After voting Brent out of the Big Brother house, the rest of the houseguests went on to kick off a brand new week inside the Big Brother 23 house. With Christian in the Head of Household position, the Kings remain safe this week of Big Brother. Find out who the Kings are thinking of targeting this week right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started the feeds off about 15 minutes after the HOH competition ended and the HGs were all discussing how they were confused by how the comp worked. They didn’t realize that it was going to be the last person to hit the button when the puzzle was correctly put together.

DF is worried that a Joker is going to be a pawn again this week. Alyssa tells him that she is pretty sure that he doesn’t have anything to worry about this week. Xavier later pulls DF aside and tells him that there are targets in mind for this week and the Jokers aren’t on the radar. They also talked about how they need to keep the heat off the Cookout this week with Hannah being a popular name being thrown around by Alyssa and Christian. DF tells Xavier that he doesn’t trust Whitney at all.

Tiffany tells Azah that Whitney can’t win safety this week because that will make Hannah and Claire possible targets. She adds that if they are on the block together, Claire is going to have to be the one that goes. They talk about how they need to just lay low this week and Tiffany mentions DF specifically. Azah tells her that she told DF that he needed to stay calm this week.

Tiffany says that the house is going to be divided if Hannah is on the block and they might have to show their cards sooner than they wanted to. They talked a little more about how if Hannah is on the block as the target they are going to vote out whoever is sitting next to her and blindside Christian. They worry that SB might vote out Hannah if she is on the block, but they both agree that they could get Kyland to talk to her.

DX and Hannah talk about the possibility of Whitney going home this week and how it might not be a bad idea. Hannah mentions that Whitney is the last piece of Frenchie’s mess.

Tiffany, Alyssa, and Claire talked about how Whitney has been pointing out all the duos in the house and has specifically named Alyssa and Christian. Tiffany has been trying to get the heat off of Hannah for a couple of days now.

DF encouraged Azah to be the one who plays in this week’s Wildcard Competition because he believes she can beat Whitney.

Christian tells Alyssa he doesn’t know what to do this week and Alyssa tells him that they put up the same people but they can pick the target. She tells him that Hannah told her that she (H) wasn’t coming after her or SB as she heard.

The Kings got together and they debated between Whitney and Hannah. Christian mentions that he wants Whitney gone this week, but Alyssa thinks they should keep her around. They also talked about what should happen if Whitney wins safety (either in the Wildcard or POV) this week and they decide that Britini should probably go up and at this point should be the one they send home.

Xavier does some damage control and tries to take some heat off of Hannah. He doesn’t tell Hannah the plan to put her up but suggests that she shouldn’t talk too much game right now. He then camtalks a bit about how he is good with targeting Whitney this week. He just hopes that the Wildcard Comp doesn’t mess that up for them. He then talked to Alyssa and told her that Hannah isn’t likely to target any of the Kings, but Whitney is. Alyssa is worried that the WC offer is going to be something no one will turn down since it has been the last couple of weeks.

Whitney and Claire are the only ones for their teams that qualify for today’s Wildcard Competition. Azah and DF qualify for the Jokers and DF has made it clear that he wants Azah to compete because she has a better chance at beating Whitney. I will have Wildcard Comp and Nomination Ceremony spoilers coming for you a little later.

Who do you want to see win the WC? Who do you think Christian should target this week?

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