It was Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother 23 house and we got confirmation on the final nominees for the week. One of the nominees thinks that everything is going to plan and that they have the votes to stay this week on Big Brother. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds right here to find out if they have a reason to worry.

We started yesterday’s live feeds with a conversation between Alyssa and Brent where Alyssa tells Brent that she is starting to think that Brent might be the target this week. Brent tells Alyssa that between the members of the Mafia (his team and the Kings) he has the six votes he needs to stay this week. He just needs to make sure that the Veto isn’t used and one of his teammates isn’t put up next to him.

Britini tells DF that she talked to Xavier and DX about the Veto being used on her but Xavier said that there isn’t really a good reason to pull her off. She adds that Xavier told her that he would appreciate it if she took a shot at only him next week if she won HOH and not target anyone from his team. She tells DF and Azah that she will do whatever she wants if she wins HOH.

Christian tells Xavier that he plans to tell Brent and Britini that he plans to respect his teammate’s HOH this week and even though he loves both of them (Brent & Britini) he is not going to use the Power of Veto this week. Xavier tells him that’s a great way to work it.

The feeds cut for the Veto Meeting and when they come back up we find out that Christian did not use the Veto just like he planned.

DX and Kyland had a talk about if they should add Hannah to their alliance and then wonders who they should replace if they do. DX tells Kyland that he trusts Hannah more than he trusts Claire, but Hannah could be more of a threat later on if they keep her. The conversation turns to Britini and DX mentions that he thinks that when Britini says that she is loyal to someone, she means it. He tells Kyland how Britini went on the block in order to keep Azah safe. Kyland tells him that Britini told him that Azah offered to take her spot, but Xavier didn’t go with it.

Kyland and DX both mention that they were fully expecting to be blindsided at the Veto Meeting. DX says that he wouldn’t have been surprised if the Kings decided to put DX up and backdoor him. Kyland tells DX that with another guy going this week, the jury is most likely going to be mostly women this season. Kyland says that’s one of the reasons he would really like to see DF in jury. DX thinks that the Royal Flush will stay close until Jury and then they will start to fall apart. He mentions that he thinks they should keep Hannah around. He says that Hannah is always telling him that she trusts Claire and Tiffany, but when he talks to Claire and Tiffany they don’t seem to feel the same way about her.

Meanwhile, Brent is talking to Alyssa and he tells her that he is pretty sure that Xavier is going to try and convince her and Christian to vote against Brent on Thursday. Alyssa asks how he is going to do that, he can’t play in the HOH next week and can’t make them any promises. After Alyssa leaves the room, Brent tells the cameras that he almost did something stupid, but caught himself. He then tells us that everything is going to plan with the nominations staying the same. He talks about how Xavier can’t compete next week and Alyssa is completely aligned with him because she told him all that stuff first thing this morning. He talks about how the Mafia is going to have his back and he is then going to target Xavier.

Brent then goes and tells DX and Kyland all of this and how he knows he has Alyssa and Christian’s votes this week. He adds that he told DF and Azah that Britini is just going to keep going up on the block so they should just cut her loose now.

Later on, Tiffany tells Kyland and DX that she keeps hearing everyone talking about targeting the Kings next week. Tiffany wonders if she should put Alyssa and Whitney up on the block together and DX asks why she wants to win HOH. She tells him that she doesn’t really want to and DX says that she should throw it to Alyssa. Tiffany just doesn’t want to see a duo make it to jury but Kyland reminds her that Shane and Danielle and Fessy and Haliegh didn’t vote together.

DX leaves the conversation and Kyland tells her that she needs to start downplaying how smart she is because DX is starting to catch onto it. He adds that because Tiffany said that she didn’t want to bring Azah to Jury because she would never get her vote, DX told Kyland that they should bring Azah to jury then. Tiffany says that works for them. Tiffany and Kyland agree that they would love to keep DX with them.

Hannah later told DX that after Brent leaves this week, there aren’t any real targets. Brent walks up to them and tells them both that he can’t wait to see everyone’s face when Julie tells Britini she has been evicted. He tells them that he tricked them all into thinking they all had control. Brent leaves the conversation and Hannah tells DX that the kings can’t go to jury and that SB isn’t one of the priorities for her. DX asks her how she feels about Kyland and she tells him that she trusts him as much as she can. She tells him that she is closer to DX and Tiffany though. He asks her about Claire and she mentions that she just started talking game with Claire three days ago.

Tiffany later says that she hopes the vote is 11-0 on Thursday so that Brent knows that he had no one in his back pocket. Claire, Tiffany, and DX talk about how no one seems to be looking at targeting the Kings. They wonder if they can get the Jokers to do it. They also agree that they shouldn’t tell Kyland about that strategy because he wouldn’t agree with it. Tiffany talks about how the rest of the jokers are feeding off Britini’s emotional reactions and that’s not building her (B) up, it’s actually tearing her down. Claire mentions how she had to deflect a question from DF in front of a bunch of people. He asked her who she would target and she told him she would have to hold one-on-ones to know.

Today the nominees will likely start their campaigning. Brent will not be staying this week unless he pulls off a miracle and we’ve seen stranger things happen. Brent’s cockiness is getting the best of him though and even his own teammates don’t want to see him stick around.

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