Another Veto Comp has come and gone inside the Big Brother 23 house and this week’s plan is set in stone. The Big Brother houseguests are all looking forward to the end of this week and hopeful for a reset in the alliances. Read on to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds to see what they talked about throughout the day.

We started the day off with an early wake-up call. The feeds went down about an hour and a half later for the Power of Veto Player draw where Claire, Derek X, and Alyssa were all picked to play and Tiffany was picked to host the comp.

Hannah talked to Kyland about The Cookout and promised him that if she won HOH, she wouldn’t nominate any of them. Hannah also tells Kyland that Frenchie thinks that he is going to get some kind of power from America that’s going to keep him in the house. She also tells Kyland about how Frenchie is going around saying that he threw the Wildcard Comp to Sarah Beth, but right before the comp, Frenchie asked her to throw it to him.

Right before the feeds went down for the Power of Veto Comp, Derek X told Kyland that he would throw the comp to either him or Alyssa. When the feeds come back up, Derek X is wearing the Veto medallion. A few minutes after the feeds come back up, we catch a glimpse at Frenchie packing his bags.

Derek X and Kyland talked about the Veto Comp and how Derek X beat him by 13 seconds. Derek asks Kyland if he thinks there is a target on his back now that he won two Veto comps and Kyland tells him no. After a little more comp talk, Kyland asks Derek X what he is thinking and Derek X says he isn’t going to use it.

They discuss some of the things that Frenchie has said so far this week and how none of it has lined up. They talk about how Frenchie said he didn’t want Travis to go last week and how he was pressured to put Travis up. He also told Derek how Frenchie threw Brent, Whitney, and Christian under the bus in his pitch.

Azah and Tiffany talked about trying to get Derek X to use the Power of Veto on Britini so they could get Brent put up in her place. They also talked about how they would like to see Whitney, Brent, Alyssa, and Christian all go before Jury.

Kyland and Derek X talked about all the various alliances in the house and both of them hope that by sending Frenchie home this week, they will reset the house and alliances. Since The Slaughterhouse alliance was blown up intentionally the other day, the house could use a good reset.

Frenchie asked the HGs not to do mean Good-Bye Messages for him since his kids will be watching the show. Frenchie tells Derek F that he knows he is going home this week. He adds that he could have done so much in this game and tells Derek F that he was going to take him to F2. An hour later, Frenchie was talking about leaving because he doesn’t want to be there anymore.

Frenchie talked to Whitney and tried to apologize to her but she isn’t buying what he is selling. She points out all the lies and deceit and how it hurt their position in the house and in the game. She tells him that he should tell people about all the things he made up before he leaves and he says he will. Moments later, he mentions wanting to quit so that he didn’t have to sit in sequester in case of a Battle Back (there won’t be one this year).

Britini tried to talk to Derek X and Kyland about taking her off the block. Kyland tells Britini that there have been times in the game where people have been able to use the “I’m a bigger target and it’s better to keep me” argument successfully. He tells her that he doesn’t think that this is going to be one of those times because of the extent of the lies and betrayal. Kyland tells her that she is not going home this week and he honestly doesn’t want to have to name another nominee this week. Britini does tell Kyland that when it comes to her, he is good next week.

Britini talks to Derek F about her conversation with Kyland and how Kyland wants Frenchie gone this week because he wants the chaos to end. Britini tells Derek F that she told Kyland that if she wins HOH next week that she won’t target him or Derek X. Derek F says that he is going to target them if he wins though.

Hannah tells Brent that she is worried about Frenchie blowing up her game this week since he knows he is going home. Brent says that Frenchie has promised not to do that, but he has lied about so many things. (The fact that he has lied about so many things could work in Hannah’s favor if Frenchie decides to blow up her game because no one will know if the information he blows up is true or not.)

Brent and Alyssa talk about Derek X and Brent says that she needs to be careful about trusting him. Alyssa says she doesn’t trust Derek X. Brent mentions how they should go after two women next week and Alyssa says that she expects the other women in the house to go after her. Brent tells her that she will be protected by enough people.

Brent also talked to Derek F before things started to wind down for the night about the Frenchie situation. Derek F says that he is worried about getting rid of one of their numbers. Brent tells Derek F that Frenchie shouldn’t have gone around saying “I know who did the two votes” but wouldn’t say who. That causes paranoia and distrust. Derek F says those two votes could have come from anyone, but Brent says that the whole situation would have been squashed if Frenchie didn’t go around saying he knew who they were. Brent says that he will check on Frenchie but he’s not going to bat for him. Especially after Frenchie threw him under the bus. Brent tells him that they are still in a good place because have the seven, plus Hannah and Derek X on their side.

Looks like Frenchie’s fate was sealed with this week’s Power of Veto Comp and he will be heading home on Thursday. Britini will likely be staying on the block next to Frenchie, but as long as she keeps her emotions in check, she will be safe at the eviction.

Make sure you come back tonight to watch the Wildcard Comp and Nomination Ceremony play out with me and my live recap!

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