It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother house and this week’s nominees did their campaigning with their fellow houseguests. Britini and Frenchie are final nominees for the week and one of them will be sent home by the end of Thursday’s episode of Big Brother. Which one will it be? Find out what the Big Brother 23 houseguests are thinking and other Big Brother spoilers right here!

A lot of campaigning going on inside the Big Brother house yesterday. I’ll give you the short version of the conversations that were had. Frenchie literally told everyone the same thing. He wants to stay in the house, but he doesn’t want to campaign against Britini. He made sure that everyone knew that he wasn’t going to be playing hard anymore, he was going to be more subtle with his game moves. He also mentioned that if they kept him in the house he would be a shield for everyone in the house because he is clearly the bigger threat.

Britini talked to everyone in the house and most of them told her she had their vote right away. Whitney brought up the all-girls alliance and told her that even though she isn’t a part of it, she fully supports the women working together and Britini literally told her she had no idea what she was talking about. She told her that she heard things about this alliance, but she wasn’t even there when it was formed and her name was associated with it. Whitney told her that Frenchie told Whitney and Brent that Britini was the creator of the alliance. Britini says she couldn’t be the creator because she wasn’t even there when it formed.

When Britini asked everyone how they were feeling about next week, they all gave her pretty similar answers. A lot of people were worried about Derek X because they don’t really know where his head is at, but they were especially worried about Brent. That included Brent’s teammates. Whitney told Britini that they had a team meeting and after Brent left the room the rest of the team agreed to throw the HOH comp to someone that would take shots at Brent.

After her one-on-ones, Britini had a chat with Azah about how Brent can’t win next week’s HOH comp. She tells Azah that Brent has thrown Britini, Claire, and Azah’s names out there for possible targets next week. She tells Azah how Brent really wants to see a girl go next week and chances are it will be one of them. Britini tells her how Whitney, Derek X, and Hannah all had a team meeting without him and that they decided to throw the HOH comp this week so that he isn’t safe (he also can’t play in the Wildcard Comp) because they even want him gone. Azah says that she wouldn’t even backdoor Brent, she would make it known on day 1 that he was her target.

Frenchie tells Azah that he really wants to stay in the house but he can’t bring himself to campaign against Britini. Azah tells him that she really wants him to stay because that’s what’s better for her game. Azah also explained to Frenchie that she was mad at him last week and he told her that he understands why.

Hannah told Claire that she really wants Alyssa to go home next and that she thinks Alyssa is a bigger threat.

Tiffany had a conversation with Kyland about Britini being nervous about Xavier because he still hasn’t told her that he is voting for her to stay. Tiffany and Claire agree that if Brent is on the block next week, they are voting him out. Then they talked about Brent’s loyalty to Frenchie and how they think that they can get Brent to be loyal to them (what loyalty to Frenchie? He turned on him!). Talks then turn to possibly targeting Whitney next week instead of Brent. Claire thinks that if Whitney goes next week then Brent has to follow behind her the week after. However, if they get rid of Brent next week, Whitney can stick around longer. They also talk about coming up with a deal with Brent which would also turn into a fake deal with his teammates.

The Queens and Aces met last night and they discuss working together in an alliance. They call it The Mafia. Brent tells the group that he thinks Britini was one of the rogue votes last week. Later after the meeting, Derek X tells Whitney that if Brent does win HOH next week, he’s going to try and get him to turn on Christian because Britini is not a threat and definitely not a good target. Whitney thinks that it would almost be smarter to get Alyssa out because she is close to a lot of people inside the house. Hannah comes in and asks if they were talking about getting rid of Brent next week and then Alyssa. Whitney says that she wants Brent out as soon as possible.

The Kings and Queens come up with a name for their alliance and they call themselves the Royal Family and the Queens also told the Kings about their fake deal with the Aces.

Derek X tells Azah later that he really wants her to win HOH next week because he has heard her name a lot this week. He thinks that she and her team could really shake things up if she won. He tells her not to let anyone convince her to throw it and she says she isn’t going to and that she is gunning it for the win.

Apparently Whitney was questioning if the Mafia was a fake alliance. Hannah talked to Tiffany about this and Tiffany tells Hannah not to confirm that it’s fake with her.

Later, Christian talked to Hannah and told her that he would be willing to take out Alyssa. Hannah tells him that he can hang out with Alyssa he just has to be careful with things. She tells him that he has to try and keep the flirting to a minimum in front of the other HGs and try to be a little more discret about what they other HGs see. Christian wonders if he should just end things with Alyssa and Hannah tells him that when the teams are gone, showmances will become the new targets.

Lots of chats about what is going to happen next week which leads me to believe that the plan is still for Frenchie to walk out of the doors tonight on Big Brother 23. Make sure you come back a little later for my Big Brother eviction poll and eviction prediction ahead of tonight’s show!

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