It was Veto Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and with the High Roller’s Room twist being introduced, a new target is in the Head of Household’s sights. Find out who won the Power of Veto for Week 6 of Big Brother 2021 and more right here with our live feeds recap. If you have missed any of the Big Brother spoilers throughout the week, make sure you get all caught up. A lot is going on!

We started the morning off with Hannah and DX talking about the Veto this week and Hannah tells him that if she gets picked to play, she is going to throw it. DX suggests that she doesn’t do that and then tells her that he is saving his BB Bucks for the Coup D’Etat power.

Feeds went down for Player Picks and we find out that Alyssa, Azah, and Britini were all picked to play in this week’s Power of Veto Comp. The Houseguests were also told that this week’s competition was OTEV. They were likely given this information because of this week’s power being a bet on the player that the HGs think will win.

We learned that SB bet on Azah to win in order for her to get a shot at a second Veto because Azah said that she was surprised by this.

Tiffany talked to Kyland after the player draw to try and get him to not see Claire as a threat. She is really trying to change his mind about targeting Claire this week. She has been working on getting Britni to be the target this week by telling Ky that she knows that Britini is lying about the amount of BB Bucks she got this week because Hannah, Xavier, and Tiffany all got 75 which means that Britini couldn’t have. Ky knows that he doesn’t want Britini to have a chance to use those BB Bucks next week.

Tiffany camtalked a little later saying that she really hopes that the target shifts off of Claire this week. She also mentions that she is worried about DX catching onto the Cookout because the decisions being made don’t match up with alliances that are obviously in the house. Claire comes in and tells Tiffany that SB told her she would use her second Veto on her if she wins it, but Tiffany says she won’t unless Kyland tells her to. Claire tells Tiffany that she is sure that Britini is the target now after her talk with Kyland.

Kyland also told DX a little later in the day that he wants Britini out this week too.

Right before the Veto comp, Tiffany and Hannah talk about how they are going to fight to get DF, Xavier, and Kyland out when they get to F6. Hannah doesn’t think that she wants to take Azah to F3, but Tiffany says that Azah will be easy to beat in the end. Hannah thinks that their F3 should be them and Xavier. Tiffany says she is okay with that too.

Feeds cut for Veto and when they come back, Alyssa is wearing a medallion and so is Kyland. We find out that Alyssa won OTEV and Kyland got a Veto for betting on her. Claire and DX think that Kyland threw the comp to Alyssa so that he could burn the Twist power. Kyland tells Xavier that he plans to use his Veto to save Claire and renom Britini as his new target. Meanwhile, Tiffany is telling Alyssa that she really needs her to use her Veto to save Claire because she thinks that Kyland is working against them. About 10 minutes later, Kyland promises Claire that he will use his Veto to save her.

Britini doesn’t think that the Vetos will be used this week, but she also expects that DF will be safe (she only half correct in this assumption). Later, Kyland tells his plan to DF about how Britini is going to be renom’d and asks him to tell Azah that Kyland’s orginial plan was to renom Alyssa but when she won the Veto he had to switch it up.

Kyland later talks to Xavier about how obvious it was that he threw the last round of OTEV to Alyssa. DX talked to Kyland after this and warned Kyland that people might be suspicious about his choice to do that because Claire had bet on him to win. Therefore she would have been able to save herself if he won (and he could have still put Alyssa up instead of targeting Britini now).

DF and Ky talk about next week and DF says that he wants DX gone next week but he will likely nominate Alyssa and SB because DX is too dangerous in the Veto comp. Kyland later mentions to him that they need the women in the Cookout to target each other when they get to F6. DF tells Ky that he is worried about Hannah because she knows this game so well, but is also worried about Azah because she is so emotional.

DX retells his conversation with Kyland and SB to Tiffany and fills her in on how Kyland chose to throw the Veto Comp to Alyssa so that he could use the Veto on Claire to show she can trust him. He also tells Tiffany that he believes Kyland’s target this week is now Britini and told her that Kyland warned DX that Alyssa was going to come after him.

Tiffany goes up and Kyland explains to her why he threw the Veto and asks if it was obvious that he threw it. She tells him that the house knows he is a smart player so when he throws things it will always be obvious. Kyland explains to Tiffany that he had changed his target before the comp and DF was supposed to tell them but didn’t have a chance to. Kyland leaves the room and Tiffany camtalks about how she really feels like Kyland isn’t telling her the full truth.

Kyland later tells Azah about his plan to get Britini out this week and how it will directly benefit the Cookout. She agrees that this is a good move.

It looks like Alyssa won’t be using her POV afterall to save Claire like she promised because Kyland promised Claire he would. Britini will then go on the block and become the new target for this week. What do you think of this plan? Do you think that getting Britini out this week is a good game move considering she has the 100 BB Bucks banked for next week?

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