It was Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother 23 house on Monday and the Veto Ceremony went according to plan. That didn’t stop one of the final noms for Week 6 of Big Brother 2021 from feeling personally attached. If you have missed any of the action this week inside the house, check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

We started the day off with a conversation between Britni and Alyssa about her Veto and whether or not she planned to use it. Alyssa told Britini that she was kind of nervous about using it after what happened last week. She asks Britini “what if I won the Veto and used it to take Sarah Beth down and Christian went up? How embarrassing would that have been?” Britini understands her worry and Alyssa tells Britini that unless Xavier is on the block, she has no reason to use it.

Britini tells Xavier that she is always nervous on Veto Ceremony day when she isn’t on the block because she’s always worried she’s going to end up on the block.

Alyssa is in the bathroom getting ready when Xavier walks in and they chat a bit. Alyssa tells him how she had a conversation with SB the night before and that she doesn’t think that SB trusts Derek X anymore. She adds that SB told Alyssa that all the information she got about Alyssa was from DX. Talks turn to them wondering about who had the most to do with Christian’s backdoor. Alyssa tells Xavier that she thinks it was everyone except for Tiffany.

Right before the Veto Ceremony, DF goes up to talk to Kyland and he tells Ky that he is getting a little nervous because he saw Alyssa and SB talking the night before and he doesn’t know what they were scheming. He doesn’t trust that the two of them will vote for him to stay this week if he is on the block. DF starts to wonder why they don’t just put Britni on the block next to Claire and Kyland tells him that will break any trust that Kyland is trying to build with Claire. He adds that it will also hurt the trust between Tiffany and Claire.

Feeds go down for Veto Ceremony and when they come back up, Britini is crying to DF and Azah in their room. She is yelling about how Kyland betrayed her and that they had a deal. She says they shook on the deal three times and told her right before the Veto Ceremony that if everything goes to plan, she won’t see the block, but here she is.

Tiffany and Claire are talking outside about how this is like when Britini and Frenchie were on the block together and couldn’t campaign against each other. Back inside, Azah is telling Britini that this isn’t game anymore, this is personal. Britini leaves the room and DF tells Azah that he is thinking about sabotaging his game but Azah tells him he can’t do that.

DF tells Azah that he is upset that Alyssa didn’t use her Veto on him since he has kept her safe since week one. Azah tells him that they couldn’t expect her to do that after they voted out Christian last week. She also mentions that Alyssa tried to talk to Ky about the Veto and he refused to talk to her about it. She didn’t know if using it would end up putting Xavier on the block. Azah says that Alyssa not using it was a smart game move for her and they can’t expect her to help them out.

Alyssa comes to the Boat Room and gives DF a hug and apologizes to him. DF tells her that he is a little hurt because he feels like he has done a lot for her in this game, but he understands why she didn’t use it. Alyssa goes to explain herself, but Azah tells her that she really doesn’t have to explain herself because they understand that she didn’t want to chance another one of her allies going (Xavier) if she used it and it wasn’t what Kyland wanted.

After Alyssa leaves the room she goes outside to DX, Hannah, and Tiffany who are all talking about what was said in the Boat Room (DX was back there for a short time talking with the former Jokers). Alyssa walks over and tells them that she can’t believe that they expected her to use the Veto on DF. She says that they were the deciding votes last week and if they flipped their votes Christian would still be in the house and they wouldn’t be being targeted.

Britini is telling a lot of the HGs about a conversation she had with Kyland right before the Veto Ceremony took place. She told DX, Azah, DF, and Tiffany that before the Veto Ceremony, Kyland went to her and told her that he went and talked to all the people she told him she trusted and asked them what they thought Britini would do if she won HOH. He told her that none of their answers matched and he felt that made her unpredictable. Britini told Tiffany that when she told all this to Azah, DF, and DX, she realized that it was all a lie because none of them spoke with Kyland. She also mentioned that she never told anyone her targets because she has been on the block so much that there has been no reason to talk about them.

