The Power of Veto Ceremony came and went in the Big Brother 23 house on Monday and the noms were locked into place. This week’s target knows they are going home this week and has decided to just enjoy their last days with their fellow Big Brother 2021 houseguests. If you have missed any of the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds, read on to find out what happened.

We started the day off with a chat between Azah and DF where Azah is telling him that she is pretty sure that her parents are embarrassed for her. He asks her why she thinks that and she told him because it’s known in the house that she has a crush on Xavier and instead of making advances towards him, she has been side-eyeing Whitney every time she does. She has said in the past that she can’t wait for Whitney to be gone because of this too.

Alyssa tells Xavier about how Britini walked in on her and Christian and refused to leave the bedroom doorway even though the lights were off and they told her they were “talking”. They laughed about it until Kyland walked in and the conversation changed.

The feeds cut for about an hour and when they came back, everything looked to be business as usual in the house. Christian and Alyssa were in the HOH going over days and events when Kyland walked in and asked to use the HOH bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, Christian and Alyssa were still going over things and Kyland sat and listened in.

After Kyland leaves the room, Alyssa tells Christian that she tried to signal him to stop but it was too late anyway. She says that it didn’t make sense for them to continue to do that even though he decided to stay because they want him out soon and that could have just helped him. Christian mentions that he just hopes that Kyland doesn’t go around telling everyone about his counting method.

Meanwhile, Kyland is telling Claire and Tiffany about how Christian and Alyssa were in the HOH room going over days and events and he wonders if they are really that bad at it or pretending (Alyssa was pretending not to get the math part of the counting method). Kyland then told them both about the counting method Christian was using for the days.

The feeds cut for the POV Ceremony and when they come back up we find that Christian didn’t use the POV as he planned. Whitney and Hannah remained on the block with Whitney being the target this week.

Tiffany tells Hannah about SB pushing for Hannah to be the target this week when the Kings and Queens met before noms. She told her everything that SB said about how everyone in the room was defending Hannah and that’s the exact reason Hannah should go this week. SB then joined the conversation and Hannah told her they were just talking about their families and back home.

Britini tells Azah that she feels like Christian hasn’t talked to anyone but Alyssa all week. Azah tells her that she doesn’t really blame him because he doesn’t know who to trust after hearing everyone was coming after them. Britini says she guesses she could understand that and adds that if she wins HOH, they aren’t even her main target.

Alyssa and Kyland were talking in the bathroom about the days and events when Claire comes in. Kyland leaves and Claire tells Alyssa that she finds it funny how Kyland pretends he doesn’t know any of the days and events However, they (K&C) go over them every day and she tells Alyssa that Kyland has one of the best memories in the house.

Alyssa relays this information to Christian and then their talk turns to next week. Christian says that he thinks they are in a pretty good spot going into next week. He tells her that it’s almost better if she doesn’t win HOH next week, but Alyssa tells him that she’s not going to throw it though because It’s not worth the risk. Christian asks her who she would put up if she won and she tells him Azah and Britini. She tells Christian that she feels better about Hannah and doesn’t feel the need to target her. She then says that she feels better with Britini too, but she feels like if they keep Azah around, they can beat her in comp later. Christian says that the next time Hannah is on the block, she has to go. He thinks the order should be Azah, Hannah, and then Britini.

DF spent some time trying to figure out what he would do if he won HOH. He says that he doesn’t know if a man or woman should go this week and Hannah mentions that sending a woman home for the sake of numbers, might not be the best move. DF asks her who she would target but she dodges the question at first. He asks her who makes her the most nervous and she tells him SB. She tells DF that it was SB that kept pushing for her (H) to be on the block this week.

Tiffany did a lot of work yesterday trying to get SB targeted next week. At one point, she camtalked and mentioned that she spread herself too thin and if she wins HOH, she’s going to have to put Britini next to SB. Tiffany mentioned that Alyssa can’t win next week because if she wants to target Hannah, she will have to cut ties with Alyssa because she isn’t voting Hannah out (Alyssa plans to target Azah who is also in the Cookout).

There were a lot of small chats around the house about who they should target next week. Most of the HGs are pretty set on putting SB up on the block, but the second nom changes depending on the person. Kyland seems to be the most popular option in order to get SB out next week.

Later, SB mentions to Xavier, Claire, and Hannah that someone might be coming for her because she is part of the Kings. SB also mentions that she doesn’t want to see a fifth straight HOH with a guy in charge. She later talked to Tiffany and Claire about how Hannah convinced Christian to target Whitney, which is fine because she thinks that Whitney would have come after her (SB) too. Claire tells them that she is worried that if it’s endurance, that she might not be able to hold on.

The Jokers talked later about what they would do and DF mentions that he would nominate SB and Hannah together because he wants another girl to go home, but he mentioned that he would BD Christian or DX if a renom situation came up. He’s focusing on breaking up the Kings and Aces.

Looks like Whitney has accepted her fate and is just enjoying her last days and the other HGs are starting to think ahead. Do you think that SB is the right target for most of the house?

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