This week’s target on Big Brother is all but evicted and the Big Brother 23 houseguests spent a lot of time on Tuesday trying to decide who they should target next week. One houseguest’s name is continuously coming up, but they are trying to get the house to look in a different direction. Read on to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds right here!

Alyssa talked to Brent about the rogue votes and they wonder who the second one could have been (they know the first one was Derek F). Alyssa asked Brent if he thought it could have been Britini and that’s why she is on the block. Brent says that it could have been because Frenchie would have been able to talk her into it.

Frenchie tells DF, Azah, Tiffany, and Sarah Beth that he doesn’t want to be voted out unanimously. DF then suggests that he go out and campaign to stay then. Frenchie reiterates to them that he doesn’t want to campaign against Britini. SB tells him that he doesn’t have to campaign against Britini, he just has to campaign for himself. His argument can be why he should stay, not why Britini should go. He thinks about it for a second and says that he could tell people that he can be used as a shield if he stays.

Brent told Alyssa yesterday that he doesn’t fully trust Christian because he still thinks that Christian would target him. Alyssa reassures him that she talks to Christian all the time and Brent’s name never came up. Brent tells her that Frenchie has been saying since Day 1 that Christian would target him and Alyssa tells him that everything Frenchie says has been a lie and is invalid. Alyssa asks him how he feels about DF and he tells her that he doesn’t trust him either. Alyssa says it’s not about trust, it’s about who is going to win competitions and keep them safe. Feeds cut.

Hannah tells Azah that she thinks the Cookout’s biggest obstacle to getting to Jury is Whitney and Brent. She adds that she thinks that Alyssa and Christian can be easily manipulated to do what they (Cookout) want them to.

Azah tells DF that everything Brent has done since Day 1 doesn’t sit right with her. He spent all week last week in Frenchie’s HOH trying to influence his decisions and now this week he is turning his back on Frenchie like he’s a bag of trash. Azah tells DF that as the numbers get smaller, the Cookout is going to have to stick together and use each other as pawns. She adds that as long as they work as a team, they will have the numbers to keep each other safe.

Alyssa talks to Christian about Brent and him thinking that Christian is going to target him. Christian seems to be absorbing the information but doesn’t really say much on the matter. Talks then turn to how they have to talk to Claire and Tiffany about finalizing their F4 deal. Christian tells Alyssa about the conversation he had with Tiffany after they came inside. Alyssa says that she thinks there are bigger threats than two people flirting (I’m convinced she has never watched a season of BB).

Later, Alyssa, Christian, and Brent talk about targets going into next week. Brent mentions that they have to even the numbers the next couple of weeks and suggest that Britini and Claire or Britini and Azah need to go. He says that Britini being tied to the girl’s alliance could be the reason they give for nominating her.

Alyssa later talks to SB and tells her that she would rather see Brent go next week than Whitney because Whitney wants to see the women in the end. She also told SB about how Brent tried to convince her she should trust him over Christian because Christian is the reason she was on the block last week. SB tells Alyssa that if one of the Jokers wins HOH next week, Brent is going on the block with Whitney. Alyssa says that they would be safe either way. Alyssa is wondering why everyone wants Brent and Whitney out so bad and SB tells her it’s because Frenchie went around blaming the two of them for everything.

Brent tells Whitney and Christian that he feels good about Hannah and Derek X because they feel the same way about getting two girls out next to even the numbers. Whitney says that she doesn’t think Hannah really feels that way. Brent says that Azah has moved her way to the top of his list because he doesn’t like the way she talks to him.

SB wonders to Alyssa who Brent would target if he won HOH and adds that he is the only one who makes her nervous because she doesn’t know who he would go after. Alyssa tells her that she thinks he would go after Azah and Britini.

Brent says something about the girl’s alliance to SB and she tells him that she was approached about French Kisses, but hasn’t heard anything since. She says that if there is a girl’s alliance, she isn’t included in it.

SB talks to the cameras a bit later on about how she really wanted to win HOH, but now she isn’t sure it’s a good idea. She says that she thinks it’s too early to backstab someone and that’s exactly what she would have to do. She notes that the only person she is telling everything to inside the house is Kyland.

Frenchie tells Tiffany that he thinks Hannah manipulated his HOH by telling Brent about Frenchie’s alliance with the girls (Frenchie was actually the one who told Brent).

Tiffany asks Hannah later if they need to get Brent out as soon as possible and Hannah tells her yes because he is a danger to their game. Hannah says that Brent, Britini, and Whitney have to go before Jury, and then as soon as they hit Jury, Alyssa can go. Hannah, Tiffany, and Claire all talk about Alyssa and her being close to Xavier and Christian. This makes them wonder if Alyssa should go sooner and they agree that they might not want the three of them in jury together. Tiffany mentions putting Brent and Alyssa on the block together and Claire thinks that’s an interesting idea.

Hannah tells Claire that ideally, Clarie should win HOH next week. Claire says that if she wins HOH then she would still have to consider Brent and Whitney because she knows they have both thrown her name out there where she isn’t sure Alyssa has done that.

Alyssa later talked to Claire and Tiffany and tells them that DX is willing to throw the HOH comp to her so she can target his team (Brent and Whitney). After Alyssa leaves the room, Claire and Tiffany can’t believe that Alyssa is feeding them information.

Britini later tells TIffany that if she wins HOH next week she would nominate Brent and Hannah with Hannah being her target because she doesn’t talk game with her. She says that she would use Christian as a renom option. Britini adds that Alyssa, Brent, Whitney, and Christian are the ones running things right now.

Alyssa tells Christian about how DX said he would throw the HOH to her. Christian says that he still wants DX out though and Alyssa tells him not yet. She also adds that if Claire, Tiffany, or SB are left in the HOH to throw it to one of them so the two of them can stay good with Slaughterhouse.

Xavier later told Kyland that he is okay with targeting Brent and Whitney. He adds that it should be Whitney over Brent though because she will get more vengeful.

Sounds like Brent and Whitney might have something to worry about next week unless one of them wins the HOH comp on Thursday. Frenchie is still set in stone to go this week and the alliances will probably stay in place no matter how much the house could use a reset there.

Later tonight we will watch the POV play out on an all-new episode of Big Brother 23. Make sure you come back for my live recap!

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