It was Veto Comp day inside the Big Brother house and as usual, the HOH and nominees were joined by three fellow houseguests in the comp. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here to get all the details of what happened inside the Big Brother 21 house.

Derek F is still frustrated about word spreading that he would target the Kings if he won HOH. Xavier was camtalking about how he is trying to keep Hannah safe, but she isn’t doing herself any favors by creating these situations.

The feeds cut briefly for the POV Player draw and when they come back up we find out that Azah, Claire, and DX were picked to play with Christian, Hannah, and Whitney. DX, Xavier, and Christian are in the HOH room discussing what DX should say to Whitney or Hannah if he wins it. He doesn’t want to use the POV, but Hannah picked him to play. They tell him just to tell them that he doesn’t want to be held responsible for picking one of them to save and then having the other go home. They all agree that it would be best if Claire or Azah win the POV.

Alyssa broke the news to Kyland that Whitney has been throwing him under the bus and trying to get Christian to target him this week.

Tiffany wondered if this week could be a DE because Claire got safety for this week and next. She and Hannah go over options in case it is (it’s not). Tiffany says that she wants SB gone and in order to make that happen, Kyland has to be up there too. Hannah worries that if SB won HOH she would target her (H) and Tiffany.

Tiffany later has a conversation with Christian about who worries him for next week and he tells her that Azah does because she flat out told him that she would put him up. Tiffany tells him that there has been some tension between her and Azah too. Meanwhile, DX is asking Azah if Christian asked her who she would target (he asked everyone) and she says yes and she told him she would target Christian. DX is surprised by her answer. She said she was just being honest because they had never talked game before.

Feeds cut for the POV and when they come back up Christian is wearing the Veto. DX tells Claire that Christian is really good at these comps, but she doesn’t think that he would be able to win a puzzle comp. DX points out that Christian won the first puzzle comp when they entered the house.

Christian and Kyland talk about how Whitney keeps saying she wants to go home before Jury. They also talk about how much Hannah knows about the game but make a comment that there probably won’t be a BB History comp so they aren’t worried about that.

Azah and Tiffany had a conversation about SB and how they think that she is playing up her quirkiness to hide her true abilities in the game (they aren’t wrong). Tiffany also talked about how she doesn’t want to target Christian like the Cookout is going to want her to. Azah mentions that she is feeling really petty about Whitney rubbing Xavier’s hands and touching him (she has a crush on Xavier, but Whitney has been getting his attention).

Tiffany talked to Xavier later about Christian and Alyssa and what they should do. Xavier mentions that he can’t go after them because they are on his team (for now) and Tiffany tells him that she doesn’t want to do it either. They agree that DX will probably take the shot, but DX had just told Christian and Alyssa that he wants to work with them and Tiffany going forward. Xavier tells Tiffany that if he wins HOH he wants to target Britini but he doesn’t want people questioning why he isn’t going after Hannah. Tiffany says he could always put Hannah up next to her and let the house decide.

SB spent some time last night encouraging Whitney to fight for votes and tells her that she wasn’t the original target this week. After this, Kyland checked in with SB and they talked about how she thinks DX would have saved Hannah if he won it but Kyland doesn’t think he would have unless Christian told him he could. SB wonders why DX didn’t just throw the comp and Kyland mentioned that they agreed not to throw the comp when they saw it. SB thinks that they are either doing DE or Endurance this week.

Before heading to bed, Tiffany talked to Xavier again and pushes SB as a threat, and tells him she should go next. However, Xavier is more worried about splitting up Christian and Alyssa before Jury.

Whitney is definitely going this week, but SB is going to continue to push for Hannah to be the target. I’m having a hard time understanding why Christian won’t use the POV and target Azah if he is so afraid of her targeting him though. I guess we will see how everything plays out with the Veto Ceremony coming up tomorrow. Make sure you come back later for my full recap of tonight’s all-new episode of Big Brother!

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