We have officially started week 2 of Big Brother 23 with Kyland in the Head of Household position. Kyland doesn’t have many options this week as far as nominations. After the Wildcard Competition on Big Brother 2021, those options might dwindle even more. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds right here!

We started the feeds last night after the show finished airing on the west coast. Alyssa was talking to Derek X about how she feels pretty good about Kyland being HOH, Derek X agrees. Alyssa asks Derek X who he thinks they are looking to pin the votes against Alyssa on. He says that he isn’t sure that they are trying to pin them on anyone. Alyssa says that she thinks that they are trying to frame one on him (DX) and the other on someone like Claire. Derek X is confused as to why there were two rogue votes.

Azah tells Tiffany that Brent controlled Frenchie’s HOH and got no blood on his hands. Tiffany mentions that Frenchie talks too much and they agree that neither of them are happy with him after his HOH.

Kyland tells Hannah that her and The Cookout have nothing to worry about this week. Meanwhile, Brent tells Xavier that Frenchie really needs to let Kyland make his own decisions this week. Brent also talked about how he didn’t understand why Derek F wanted to take credit for one of the rogue votes when it wasn’t even him (it was). Xavier says that he had a suspicion that there was going to be one rogue vote, but he wasn’t expecting two. Xavier later asked Brent if he feels good with Kyland as HOH and Brent mentions that he was worried at one point, but he feels okay now. They talk about how Kyland’s only options this week are Britini, Derek X, and Hannah because everyone else is in the Slaughterhouse Alliance.

Kyland talked to Sarah Beth and tells her that he isn’t going to tell anyone else, but she is safe this week and has nothing to worry about. He mentions how Frenchie told everyone they were safe and he isn’t making that same mistake.

Britini talks to Azah about how she wants Frenchie to win the Wildcard Comp so they all have a shot at safety. Azah tells Britini just to relax until after the competition and see what happens. Britini mentions that Kyland is pulling people into rooms which is the opposite of what he said he would do. Talks then turn to how annoyed they are with Frenchie and how he talks too much.

Tiffany cam talked a bit about the rogue vote and how she did it to prove to Frenchie that she wanted to work with him. She says if she didn’t do it, it could have caused problems for her. She says that she would love to see Brent and Frenchie on the block this week.

Christian talked to Alyssa and told her about The Slaughterhouse alliance.

Frenchie is worried that he is going on the block or will be BD’d unless someone talks Kyland out of the idea.

Tiffany talked to Kyland and tells him that Frenchie’s team decided they are going to let him compete in this week’s Wildcard Comp. Tiffany tells Kyland that he has the support of his team, Derek X, and Sarah Beth. She adds that she could probably get Xavier and Azah too.

Tiffany told Claire that there are three strong women in the house, them and Whitney. They think that Britini might end up on the block this week. Tiffany thinks that they can get Derek X on their side. Derek X joins the conversation and tells them that he thinks that the house is split right now and adds that the guys are going to push for a girl to go this week to even the numbers. He tells them that Frenchie doesn’t trust Kyland and fills them in on how Frenchie tried to get him to use the Veto on Alyssa instead of Kyland.

Things could get interesting today with the Wildcard Comp and nominations coming up. Be on the lookout for spoilers throughout the day. Who would you like to see Kyland nominate?

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