It was a long day of planning and scheming inside the Big Brother 23 house. This week’s target is locked and the rest of the house has narrowed down who they are targeting next week on Big Brother 2021. If you missed any of the Big Brother spoilers throughout the week, make sure you get all caught up. Otherwise, read on to get all the details of what went on inside the Big Brother house on Tuesday right here!

There were a lot of talks about who needed to win the HOH next week. DF, Azah and Britini all agreed that one of them had to win next week in order to keep themselves safe. Tiffany and Claire think that they just need a woman in charge next week and don’t really care which one it is as long as it’s not SB.

Claire and Hannnah talked about what the new twist could be and when it might start. They are full expecting Wildcard Comp and teams to go away this week (they are), but they aren’t sure if they are going to start a new twist right away or wait a week or two. Hannah wonders if they will go from teams to duos to switch things up a bit.

Azah told DF that she wanted to go to the Queens and talk to them about making an arrangement with them. Azah wants to propose that if a Joker wins they would put a Queen up as a pawn and a King up as a target and if the Queens win they can use a Joker as a pawn. They would have the votes to keep each other safe and evicted a King. DF thinks that it’s risky, but it could also work. He suggested that she talk to Tiffany about this plan.

Azah goes down to talk to Tiffany and she really seems to like this plan because it will get a King out of the house without exposing the Cookout alliance. During this conversation, Tiffany talked about how she was worried that Christian might turn on her and come after her soon. Azah tells her that she is worried that DX is going to win as many comps as he can and just pick off each of the Cookout members. Azah also explained to Tiffany why she has so much distrust with Hannah and told her that Hannah knew firsthand that Brent was throwing Azah’s name out as a nomination option and never came to her to give her a heads up.

Christian talked to Claire and Tiffany about wanting to bring Xavier into their four-person alliance (Alyssa being the fourth person). They tell him that he should talk to Xavier and see where his head is at and then let them know what he says. A few moments later, Christian brought Xavier upstairs to talk. Christian asks Xavier who they should work with when they get to F8 and mentions to have control they need to have at least five people. Xavier says that Alyssa is obvious and after going through the other options, they decide that Tiffany and Claire are their best options.

Most of the HGs think that the teams will be going away this week and there has been some speculation from Hannah that there might be a DE this week. She thinks this because they closed the yard down a day early and they gave Claire safety until Jury so they might want to make that a one-week safety thing and just evict two of them at once. There is no DE but there is an endurance comp coming up on Thursday.

DF tells Christian and he would put SB and Hannah on the block if he won HOH next week, but says that he would have put Claire up, but she has safety.

Claire camtalked a bit about how she was going to throw the HOH since she has safety anyway. She tells us that she trusts Tiffany but sometimes wonders if she might be playing her. Claire mentions how she wants to work with Kyland and also thinks that she could be a target soon if SB goes next.

Whitney talked a little to herself about how Hannah, Tiffany, and Claire are clearly working together. She wants to have one on ones with the others to see if she has any shot at staying this week. Whitney later tells Tiffany that she can’t imagine campaigning against Hannah and Tiffany says that was probably the point when they nominated them together.

Azah and Claire talked a bit and Claire asked Azah who she thinks is the best person to go next week. Azah thinks for her it would be Alyssa. Azah asks Claire if she plans to play hard for HOH and Claire tells her she’s worried to because she thinks the following week might be a DE and she won’t be able to play. Azah wonders who the Kings would go after if they win HOH and Claire speculates that it might be Hannah and Kyland or Hannah and DX. They both agree that they like SB, but she hasn’t done much talking with anyone lately.

Tiffany and DX had a pretty lengthy conversation last night. Tiffany mentioned to DX that Kyland came to her and said he felt like the two of them aren’t as close as they used to be. Tiffany tells DX that Kyland is starting to pick up on her avoiding him so that SB doesn’t see her as some type of threat when it comes to Kyland. Tiffany asks DX who he sees in his F3 and DX tells her that he doesn’t see him getting there without Kyland. Tiffany wonders if he sees his F4 being him, Kyland, Hannah, and Tiffany. He says that he could see that because he is closest to Tiffany and Kyland.

Tiffany explains to DX that her pulling away from Kyland isn’t his fault, she just didn’t like SB pushing so hard against Hannah. DX wonders if Xavier would be better to take to F4 than Kyland, but then realizes that if he took Xavier instead he would be super paranoid. Tiffany asks DX if he sees SB or Christian going next and he says he’s been weighing it out. He says that he doesn’t see SB as a threat and Tiffany suggests that he take Christian out then. She mentions that if she wins HOH, she can’t take that shot though and DX says he understands why.

The rest of the conversations were just the HGs reiterating their plans for next week. We did get a brief conversation between Christian and Alyssa where she worries that if he gets evicted she might be in trouble when it comes down to her lack of relationships in the house.

Sounds like Whitney is going to do some campaigning today to see if she could get the votes to stay. Going forward it looks like DX could target Christian going into next week, but Tiffany still has her sights set on SB. Make sure you check back here for updates!

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