The Wildcard Competition and the Nomination Ceremony both took place inside the Big Brother 23 house on Friday. The members of the Cookout alliance were working overtime trying to get the house’s target to sway. Christian had his work cut out for him trying to figure out which of his nominees was going to be his target this week on Big Brother. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds right here!

We started the morning with Kyland giving Hannah some advice on what she can tell the Kings for damage control. Kyland suggests that Hannah tells them that someone she trusts suggested that she put SB up because SB wouldn’t go home and she felt like if she won HOH she would be pressured by the house to put up a King. However, Hannah decides that she is just going to make it a point to tell them that targeting a King wouldn’t have any benefit to her game.

Xavier tells Christian if they can go the whole week without putting up a Joker that they will be able to build some trust with them and the likelihood of them targeting the Kings will drop. Talks turn to how Christian isn’t worried about Whitney when it comes to his game. Xavier tells him that he doesn’t think that he has to worry about Hannah either and that Hannah seems to trust him. Xavier mentions that when he put Britini up he knew that she trusted him and used that to keep her calm throughout the week as a pawn.

Hannah talked to Xavier and told him that he let Christian know he wanted to talk to him one-on-one at some point today, but she isn’t sure if that’s going to happen. She told him about the conversation she had earlier with Kyland and what she thinks she should say to them and Xavier agrees that what she wants to say about targeting them doesn’t benefit her game at all is probably best.

Right after Hannah leaves the room, Alyssa walks in and tells Xavier that everything he said about why Whitney should go first makes more sense to her. She adds that she doesn’t think Hannah going this week would be good for Christian’s game. Xavier agrees.

Feeds cut for the Wildcard Competition and when they came back Kyland and Claire were talking in the storage room. We find out that Claire won the Wildcard Comp and managed to get safety until Jury because of it.

Royal Flush meets in the HOH room and discusses who the target should be. SB was pushing for Hannah to be the target because she feels like if Hannah wins she will target SB over any of them. Everyone else thinks that Whitney should go because she seems to be the spokesperson for the Aces. SB continues to say that just because Whitney is the loudest of the two doesn’t mean that Hannah isn’t the bigger threat. She also says that the rest of them pushing for Hannah to stay is exactly why she feels like Hannah should go. Kyland turns it around on SB and says in that case, they can say that SB is pushing for Whitney to stay. Tiffany also tried to throw out the idea of targeting Britini this week, but that didn’t go far.

After their meeting, the Kings talked a little bit as a team and Christian says that there is no way he is targeting Britini this week and the Kings agree that wouldn’t be smart. They then met with the Jokers and the Jokers mentioned that they would target Whitney if it was them in power. DF tells Christian that he knows who he has to target and she’s walking around the house with blond extensions.

After they leave, Xavier tells the Kings that he thinks that as a team they have done enough in the house to keep everyone comfortable with them. Christian says that based on their conversation with the Jokers, he thinks that Hannah should be their target because the Jokers will target Whitney next week if she stays keeping the target off of them.

The Aces had a meeting where Whitney brings up her wanting to push Kyland as a possible target but she is worried about Kyland’s relationship with Christian. She also mentions that she knows DX is close to him as well and he says that he is able to separate game and personal.

Christian talks to Hannah and tells her that it seems like the house is going after Whitney. He says that he can’t put DX up next to her because he will go home and implies that he wants to use Hannah as a pawn. Hannah tells him that she has had his back more than anyone else on her team and asks if he is willing to put her safety at risk this week. He tells her that he doesn’t want to make two teams mad (by putting up a Joker), but Hannah tells him he would only be making one team made because the Aces know that Whitney is the target.

When Whitney talks to Christian she does mention Kyland as who she would target if she were in the HOH. She tells Christian that if she wins next week, the Kings wouldn’t even be on her radar. After his talk with her, Alyssa comes back into the room and Christian tells her that Hannah made some great points and Alyssa says she did (she talked to Alyssa while Whitney was meeting with Christian). He tells Alyssa that he is going to nominate them together still, but he wants Whitney to go home now.

Kyland asked Christian later who he would put up as a renom and Christian told him that he would probably nominate Azah because she told him that she had good reason to nominate him if she won HOH. Kyland mentions that he doesn’t like how much Britini is protecting Whitney.

Feeds go down for nominations and when they come back up we see Whitney and Hannah’s faces on the memory wall. Christian mentioned to Hannah that he might tell Whitney that there is a BD plan for DX to keep her from realizing she is the target. Later, Hannah and Whitney are talking and they agree that they both need to lay low this week. Whitney says she is worried she is going home if she doesn’t win the POV. She wonders if there is a BD plan for DX and Hannah says there might be.

Christian later told his team that he wants Whitney to go this week and they agree that’s what will happen then.

Tiffany goes to Christian and Alyssa and tells them that people are targeting them as a duo and they will do the same with Tiffany and Claire. She suggests that they watch each other’s backs and Alyssa agrees.

There were a lot of little side conversations. Whitney knows that she is likely going home if she doesn’t win the POV and has been throwing Kyland’s name out to Alyssa who is starting to realize that he does have a lot of relationships in the house. DF is upset because Alyssa told him people were telling her he was coming after them (C&A). He tells her that his target would have been Whtiney. DF tells her that he heard Claire say that she would go after two social players and he thinks they would be the two of them.

Be on the lookout for POV spoilers coming throughout the day today and find out if the nominations might be changing this week.

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