It was Veto Ceremony Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and there was some drama right before the Veto Ceremony took place. The final nominees on Big Brother were locked in place and the campaigning started early with one of the noms. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds right here!

We started the day off with Derek X talking to Britini about wanting to give Alyssa and Xavier a heads up before putting Christian on the block. Britini is worried that if he doesn’t that too early that they would come to her and try and convince her not to use the Veto on herself. They both agree that is ridiculous and they couldn’t possibly expect her to do that. Britini tells him if he wants to do that, he should pull them aside when BB calls them all to go outside for lockdown.

The feeds went down at 11 AM BBT for the Veto Ceremony, but they switched them back on at 11:15 AM BBT so that we can watch the conversation between DX and Alyssa unfold. When the feeds came back up, Alyssa was telling DX that Christian wanted to put him up last week but he didn’t because he knew that wasn’t what’s best for his game. She tries to convince him that this is the worst game move ever because SB wouldn’t have the votes to stay against Christian where she would against Derek F. DX tells her that he knows Christian is coming after him next week whether he goes up or not (SB told him).

Alyssa goes to tell Christian that DX is thinking about putting him up and Christian starts freaking out. He walks to the kitchen and sees SB coming and tells her that he thinks he’s going up against her. She acts shocked and asks why he thinks this and he tells her it’s a gut feeling. She goes to join Alyssa and DX in the gym.

Alyssa is still telling DX that SB wouldn’t have the votes to stay against Christian and basically telling him that she will do everything in her power to keep Christian in the house. Keep in mind that at this point, SB is standing. SB looks at Alyssa and says that she doesn’t think she has the votes to stay against DF because she isn’t even sure that she would have Alyssa’s vote to stay. SB tells her she doesn’t know who to trust at this point and Alyssa gets offended.

Alyssa goes upstairs where Xavier, Claire, and Christian are sitting and tells them that SB doesn’t trust them and explains what she just told her. Christian just keep repeating how mad he is that he didn’t take DX out while he had a chance. Feeds cut for the Veto Meeting.

When the feeds come back up, we find out that Christian was renom’d in Britini’s place, making him and SB final noms for the week. Alyssa tells Xavier and Christian that it has to be SB feeding DX all this information that he heard about and threw at Alyssa in their chat. Xavier goes to talk to SB who is in the Coral room with Kyland. On Kyland’s way out of the room, he tells Xavier that he had no idea what the plan was. Kyland leaves and SB tells Xavier the conversation she had with DX before the Veto Ceremony.

Alyssa then walks in wanting to talk to SB. Xavier gives them the room and Alyssa tells SB that she was really hurt by what she said when she said she didn’t trust the rest of the Kings. She reminds her that she was planning to play hard in the Veto to win it and take her off. SB tells her about how she caught wind that the three of them were in another alliance with Frenchie (Slaughterhouse) and that Xavier and Christian were in a sub-alliance (the Butchers) within that bigger alliance. She explains that because none of them told her that, she’s had it in the back of her mind that they didn’t want to work with her this whole time.

The rest of the Kings come in and they all talk briefly and Alyssa and Christian leave the room to go up to the HN room. They start talking about campaign strategies and start pulling people in to talk to them. Christian talked to Claire first while Alyssa went down to DF. Christian tells Claire that she is at the bottom of the Royal Flush totem pole, but she can come work with him, Alyssa, Hannah, and possibly Tiffany so they have the majority and don’t have to worry about being picked off. She tells him that she just doesn’t know where her head is at right now.

Alyssa was telling DF that it would be stupid for them to get Christian out now because it doesn’t benefit anyone’s game. She tells him that Christian and her would like to talk to DF and Britini later. Meanwhile, in the HOH room, DX suggests to Xavier that they work together with Kyland after Christian is gone.

Alyssa and Christian then talked with Britini and Britini confirmed to them that SB knew the plan was to BD Christian the whole time. Britini also promised Christian he had her vote during this conversation.

Christian campaigned to Tiffany telling her that he thinks they should all work together (same group he talked to Claire about) and hold the majority of the house. She tells him that she isn’t saying that he doesn’t have her vote, she just needs to take some time to process everything because she wasn’t expecting him to go on the block (she knew).

Hannah tells SB that she doesn’t think it’s smart to be campaigning already like Christian and Alyssa are and tells SB that she should just enjoy her birthday. She tells Hannah that Britini told her the same thing.

Alyssa asks DX why he kept asking her if she has said his name since the noms were made and he tells her that when you are HOH, you hear things. Alyssa asks him if he just believes everything he hears and he says that he heard the same thing from a few different people and all the stories matched up. Alyssa pushes that he wasn’t even on her radar if she won HOH. DX tells her that she might not have been coming for him, but Christian is.

Tiffany gives Christian some tips on how to campaign against SB and points out that if her girlfriend really exists that her being all cuddled up with Kyland shows a lack of loyalty. After Christian leaves the room, Tiffany camtalks about how she is just trying to cover all her bases because you never know who is going to stay in the house. She says that she really wants SB out this week, but she also knows that she can’t beat Christian.

Azah talked to DX about how Alyssa started campaigning for Christian right after the Veto Ceremony. She says that she is going to convince them that she is thinking about it, but tells DX that she is sticking to the plan. She tells him that Alyssa is scary right now and she really hopes that she doesn’t win HOH next week.

Claire got her 52-pickup punishment costume. Every time she is prompted, she has to throw a deck of cards in the air and pick them all up by herself.

Tiffany and Kyland talked about how upset Xavier is that Christian is likely being evicted this week and Tiffany says that she really needs Xavier to start thinking about the Cookout and not the Kings. Tiffany says that if Christian stays, this will really mess up their game as an alliance because he would then go after DX and that messes up Kyland, Hannah, and Tiffany’s game.

Kyland also got his costume for the week, he is dressed as a donkey and when prompted, he has to make sandwiches for the whole house for one week.

SB was frustrated right before bed because she noticed a lot of people talking game but realized that no one was coming to her with any information. Britini spent some more time with Alyssa and Christian last night and seems to really be buying what they are selling to her.

Make sure you check back for more information about how this week plays out to see whether Christian or SB will be evicted on Thursday.

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