We have officially kicked off Week 3 of Big Brother 23 with a new HOH in charge and a new target in mind. Frenchie has been evicted and Xavier went on to win this week’s HOH on Big Brother 2021. Now we wait for the Wildcard Competition and Nomination Ceremony to take place. Keep reading my recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds here and find out what the plan could be going into Friday’s events.

They flipped the feeds back on right after the show aired on the east coast. When the feeds came back up, we got a look at the HGs chatting about who they hope Xavier targets this week. DF told SB that he really hopes that’s the plan and they both agree that the next comp will likely be a physical comp and something that Brent could win. Azah mentions that Xavier might put Whitney on the block this week.

Alyssa, SB, and Tiffany talked later about how perfect it was that Brent was one of the first people out in the HOH comp. Meanwhile, Hannah was telling Brent that this was the best possible outcome for them. Brent agrees because they have an alliance with Xavier’s team. Brent mentions to her that he didn’t want to win the HOH, but wanted to at least make it to the second question. Brent tells Hannah that DF can’t be trusted because he voted against the house both weeks. Hannah tells him that it was a pity vote and that he made it known that he was going to do it (he didn’t try and hide it at all). Brent mentions that if Xavier wants to make a big move it will be against his team, but says that he is sitting pretty because he and Xavier are close.

Derek X and Hannah wondered if Xavier does target Brent, will he put him up at noms or will he try to backdoor him. Hannah wonders if they can convince Brent that he is a pawn so that he isn’t a loose cannon all week.

Tiffany chats with Xavier and asks him if he is comfortable targeting Brent, he says he is ready to do what has to be done. He says that he is going to hold all the meetings and such. He is expecting Brent’s name to be thrown out like Frenchie’s was. Tiffany also reminds him that Brent’s team just made an alliance with her team yesterday and Xavier mentions that could be a good motive. Xavier wonders who he should put up next to Brent and Tiffany mentions Whitney or Britini. Xavier says he doesn’t want to use Britini, but his options are limited.

Alyssa, Christian, and Xavier have a talk and Alyssa lets Xavier know that Whitney has been throwing Brent’s name under the bus. Christian asks if Xavier is going to nominate Brent and Whitney. Xavier says Brent for sure, but he is trying to figure out who to put up against him. They all agree that it shouldn’t be Britini.

Brent later pitched a F2 to Alyssa and she goes to Christian to tell him about the awkwardness of the conversation. SB also mentioned that Brent came to her with an alliance that would include her, Brent, Christian, and Alyssa called The Radicals.

Britini is stressing about the Wildcard Competition and whether or not she is going to play in it. Later, Britini, Azah, and DF talk about potential targets. They agree that they would like to see Christian out soon, but DF mentions that he does feel safe with Christian, and Christian talks game with him. He says he would consider it though. DF tells them that his target list is Whitney, Hannah, DX, and SB.

Tiffany and Claire have a conversation about their alliance with SB, Kyland, and DX and they agree that they feel good about it. Tiffany tells Claire that they have to be careful about mentioning Britini in front of Azah because they are really close. They also talk about wanting to bring Hannah closer to them.

Sounds like Brent will find himself on the block this week, just not sure who will be up next to him at this point. Make sure you come back throughout the day for Wildcard Comp and Nomination spoilers!

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