It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 23 house and Hannah and Whitney did their campaigning. However, the campaigning didn’t seem to sway the votes for Week 4 of Big Brother. Keep reading our live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house on Wednesday right here!

It was a fairly quiet morning as the HGs were a little slow to rise, but we did get some conversations worth noting.

Whitney talked to Xavier and told him that she isn’t sure why she is the target this week when there were other people on her team and in the house that vocalized they were going after the Kings. She says that she really wanted to work with the Kings. Xavier mentions that it probably had a lot to do with the fact that three guys have already gone home. Whitney reminds him that it was guys taking out guys though because the women haven’t won an HOH or a POV. Xavier told her that wouldn’t stop the women from coming together to pick them all off. He says that he isn’t worried about that, but some of the others are.

Xavier then told Whitney that campaigning against Hannah isn’t something that he would suggest doing. She tells him that she doesn’t want to do that, but she has to find a way to show she is valuable without putting Hannah down.

After his conversation with Whitney, Xavier went to Christian and told him that Whitney was planning to campaign and Christian was surprised by this. Christian thinks that he should do one-on-ones to make sure that no one is changing their mind, but Xavier doesn’t think he has to worry about that. Christian filled Alyssa in on Whitney’s plan to campaign.

Claire talked to Azah about how she is curious where the game is going to head. LIke are DX and Xavier going to go after each other and Azah wonders if that’s the case, should she help or get the popcorn?

Alyssa tells DF that she doesn’t see him leaving any time soon and adds that her and Christian will probably be targeted before DF will. DF asks if they are worried about DX at all and DF and Christian agree that they are always worried about him. Alyssa says that in her personal game, she isn’t really worried about DX. Christian tells her that she should be if DX is going to target Christian.

Whitney started her campaigning. She told Claire that if she stayed another week, she would target Alyssa and Christian. She also tells Claire to fight hard for HOH this week because she heard that Claire could be a possible target next week.

DF promised Hannah his vote during their one-on-one but then during his talk with Whitney, he told her that he would love for her to stay. He tells her that he doesn’t know what the house wants to do so he is going to do what he wants to do and that’s vote for her to stay. Whitney tells him that she thinks she can get enough votes to stay if Azah voted for her too.

Britini told Hannah that next week is going to get messy because there won’t be a house target. Britini tells Hannah that she really wants to win HOH this week and promised Hannah that she wouldn’t go up this week if she did win. She adds that she knows what it feels like to be on the block two weeks in a row. Whitney then talks to Britini and tells her that she is willing to make the tough shot if she stays next week and wins HOH.

Claire talks with Hannah and tells her that she isn’t set on any specific person leaving next week. Hannah says that what she wants and what Claire wants might be two different things next week. Claire mentions that she isn’t set on anyone, but knows that SB, Alyssa, Christian, or Xavier should go next week. Hannah says that if they can get a King out, they can always target a Joker. Hannah also told Claire that she would give the HOH to Tiffany, but still plans to try and win it. Claire just wants to see a woman finally win.

Xavier and Hannah talked about next week’s targets. He tells her that SB has been consistent with Hannah being a threat. Hannah tells him that if SB isn’t likely to put two Cookout members on the block together then maybe going after her isn’t the best option for her game. He says that SB could put Hannah and Tiffany up together, but then mentions that Britini could put him and Kyland together. Hannah tells him that if SB goes next then Claire will have to go the week after because they would need to keep DX around to take a shot at Christian.

Alyssa tells Hannah that SB seems to really be coming around and it sounds like SB is looking to target Jokers next week and not Hannah. Hannah tells Alyssa that if she wins HOH, Alyssa and Christian won’t see the block and Alyssa promises that if she wins, Hannah won’t either.

After being told by a few people that they would vote how Christian wants them to, Whitney went and talked to Chrisitan. She tells him that she really wants to work with the Kings. She says that the only person she has in the house is Xavier, which is one of his (C) teammates. She says that even her own teammate (DX) was nowhere to be found all week. She says that if she stays, DX would be her target and Christian tells her that he agrees that DX is a threat, but he isn’t ready for DX to go yet. He needs him as a shield.

Christian asks her what she would do next week if she stays and she tells him that she would love to put up Kyland, but she would talk to them about the options if they decided to keep her. He asks her if she promises he wouldn’t be her target next week and she promises and says she wouldn’t target any of the Kings because they are her favorite people in the house. Whitney tells him that his team said they would vote how he wants. He tells her that her arguments are better than Hannah’s and that he has to talk to his team.

Alyssa tells Xavier that she thinks that Hannah is planning to target her and she is afraid that Christian and DX would follow Hannah’s lead.

Claire, Tiffany, and DX talk about who might be the bigger target next week, Kyland or Xavier. Tiffany suggests that she might put up to Jokers if she wins with a BD plan. Tiffany then told DX that if he wanted to take a shot at Christian, she would support him. DX tells them that he would put up SB and a Joker and use Christian as a renom. Tiffany then wonders if they should take out Alyssa and then bring Christian in to work with them.

The Kings met later and Christian told them all that he made Whitney feel like she had changed his mind, but tells them that there is no change in the target this week. Christian mentions that Whitney said the Jokers would vote for her, but since they don’t have the votes they will probably vote with the house. SB tried to push for Hannah to go again saying that Hannah would make a great juror, but that means they would have to keep her around and risk one of them going first.

SB talked to Kyland later and tells him that she suspects that Britini would target Hannah and DX if she wins HOH. She tells him that she wants to tell Hannah this but she is worried that Hannah is coming for her. He tells her that he could talk to Hannah about working with SB if she suggests it when they talk.

SB camtalked before bed about how she thinks she should throw the HOH so that she doesn’t make enemies with her noms. She says that if she wins she would have to target Hannah but put Britini up next to her. If she does that then Britini will likely come after her (SB). She says that she doesn’t see a path to getting Hannah out. She is frustrated because she can’t influence her team in anyway. Says that she wanted to keep Brent last week, but wants Hannah to go this week. She says that just proves that she has to work on her relationships.

Tonight is Eviction Night and Whitney is likely going home this week. Be on the lookout for my eviction poll coming up in a little while and then later I will have my eviction prediction which will have any new information from this morning’s feeds.

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