The feeds weren’t down for long after the Big Brother live eviction show aired Thursday night. Which houseguest won the Week 6 Head of Household competition was the first bit of information we got when the Big Brother 23 live feeds came back up. Read on to get all the other Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds here!

When the feeds came back up we caught a conversation between Alyssa and Xavier in the Storage Room and they were talking about how stupid the people in this house are for not keeping Christian. Xavier says that Kyland won HOH and Alyssa says that Kyland isn’t going this week and neither is SB. Meanwhile, Azah is consoling Britini who is worried about hitting the block and she tells Britini that she will likely hit the block too.

Tiffany comes into the Storage Room while Alyssa and X are talking and Xavier asks for a second with Tiffany. Tiffany apologizes to him for not winning the HOH comp after he attempted to throw it to her. She tells him never to try and throw something to her again because he could have taken that win. Tiffany says that she really wanted to see her son and then she gets emotional. She says that anyone could have won that except for him (Ky).

X tells Hannah that no one wanted Kyland to win this week’s HOH, but he won. X tells her that he threw the competition to Tiffany, but Kyland didn’t go with the plan. Hannah tells X that this is just going to make Tiffany trust Ky less because of the way that he played that. Xavier says that if anything Ky has a reason to go after Britini or Claire. Hannah says that Derek F is freaking out.

Ky talked to the cameras and he tells us that he isn’t freaking out and that his winning the HOH is good at the end of the day. He says that the six (Cookout) are in power but he’s a little concerned about Azah not picking two kings to go head-to-head in the competition. Kyland also mentioned that Britini had the first pick and chose Ky and SB to go head-to-head in the first round. Ky thinks that DX has the best shot at a power this week, which is good. He mentions that noms are at 10:30 in the morning and that he needs to start his one-on-ones now.

DF tells Ky that he didn’t want Tiffany winning HOH this week and warns Ky that Azah is upset he kept picking her to go in the comp. Ky tells him that he had to or else people would think that they were working together. Meanwhile, Azah tells X that she is so upset with Kyland for not throwing the comp to her and that Ky knew he didn’t have to win that (he didn’t know that he had some people looking to target him this week).

Ky tells DF that he is putting Claire on the block this week and DF asks who he is going to put up next to her. Ky says he hasn’t decided yet, but it might be Tiffany. He doesn’t know.

X and Ky talk and Ky tells X that he tried to throw the comp to Tiffany and X asks if he answered the question first and Ky says no, she answered first, but she had the wrong answer. They talk about the possibility of putting Claire and Tiffany up and X mentions that putting Tiffany on the block makes votes tricky because then two people in the Cookout can’t vote. X suggests that he put Claire and Britini and Ky says he can probably do that.

Tiffany goes to talk to Kyland about how Azah and DF came up to the HOH with Britini when she wanted to talk to Britni alone. She tells him how upset she was when two members of their alliance seemed to not trust her to talk to Britini alone. Ky says that he knows there has been tension, but based on what DF has told him, there is no deviation from the Cookout.

Tiffany tells Ky that him winning HOH wasn’t the best option for them because sending Britini out this week isn’t good for their game, sending Alyssa out will upset X, he won’t put SB up and Ky stops her and says that he thinks that the one and two spots for Jury are interchangeable. She says that if Claire has to go up, then so be it. She says that they don’t have the votes to send Claire to Jury if Tiffany is up against her. She adds that having two votes from the Cookout is too risky and he agrees.

Talks turn to Tiffany trying to clear the air with Ky and she tells him that they are supposed to be a F2, but she feels like they don’t talk enough anymore. She adds that he seems to be closer to SB and he is annoyed that he and SB are the only ones being seen as a strong duo. Tiffany tells Ky that Claire is her person and she does everything in her power to get Claire on board with doing things that benefit the Cookout. She says that when it’s Claire’s time to go, she will understand.

Ky and Alyssa talked and she tells him that she wasn’t planning to nominate Ky and SB if she won HOH (she was planning to nominate Ky). He tells her that he can’t find a reason to nominate any of the remaining Kings.

Tiffany explains her frustrations to X and tells her that she really didn’t want Ky to be HOH. X mentions that it’s good that one of the six is in the HOH though. She says that means that SB won’t go this week and she is likely going to lose Claire. Tiffany asks X if he knows what Ky is going to do and he tells her that he thinks that Ky is going the Claire route and Tiffany wonders if it will be Claire and Britini. X says he doesn’t know but that’s what he suggested. X says he doesn’t know what will happen if Claire comes off the block though.

Azah had a heated conversation with Ky because she was upset that she kept getting targeted in the HOH comp. He says that’s because she is Britini’s ally and Azah told him so is DF. Ky tried to flip it around to how SB kept getting targeted too, but Azah wasn’t having that. They went back and forth for a while before Azah went downstairs still visibly upset that he didn’t throw the comp to her.

Ky talked to a few of the other HGs briefly and DX suggested that Ky takes a shot at X, but Ky says that Alyssa and SB are the house targets. DX says that Alyssa is probably the easiest option. Then DF comes in and they talked about how Ky should put Alyssa up with a Joker, but DF is worried that Britini will lose it if she’s on the block again.

There are a lot of options flying around the house, but Kyland seems to be pretty stuck on Claire going up. Not exactly sure how all of this will play out with the High Roller’s Room opening up this week. Voting is closed for that at 9 AM PT on Friday, August 13th. Be on the lookout for Nomination Ceremony spoilers later today.

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