Tiffany and Claire talked briefly and then went up to the HOH to wait for Kyland to come back from the DR. SB walked in and Tiffany told her they were waiting for him and then asked her if she knew what this week’s plan was. SB told them both that Britini was the target this week.

Britini talked to Hannah a bit and told her that her biggest problem is that everyone is always worried about doing what the HOH wants rather than what’s better for their individual game. If Kyland wants her out, she is screwed, but if the house actually voted for the person who is best for their game, she would stay, hands down. Britini also filled Hannah in on how Kyland went against a deal that they had made for safety. He promised to keep Britini off the block this week if she promised to have his back for the next two.

Hannah went and told Claire about this deal that Kyland made with Britini when he won HOH and how when Britini confronted him about it before the Veto Ceremony he told her that as long as everything went to plan she wouldn’t see the block. Kyland is just lying to lie at this point and Hannah has voiced a few times that she thinks it’s going to come back and bite him.

Britini tells Azah that she doesn’t know how she is going to campaign against DF and Azah tells her not to campaign against him, but to campaign for herself to stay. Britini tells Azah that she is worried because Xavier made a comment the day before that anyone who goes up next to DF will go home.

Tiffany talked to DF about goodbye messages and how they shouldn’t say anything about the Cookout in them until the very end. DF agrees because if there is a Jury Battle Back, they don’t know who might come back. DF tells Tiffany that if he wins HOH next week he is either putting Kyland and SB or Alyssa and SB on the block.

Azah tells Tiffany that the votes have her a little concerned. She says that she is trying to figure out if she can give Britini a sympathy vote and still have DF stay, but she isn’t sure she can. Tiffany tells her that SB will definitely vote Britini out and she will talk to Claire. So with SB, Claire, Hannah, Xavier, and Tiffany all voting Britini out, Azah should be able to give Britini a vote.

Britini talked to Alyssa and tells her that Kyland wants to make this look like a great game move, but getting rid of Britini doesn’t benefit the majority of the house.

Britini then goes to Kyland to ask him if she is the target this week and he talks in riddles to her. From what I gathered from the conversation, he is trying to tell her that they will talk in the morning because there are a lot of emotions floating around. He suggests to Britini not to trash him in her campaign. After her talk, she camtalked a bit about how Kyland can’t tell her how she can or cannot campaign.

Britini tells Azah that Kyland told her not to campaign against him (K) and Azah tells her to campaign any way she wants to. Britini says she plans to. Britini tells Hannah and Xavier the same thing and Xavier is confused as to why Kyland would tell her not to campaign against him. Britini tells them that Kyland was threatening her by implying that he didn’t care who went home but if Britini campaigned against him, he would make sure it was her. Xavier tells her to run her campaign however she wants and not to listen to Kyland.

Claire helped Britini come up with some campaign points and one of those is that Britini has proven she can beat Kyland in a comp. A little later, Tiffany was giving DX a haircut and DX brought up the idea of keeping Britini this week and voting out DF. Tiffany told him she liked the idea but then changed the subject.

DF goes to check in with Kyland again to make sure they were still good and that Kyland was still only acting like DF was the target this week. Kyland tells him that it’s all an act and he is good this week.

Azah and Xavier talked a bit about how the next few weeks should go and she mentions that she is okay with DX staying around for a little longer. Xavier agrees and then says that if he wins HOH and doesn’t target DX, Alyssa will likely wonder what’s going on. Azah mentions to Xavier that she wants to be the one to get Kyland out. She also doesn’t want to be the one to take out DX either, but Xavier warns her that if they keep him too long, DX is likely to take out one of the Cookout and that could be a problem.

Hannah told Azah later that if it weren’t for the Cookout, Hannah would target Kyland if she won HOH. Hannah mentions that she isn’t sure that DX would take the shot against Kyland. They wonder why Kyland is collecting all this information but not sharing it with anyone in the Cookout.

That was it for the night, with Britini on the block and labeled the target, she is likely going to be evicted on Thursday. We will have to see if DX mentioning wanting to keep Britini over DF will flourish into anything throughout the week. Make sure you check back for any details on the plan changing!

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