It was Nomination Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and the new Head of Household started their day off with one-on-ones where he asked every houseguest the same questions. The Nomination Ceremony fallout caused some drama inside the Big Brother 2021 house with the Kings scrambling to figure out if there is a bigger picture. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds right here!

Yesterday morning started early with DX holding his one-on-one conversations. He asked all the HGs the same questions and they were:

  1. Who are you most threatened by?
  2. Who would you like for me to keep safe this week?
  3. Have you said or heard someone else say my name?
  4. What kind of relationship do you see us having going forward?
  5. Would you be willing to go up as a pawn?
  6. If you were HOH, what would you do?

He got a lot of information out of these chats, but nothing that would surprise anyone. People did admit to saying his name early in the game and claimed that they didn’t feel like that anymore. A couple of people mentioned that they heard Derek F mention his name in recent weeks, but when he talked to DF himself, he didn’t think that DF was lying to him about anything including that he only mentioned his name Week 1.

During his one on one with Alyssa, she slipped when he asked her what she would do if she was HOH and said she would put Hannah and DF up and then quickly backtracked and said that she meant to say Britini and Azah. Things got a bit awkward and they quickly moved on. In his conversations with Xavier and Alyssa, he confirmed that his deal for safety on the wall only extended to the two of them, not their entire team (even though teams aren’t a thing).

This entire time, Christian is freaking out because he thinks that he is going to be nominated. After her talk with DX, Alyssa goes to him and tells him that she really doesn’t think that DX would target him. They compare notes and Alyssa tells him that he confirmed that his deal was only for her and Xavier, but she thinks that he is going to target SB.

He made a couple of deals during his chats also. The first one was with Azah and he promised her that if he can help it, she won’t see the block this week or next. He adds that if he can help it, she won’t go home for the next four weeks, but can’t guarantee that she won’t see the block. The second was with DF and he only asked that DF give him a vote to stay if he ends up on the block next week. DF says that not only will he get his vote to stay, but he will fight for him also.

After all of his one on ones are done, he calls Britini back into the HOH room and asks her who she would feel most comfortable on the block next to as a pawn. She tells him that if she has to go up as a pawn she would feel more comfortable next to a King because she feels that everyone wants one of them out. She also added that she would like it to be one of the guys.

Feeds cut for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back up we find out that SB and Britini have been nominated. The Kings are NOT happy about SB being on the block and Xavier can’t figure out how it makes sense to put up SB next to Britini instead of another Joker. Christian thinks that this was all Kyland’s idea. Xavier wants the Royal Flush to meet so that DX can explain his logic in front of the whole alliance, but then he starts to wonder if there is a BD plan for another Joker. Christian says that if there is a BD plan, it’s for him, but Alyssa thinks that SB is the target, not Christian.

DX tells Britini that he doesn’t want Christian winning the Veto and taking SB down. He says he hopes that it could be Kyland who does it because that will make him a bigger target. Britini asks who he would put up if it is Christian that wins and wonders if it would be Alyssa despite his promise to her. DX says it would have to be. He talks to Kyland briefly and Kyland tells him that either Christian goes home this week or the Kings strongest mental player (SB).

DX then talked to SB for the first time since the noms. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to go this week and that he had no choice but to use her as a pawn. She tells him that everything seems so fishy that she doesn’t believe that right now. SB is confused because if she comes down, he would have to put up another Joker and it doesn’t make sense to BD one of them. Then you could see the lightbulb go off and she is shocked. She says that she can’t tell them or else they won’t use the Veto on her if they win. She is really starting to catch on to what the plan is and says that she isn’t going to pick Christian to play in the Veto for her. He reminds her that if she picks Christian and he wins, he’s going to have to tell Christian that if he uses the Veto Alyssa will go up which means he won’t use it.

Later, SB asks Kyland if he will use the POV on her if he wins and he says 100%. They then go up to talk to DX about how the week should play out. SB uses this as an opportunity to let DX know that she isn’t going after Hannah anymore and the only reason she thought about it before was that Christian and Alyssa told her Hannah was coming after her.

DX met with the Kings later and tells them that he didn’t put two Jokers up because he feels like this week might be the DE and he didn’t want all of the Jokers coming for him. He tells them that he chose to put SB up because he felt that it would throw off the HGs who feel like there is a bigger alliance. He tells them that Hannah is already suspicious of the Royal Flush and if he didn’t put up a King it would just solidify everyone’s thoughts. He tells them that he already told SB she isn’t going home this week and that he understands if they want to break up the alliance because he didn’t talk to them first.

Xavier asks if Britini is the target and he tells them yes. Xavier asks what happens if Britini wins the POV and he says another Joker will go up. Xavier says that they will all act pissed then about this move then. Christian tells DX that they won’t hold this against him as long as SB stays this week. He adds that he is grateful it isn’t him on the block and thanks DX for that.

Later, Christian and Alyssa talk about next week and how they want to nominate Hannah and Azah, but BD Derek X.

DX met with the Royal Flush and tells them all that Britini is his target this week and everyone is in on the plan but the Jokers.

DX talked to SB before bed and tells her that the timing of this is perfect even though he knows that he will likely go shortly after Christian. SB tells him that none of the Kings suspect what’s really going on.

Hannah told DX that SB came to her and told Hannah that she wasn’t going to target her if she won HOH. DX tells Hannah that he believes that to be true, but Hannah thinks that DX is being naive. After this, she goes to talk to Tiffany and Claire and Tiffany wonders if getting rid of SB would be better than getting rid of Christian this week. Tiffany wonders if they can get Christian to win the POV and not use it.

While Tiffany might think that they can get SB out over Britini if the noms stay the same, DX wants to see Britini go in that case. Nothing is set in stone until after today’s Power of Veto competition. Be on the lookout for player pick and results spoilers coming up throughout the day!

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