close inside the house also. They spent a lot of time cuddling on the couch and in the hammock throughout the last couple of days.

Christian and Alyssa spent the last hour or so of their night cuddled on the hammock. They were the last of the HGs to head to bed and when they did they went back to cuddling in bed.

It looks like the showmance that wasn’t maybe budding into something more. We might have our first showmance of the season with a second one that may be in the works between Whitney and Xavier. We will see how that plays out and how it affects their game.

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