Now that the nominees for Week 3 of Big Brother 23 have been set, we should be seeing some campaigning going on around the house. Instead, we got a lot of talks about who should win the next HOH and who might be the target for Week 4. If you missed any of the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds, read on to find out what went on inside the Big Brother house.

As we all know, Xavier is the HOH this week and he has nominated Britini and Brent for eviction. We also know that Brent is the target this week, but he is being made to believe that it is actually Britini. Britini has been acting like she isn’t going home this week, which hasn’t even started to spook Brent.

The first conversation I want to talk about from Tuesday’s live feeds was between Tiffany and Kyland in the have-not room. This conversation went in a couple of different directions. They want to win HOH because they want to take the shot at Whitney because she is the house target going into next week. They worried that if they didn’t win HOH next week that Whitney would be taken out by someone else and they won’t have a move to make their HOH less messy. However, they don’t want to win this week’s HOH because they would have to put a King up and they don’t want to make their relationship in their new alliance rocky this early. Claire joins the conversation and they all decide that they could still win HOH this week, but they have to make it known ahead of time to the Kings that they might have to use one of them as a pawn.

Kyland then goes to Xavier with some of the information from his chat with Tiffany and Claire. He tells Xavier that he doesn’t want the Kings to think that they aren’t willing to win an HOH and make moves for their alliance, but if they win going into next week, they will have to use a King as a pawn. Xavier tells Kyland that he understands that because they don’t want to expose their hand but they both agree that even if a King is a pawn, the vote will expose their alliance also.

After Kyland leaves the room, Christian comes in and Xavier tells him what Kyland just told him. Christian doesn’t understand what the issue is and then talks turn to who Christian would target if he won HOH next week. He tells Xavier that he would put up DF and Whitney or Hannah and Whitney. He then rethinks the idea of putting up DF and explains to Xavier that if he puts DF up, he upsets DF, Azah, and Britini but if he puts Hannah up then he only upsets Hannah. Alyssa and SB walk into the HOH room and Christian tells them all of this and Alyssa asks him if he is really comfortable with putting Hannah up because she isn’t. Christian tells her that he is. SB mentions that if he puts Hannah and Whitney up and one of them wins the POV, he is still going to have to put up a Joker.

SB is asked what she thinks and she tells them that either way, it’s going to be a tricky week, but she also suggests that they take out Hannah next week. She says that they all worry that DX might try and save Hannah and betray them, so why not take Hannah out if given the opportunity? Christian asks her what she has against Hannah and she tells him that she just sees Hannah as a bigger threat than Whitney. This gets Alyssa thinking that maybe they are targeting the wrong person and the Kings agree that maybe Hannah should be their target next week.

Whitney later catches Christian and Alyssa in the bathroom and proposes that they bring back the Slaughterhouse alliance, but with some tweaks. She suggests that it be the three of them, Xavier, DX, and maybe Kyland. She adds that she thinks that Hannah is really good at this game, but she isn’t ready to take out another one of her teammates just yet.

Alyssa goes to talk to Xavier about Whitney’s proposal and says that Whitney admitted to knowing Hannah was a threat in this game so she might be okay with them targeting Hannah next week. After Alyssa leaves the HOH, Xavier camtalks about how they were all set to take Whitney out next week and now SB has Alyssa focused on Hannah. He says that he has to come up with a way to refocus her on Whitney.

Brent talked to Tiffany outside for a bit and tells her that if he stays over Britini this week and she cuts him off to say that the Jokers will be coming after him. He tells her that he isn’t sure that they would target him but she reminds him that this would be a pretty big blindside for them.

DF and Alyssa talked briefly and he asks her who she thinks he should target if he wins HOH. She tells him that she feels like the Kings are going to be a big target because they still have all of their members but he says he doesn’t think he would target any of them. DF tells her that he is a little worried about Hannah because she is really smart when it comes to this game. Alyssa tells him that she is super smart and knows this game really well. They talk a little longer and DF confirms to Alyssa that if he wins he feels like he has to put a King up but it will likely be SB so that he doesn’t betray the Slaughterhouse. Alyssa mentions that SB might not be the right choice for him just because she hasn’t mentioned him in any of her plans.

Hannah has a chat with DX and tells him that from what she has gathered from the others, neither of them are on anyone’s radar, however, Whitney seems to be. She says that Whitney has to win the HOH next week, but they agree that they can’t tell her she’s the target in order to get her not to throw it. She says that if Whitney doesn’t win HOH then she has to push hard for the Wildcard Comp, but DX is worried about Whitney’s performance in recent comps. Hannah wonders if they can tell Whitney a little before the eviction that they have heard her name come up around the house to get her to try to win.

Whitney joined in the conversation and they talked about how they feel good about their alliance with the Queens, plus they are throwing the HOH so that the Jokers can win it and go after the Kings. Whitney tells them that if it comes down to them and the Kings that she thinks she should try and win it. DX says that makes a lot of sense.

Britini tells Tiffany that she doesn’t feel like she has to win the HOH and Tiffany asks if that’s because she thinks that no one is going to target after being on the block for two weeks in a row. She says yes, but if it is down to her, Whitney, or the Kings then she feels like she has to try and win. Tiffany tells Britini that Christian is going to be a hard person to beat so if they get the opportunity to take him out they have to. Britini mentions that she would love to put Christian and Alyssa up. Tiffany asks her who she would like to see on the block from the Kings and Britini says that the only one she doesn’t want to see go home is SB.

Meanwhile, DF is talking to Xavier about wanting to win HOH and put Christian and Whitney up. He is worried that whoever stays will come after him though. Xavier tells him that Alyssa plans to target Whitney and Hannah and suggests that he let her do that so that he doesn’t show his hand.

Britini and Tiffany talked about Alyssa and Christian and outweighed the pros and cons to keeping either one. They both agreed that while Christian is a physical threat, he is more likely to work with them than Alyssa. They agree that there are more reasons to keep Christian in the house than Alyssa. (They also aren’t putting into consideration that Alyssa is close with Xavier also and if they get rid of Alyssa then Christian and Xavier aren’t likely going to continue to work together) Tiffany and Britini also agree that a King has to go home next and sending Whitney home makes no sense. She isn’t a threat.

Azah and Xavier talk a little later on and she asks him to make sure that none of his teammates uses Britini as a pawn again and he reassures her that Britini is not on the King’s radar next week. Azah tells Xavier that she knows the Cookout alliance is strong but she isn’t feeling very good about the idea of having to evict Britini eventually.

Brent goes to talk to his team and tells them that if something should happen to him on Thursday that they should align with Kyland moving forward. He also says that he commends Britini’s positive attitude and calm mood this week.

Brent later tells Tiffany that Thursday is going to go down in BB history when it’s announced that he is staying. He says he can’t wait to see Xavier’s face and then adds that he will have the numbers to run the house once Britini is gone.

Whitney talked with DX, Hannah, Tiffany, and Claire last night before bed and she was pushing for them all to target the Kings next week. They also talked about if voting Brent out this week was the right move. They agreed that if they don’t vote him out, they will lose trust in the house and Hannah jokes that if Brent stays she will self-evict. The group splits off and Tiffany does some camtalking about her duo with Claire. When Claire returned to the room, Tiffany revealed to her that Kyland slipped up and told her about the trio of her, Claire, and SB which made her realize that SB has been feeding him information.

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