We have officially hit Week 5 of Big Brother 23 with a new Head of Household named Thursday night. With the number of alliances inside the Big Brother 2021 house, things could get interesting for this week’s HOH moving forward. If you missed any of the Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds, read on for all the details.

After the feeds returned from the HOH competition on Big Brother 23 we got a look at DF telling Xavier that he thinks that he might end up on the block this week.

DX tells Hannah that Alyssa and Xavier aren’t hitting the block this week and that’s all that he agreed to. He mentions to her that after they dropped off the wall, Xavier told him he didn’t want to see any of the Kings on the block this week. DX says that’s not what he agreed to before Xavier fell off. Kyland joins the conversation and the three of them celebrate. DX congratulates them both on making Jury (telling them they are safe this week).

DX tells Kyland about Xavier trying to amend their deal after the comp but says he didn’t agree to the change. Kyland says that in the worst-case scenario, Christian wins POV and a Joker goes home. Kyland says that it won’t be a bad week either way. DF comes into the storage room and DX tells DF that he is safe this week and DF is relieved by this.

Xavier tells Alyssa and Christian that he asked DX not to put any of the Kings up and he said “deal” so they should all be fine. Alyssa says that as soon as Azah dropped, DX told her they were good. She doesn’t think that DX will put Azah up but says that he better put DF up. Alyssa adds that DX better not put up any of the Kings. Christian tells her that he doesn’t think that DX would give him a chance to play in the Veto, he will likely be BD’d this week.

A few minutes later, Alyssa is talking to SB and tells her that she maybe thinks it was better for DX to win HOH than one of them. She wonders how they (Royal Flush) are going to be able to meet because Hannah is going to be upstairs all the time.

Alyssa tells DX that she is proud and happy for him. Hannah tells her that she has made Jury. After Alyssa leaves the room, Hannah tells DX how she heard the Kings scrambling and say that one of them is probably going on the block and going home.

Azah, Britini, and Claire are talking about the options this week and Claire says that she thinks the plan for this week is for a King to go. Britini wonders if she could hit the block this week. Claire thinks that if a King won this week, there was a pretty good chance that they would have taken a shot at DX. Azah agrees.

Tiffany and Claire talked later about what they think DX will do. Claire thinks that he might go after a Joker with SB as a pawn and then use Christian as a BD. SB tells Tiffany that she doesn’t think that DX will go after anyone in the Royal Flush and that he just wanted to win for the guarantee of safety.

Have-Nots were picked, they all volunteered and they are Alyssa, Christian, Xavier, and Kyland. Alyssa told Christian that Hannah told her that they (A&C) made it to Jury.

Kyland and Hannah talk about possible targets and he tells her that he would like to see two Jokers put on the block with Christian as a BD plan.

Christian worries to Tiffany that he might be in trouble this week. After that, she goes up to DX and tells him about her conversation with Christian. She suggests to DX that maybe he should put up two Jokers and then use Christian as a BD. DX agrees. Based on previous conversations, DX would have to nominate Azah and Britini because he already told DF he was good this week. Tiffany kept mentioning the Royal Flush alliance in front of Hannah who isn’t part of the RF. So after Tiffany leaves the room, DX explains to her what the RF is and tells her that it isn’t a real alliance.

Later, Hannah tells Tiffany that DX is worried about asking the Jokers to be pawns. She then asks Tiffany who started the Royal Flush and Tiffany says she can’t remember. She asks Hannah how she knew about the RF and Hannah tells her that Tiffany mentioned it in front of her several times upstairs. After Hannah leaves, Tiffany cam talks that she can’t believe she spilled the beans on the RF in front of Hannah and didn’t realize it. Tiffany later talks to DX and he tells her that he covered it up by telling Hannah it was a one-week deal made by Alyssa and Christian.

There was some small talk throughout the night, but nothing major worth noting. Looks like DX might be trying to take a shot at the showmance inside the house, but will he be able to get the job done? We will have to see. It will all start with the Nomination Ceremony happening later today.

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