It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother house and boy was it a busy one for both nominees. The rest of the Big Brother 23 houseguests were busy as well plotting and planning their next moves. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s live feeds right here and find out who is planning to gun it for HOH after Thursday’s eviction and who the possible targets going to be moving forward.

The day started off with Tiffany going around to all the members of the cookout telling them this master plan she has that should get the Cookout to F6. She explained that as long as they get Whitney, Christian, and Alyssa out over the next three weeks without any of them being evicted, they will have the majority vote. The plan involves keeping one person that each member is close to and evicting everyone else before getting to eleven. The plan involved keeping Britini, Christian, SB, DX, and Claire until they get to eleven and evicting everyone else. Then they would slowly pick off each of their closest allies outside the alliance.

Azah didn’t agree with this plan because it involved keeping Whitney next week so that she would take the shot against Alyssa and Tiffany got a little defensive about it. DF thought that this plan seemed like it would work out as long as they continue to win the HOH competitions. Xavier and Kyland both thought that this was a good plan also, but they also mentioned that they prefered getting Whitney out next week.

After Azah and DF talked with Tiffany, DF asked her how she felt about the plan and she said that she likes the plan, but her face didn’t say that. DF tells her that and explains to her that’s probably why Tiffany got a slight attitude with Azah. He tells her that it’s not what she said about the plan, it’s how she said it. Reminded her that they are a team and they need to work together if they plan to make it to the end.

Azah leaves the room and DF talks to the cameras a bit and basically says that he came here to win and if they can’t get their stuff together, they are going to have to get out.

Whitney had a heart to heart with Brent yesterday too where she explained to him that he needs to be more conscious of what he is saying to other HGs. She told him that the things his friends back home might find hilarious, someone in the BB house might find offensive because people are still learning each other’s sense of humor and demeanors. She also mentions to him that he really needs to start contributing to the house more and asks him how many times a week he helps out with things like cleaning the bathroom, dusting, picking up the kitchen, etc. He tells her a couple of times a week and she tells him that most of the other HGs are doing it a couple of times a day.

He tells her that he doesn’t feel like picking on people who don’t clean should be a game strategy and Whitney explains that when there isn’t a house target in mind, then people who inconvenience the rest of the house tend to become the targets. Talks turn to strategy and Brent tells Whitney how amazing his strategy has been so far and she looks at him and says “but you’re on the block so it can’t be that good” and he tells her that when she goes back and looks she will see it’s actually pretty amazing. She reiterates that it can’t be that good if he’s being targeted (he knows he is the target, but he also thinks he has the votes to stay). He tells her that he is being targeted because of his looks, not his strategy. He mentions how Frenchie was going to put him up because he looked like a meathead and that has stuck with him.

Britini and Brent held their one on ones throughout the day. Britini’s were pretty cut and dry. Everyone told her she was safe and had her vote and then they talked about potential targets for next week. Brent told everyone that he is a bigger target and as long as he is in the house no one else will be targeted. He told DF that Britini is just going to continue to be used as a pawn and she will not be able to contribute to the Jokers because of it so they should just cut her loose now. He stayed confident that he had all the votes he needed to stay this week.

Brent told Kyland that he planned to put Xavier and Christian on the block together next week if he won HOH because he thinks the two of them are going to be a huge problem later on.

DX asked Tiffany if she felt that the target was shifting from Whitney to Hannah next week and Tiffany confirmed that for some people it is. DX tells Tiffany that Hannah plans to throw the HOH but he doesn’t want her to if she is going to be targeted next week.

Whitney tells Christian and Alyssa that if she wins HOH she is likely to target Britini or Claire and use SB as a pawn since no one is going to vote SB out. Christian agreed that anyone sitting next to SB would go home, but they wonder if they would have enough votes to get out Claire or Britini. Alyssa thinks that they would have the votes for Britini for sure, but she isn’t sure about Claire.

Christian talked to Xavier later about this conversation and explained to him that Whitney is really making him feel like she has his back. Christian also tells him that Whitney thinks Hannah would likely target him (C) and Alyssa if she wins HOH. Later when Xavier tells Kyland about this, Kyland tells him that Whitney told him she was going to target two Kings if she won. He tells Xavier that he will talk to Whitney and get her to admit to specific names. Kyland also says that he will talk to Britini and see if she would target Britini if she won HOH.

Xavier talks to Whitney and Whitney tells him that Kyland is making her nervous because he is always having one on ones with people. Xavier switches the conversation over to who Whitney would target and asks if she would feel pressured to target a King. She says that she would feel pressured to use SB as a pawn.

Brent tells DX later that he is pretty sure he has the Joker’s votes (Britini’s teammates) and adds that he made a really good argument to both DF and Azah. Brent also says that the only people still voting him out are Christian and SB, but they are all going to be shocked when he doesn’t go. DX tells Brent that he made it through a really tough week (he’s clearly just humoring him).

Hannah goes on a rant about how she can’t stand Brent and how he was going around telling people that Hannah was flirting with him one second and then ignoring him the next. She says he is so arrogant because she has never flirted with him. Britini asks Hannah who she thinks the King’s biggest threat is and Hannah says that Alyssa is but then mentions that Christian is a comp beast.

Whitney tells Britini that if she wins HOH, she would put up two of the Kings and Alyssa should be the target. Britini later tells Azah that the more she talks to people, the more she thinks Alyssa needs to go next and adds that Whitney made it very clear that she wasn’t targeting any of the Jokers.

Hannah had a conversation with Whitney (who had previously said she was throwing this week’s HOH) and tells her that she is going to fight for HOH because she thinks that if she doesn’t win, she will be the target. Whitney asks her why she thinks that and Hannah mentions that it’s anyone’s game now and it seems like the house is starting over. Whitney wonders if she should fight to win then too and asks who Hannah would target. Hannah says that it has to be a King that goes next and Whitney agrees.

Xavier and Tiffany talked a bit last night and they both agree that the best-case scenario for this coming week is for one of the Jokers to win HOH because they think that they would target Alyssa and Christian. Tiffany also told Xavier that she put some fear into Hannah that people might be coming for Whitney and Xavier told her that Hannah asked if she should distance herself from Whitney. He told her she should.

Hannah tells Claire that she is no longer considering throwing the HOH and adds that the Kings can’t win this week. Claire asks who she would target from the Kings and Hannah says that it wouldn’t make sense to put SB up so probably Christian and Alyssa. Hannah says that if Alyssa goes, Christian would bounce back and work with other people and if Christian goes Alyssa would probably be harder to work with.

Britini gets annoyed with Brent because he asked her how soon after the eviction would they give him his suitcase back so that he can have all his stuff.

Later, Kyland talks to Whitney and she admitted to him that she would target Christian and Alyssa or Alyssa and SB. She says that she only mentions SB because she is hard to persuade. Kyland goes back and tells Tiffany this but she doesn’t believe that Whitney would target SB.

Brent told Alyssa that Christian slipped and it sounds like he isn’t voting to keep Brent but Alyssa tells Brent that Christian would have said something to her if that was the case. Alyssa tells Christian that he messed up but it’s okay because Brent still thinks that he has the votes. Brent then tries to get Christian to admit that Brent is actually going home but Christian is able to play it off.

A lot going on inside the Big Brother house throughout the day on Wednesday. Be on the lookout for my Eviction Poll and Eviction Prediction coming up before tonight’s live show!

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