What a week inside the Big Brother 23 house already! We have a new Head of Household, their nominations have been chosen, and Saturday, the Power of Veto was played. The HOH for week 5 has a plan in place to backdoor a fellow Big Brother 2021 houseguest and based on yesterday’s comp, that could still happen. However, one houseguest has a plan of their own. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

Before the players were picked for the veto, Derek F told Azah that he thinks that Sarah Beth has to go this week. A little later, Britini told Tiffany that she would also be okay with SB going this week over Christian. Tiffany has been spending a lot of time convincing everyone in the house that SB has to go this week.

Feeds cut for player picks and when they come back up, we find out that Alyssa, Claire, and Kyland were picked to play. Tiffany talked to Claire and camtalked a bit and in both conversations, she said that Alyssa winning the POV is their best bet because they can convince her not to use it. Tiffany says that keeping the noms the same would give her a better chance to get SB out.

Alyssa tells Christian that she talked to SB about using the POV on her if she wins it and Christian tells her that she shouldn’t be promising her that. Alyssa is really confused because she thought the plan was to save SB if one of them played and won. Christian goes back to being paranoid and tells her that he will go home if she comes off the block.

Britini and Alyssa talked about Veto plans a bit and they both agree that Kyland will likely use the POV on SB if he wins it. Britini tells Alyssa that Claire said she would use it on her (B) if she wins.

Tiffany and Claire talked to DX and they agree that he should throw this week’s POV because he’s made too many promises already this week. If he wins, he will have to break more of them than necessary and put a bigger target on his back going into next week. Tiffany tells DX that if Christian stays this week and she wins HOH, she will put him up next week.

DX then talked to Alyssa because she is feeling pretty nervous about winning and using the POV. She asks him if there is a plan to BD Christian and he promises her that there isn’t. She tells him that she is really worried about having a part in Christian going home this week. After Alyssa leaves the room, he camtalks that if she wins and takes SB down, he is still planning to renom Christian in her place. Tiffany in the meantime is telling Alyssa that she should play hard to win this POV, but not to make any promises to anyone if she does.

Prior to the POV Comp, Tiffany did a lot of running around to the other HGs and planting seeds of doubt with them about SB. She told DF that she trusts Kyland the least in their alliance and that SB is the only one he talks game with. She tells Hannah that Xavier wants to see Christian stay this week, but SB to stay over Britini if noms stay the same. Hannah tells Tiffany that she doesn’t trust SB.

Claire and Tiffany talk to DX about keeping Christian this week and he tells them that he has to take the shot. He tells them that SB is playing a game very similar to Alyssa’s and he doesn’t understand why they are pushing against SB so hard. After discussing it more, Tiffany agrees with DX that taking out Christian is the best move. She doesn’t really mean this though. She camtalked a little later about needing to flip the vote to get SB out over Christian.

Tiffany tells Xavier that she feels like SB is lying about a lot and pushes the America’s Player angle again. She also says that she wouldn’t be surprised if SB and Kyland are part of some kind of duo twist. She also pushes that she doubts that SB’s girlfriend, Shelly, even exists and Claire agrees that she thinks SB made her up to keep the attention off her and Kyland.

The feeds were down for five hours for this week’s POV Competition and when they came back up we saw Britini wearing the POV. Apparently, DF made some of the HGs mad during the competition because he was yelling things to Britini. Alyssa complained that her helmet didn’t fit right so that hindered her ability to compete well. DX tells Hannah that his plan is still in motion, but he’s thinking about renoming DF instead. Hannah tells him that his plan should stay the same. Tiffany then pushes that they could always get rid of SB instead, but DX isn’t going for it.

SB gets worried about the votes (but also had a chance to take the Veto and chose to take $5k instead) and goes through them with Kyland. She wonders if they should try and make some kind of formal deal with DX. Kyland agrees that they should.

Xavier goes to Alyssa with Tiffany’s conspiracy theory that Kyland and SB are some secret duo and that there is extra prize money for them if they make it to jury. They agree that they should split that up this week and then say they can always bring Hannah into their group to replace SB next week.

Kyland and SB cuddled a bit and talked about their platonic feelings for each other. She doesn’t think that Shelly will be jealous and Kyland says that he is super affectionate to all of his friends back home too. Neither of them think that it’s being seen as an issue yet either because the DR hasn’t asked them.

There was a lot of nervous energy in the house about DX not going through with the BD plan. Azah was really worried that DX would renom either her or DF in Britini’s place this week. DX is worried that SB has given the HGs a reason to evict her by taking the $5k and he reminds Kyland that Xavier doesn’t want Christian to go this week either. DX also talked to Tiffany before bed and told her that he really wants Christian out this week but he doesn’t think that he will have the votes. He thinks that the rest of the house wants SB out so bad that no matter who he renoms, she will go.

Looks like Tiffany’s plan to get SB out will probably work out for her this week and DX is getting really nervous about putting Christian up. We will see what happens between now and Monday’s POV Ceremony. There is still time.

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