Kyland spent a lot of time on Sunday trying to figure out what to do at this week’s Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 23. He spent hours talking to each Big Brother 2021 houseguest about what their plans were for next week to get a better idea of who everyone is looking to target. Get all details of these conversations and the rest of the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds right here!

The HGs got a late wake-up call from Big Brother at 10 AM BBT yesterday, but they were even slower to rise with most of them still in bed at 11 AM BBT.

At around 12 PM BBT, Kyland camtalked a bit about how he was planning to use the Veto to take Claire off the block. He’s been toying with the idea of renoming Britini in her place and making Britini the target because they know that she got 100 BB Bucks from the twist and he doesn’t want her to have a chance to use it. He also talked about how half of the Cookout has had power, but the other half hasn’t. He says that Azah seems like she wants to work with him one second and then the next, she doesn’t. He says that they need to work on getting everyone comfortable with each other again.

Tiffany and DX talked about Kyland and Xavier and their different approaches in this game. She says that Xavier is more direct and well thought out in his moves. Adds that Kyland is more convoluted in his moves and mentions how he put Claire on the block just so he could save her and prove that she can trust him.

Hannah talked to DX about who she would target if she wins HOH next week. She tells him she would put Kyland and SB up with Alyssa as a backdoor option. DX doesn’t think that Claire and Tiffany would vote Alyssa out of the house. A little while later, Claire and DX discuss maybe trying to flip the vote to evict DF and keep Britini. They don’t think that it will work though because they would probably get caught because they are sure that word would get back to Kyland.

DF spent some time trying to explain to Azah that it wasn’t Kyland’s fault that he ended up winning the HOH instead of Tiffany. He tells her that Kyland literally stood there and she answered wrong. Xavier talks with Azah and Tiffany shortly after this and they talk about how they have to get all the Cookout members together without there being tension between them.

Tiffany and Azah then start debating back and forth about the Wildcard Comp where Tiffany and DX both teamed up against Britini. Tiffany tells her that wasn’t the plan, it just kind of happened, and then starts wondering if that’s when Azah and DF started working against her. Xavier encouraged Azah to be more trusting of Tiffany. Later, Xavier talked to Tiffany about how if they get Britini out this week they will get Azah and DF back.

DF updated Kyland later about Azah and Tiffany working things out and he doesn’t have to worry about them fighting anymore. Kyland fills DF in on his renom plan and tells him that he has narrowed it down to two options, DX and Britini.

Tiffany talked to Kyland later last night and he asks her who she would vote out right now. Tiffany says that she would vote out Claire and keep DF. He asks what if Britini is next to DF and she says Britini would have to go because she is a liability to the Cookout. During his talk with Tiffany, she asks him why he is reasking the same questions. He tells her that he isn’t answering any questions, just asking them. When Britini comes into the HOH to talk to him, she asks how he is doing and he gave her the same answer.

Kyland asked Britini why some of the HGs might be suggesting that Britini goes up this week and she tells him that it’s probably because she has been up there so many times already. After her one-on-one with Kyland, Britini goes to talk to Xavier about being scared that she or Azah might end up being the renom. Later, DF tells Britini and Azah that he is worried that one of them is going to end up on the block next to him so he can’t campaign. He is still playing it off like he is the target this week.

Kyland asked Hannah who she felt the most influential person in the house was and she asks what he means by that, but he won’t answer her. She asked him how is she supposed to answer the question when she doesn’t know the criteria?

Hannah and Claire talked after this and Hannah tells her what she would do if she won HOH. Claire tells her that she at one point really wanted SB out, but after the way this week is going, she really wants Kyland to go.

Kyland continued to talk to all the houseguests with SB being the last one. It seems like Kyland is really leaning towards Britini going up and being this week’s target. We will have to see what happens during today’s Veto Ceremony. Remember, there are two Vetos that could be used this week, but Alyssa has said that she isn’t going to use hers.

Be on the lookout for spoilers coming up later today!

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