It was a busy day of campaigning for one Big Brother 23 houseguest while the other nominees decided they weren’t going to campaign at all this week. If you have missed any of the action inside the Big Brother 2021 house, check out our live feeds recaps and Big Brother spoilers for all the details. In the meantime, read on to find out what happened inside the Big Brother house on Tuesday!

We started the day around 10:30 AM BBT with Britini going over some of her campaign points with Azah. One of her biggest talking points is that getting rid of Britni doesn’t benefit anyone but Kyland and plans to remind everyone that this is an individual game.

Kyland talked to Xavier about how Britini claimed everything she has ever told him was 100% the truth and Kyland questions the validity of that because he has no way of really knowing. He says that he finds it interesting that someone who lied to Christian about her vote is claiming to be a trustworthy person. Talks turn to DX and they both agree that keeping DX in the game for too long is going to be dangerous. Kyland says that he doesn’t see a reason why DX shouldn’t go next week.

Xavier and Tiffany talked about whether or not they should get rid of DX or Claire next week. Xavier tells her that he will likely have to put Tiffany and Claire on the block together and then use DX as a backdoor option if Claire comes down. Tiffany is okay with this plan, but also a little nervous. She says that the roulette power makes her nervous and she says that DX plans to play in it.

Britini and Claire talked Claire gave Britini a lot of hope that she could stay in the house. She helped her pinpoint some more talking points and told her who she had the best shot at getting votes from.

Hannah and Tiffany talked about an issue they will have if DX and Clare are stuck on keeping Britini this week. If Tiffany and Hannah don’t flip with them, Claire and DX are going to know something is up. Tiffany also mentions that DX or Claire has to go next week and Claire seems to be the one in DX’s ear, so it should be her.

DX comes upstairs and joins their conversation. DX brought up the possibility of saving Britini again to Hannah and Tiffany. He told them that he wanted to bring this to Kyland because he really thinks that keeping Britini in the house is better for them. He says that anyone who sits next to DF is going to go home and having someone like that in the house isn’t good for any of them.

Tiffany goes into the HOH room to get snacks and Kyland is in there doing yoga. Tiffany tells him that she thinks they made a mistake not getting Claire out this week and that they really need her to go next week. She says that she knows that Kyland and Xavier want DX gone next week, but Claire is getting too wise in the house and is in DX’s ear all the time. She tells him about how DX wants to flip the vote to save Britini and how DX is planning to come to talk to Kyland about it. She tells him that DX’s biggest talking point is that anyone who is on the block next to DF is going to go to Jury.

Britini goes to talk to Kyland and he tells her that he has no want or desire to campaign against her or DF this week. He’s acting like he doesn’t care which one of them goes. She tells Kyland that DF is not campaigning and that she is focusing her campaign on what she can offer the other HGs. They briefly talk about the possibility of a tie, but Kyland says he would be surprised if it came down to a tie.

Kyland also warned Britini that if she feels the need to campaign against Kyland that her campaign points are true for the person she is talking to and that it’s not someone who will go back and tell him. This sounds very much like an “if you talk about me in your campaign, I will tell everyone you’re my target” threat to Britini.

Britini and Kyland’s talk lasted a while, but something else she mentioned to him was that she hoped that he stayed impartial and that he would allow people to vote how they wanted to. Kyland told Britini that everyone in the house thinks that she and DF got 100 BB Bucks this week and Britini asks if that’s one of the reasons she is on the block? He tells her it’s one of the factors and she is upset because she told everyone what she got and no one believes her. She also thinks it’s ridiculous that the amount of BB Bucks he thinks she has is a reason to put her up.

Alyssa and SB talked a bit and Alyssa wondered if everyone was on the same page. SB told her that keeping DF in the house too much longer is going to be bad, but getting rid of Britini this week is the right move. SB says that she is nervous about next week because she has realized that everyone sees her and Kyland as a duo.

Alyssa talked to Xavier a little later and she tells him that she thinks that Claire, Tiffany, and Azah are all in the room talking about keeping Britini. She tells him that Claire asked to talk to her earlier and now she (A) is worried that they are going to be on the wrong side of the vote. Xavier tells her that he doesn’t think that they will be able to flip the vote against DF.

Azah tells us that she is really upset that she has stuck with Kyland this long and that if she wasn’t in the Cookout and didn’t believe in what they were trying to accomplish (an African American winner), she would put Kyland up and get him out.

Claire talks to Kyland and tells him that she is feeling pretty indifferent about this vote and tells him that neither of the noms benefits her game.

Later, Kyland asks DX if he prefers one nom over the other and DX tells him he can see both sides. DX tells Kyland that he felt that Kyland was acting very unpredictable this week and he wasn’t able to tell where Kyland’s head was at. DX tells him that he didn’t understand why Claire was on the block, didn’t understand why Kyland threw the Veto, and then Kyland asks him if he is still confused. DX tells him he isn’t as confused, but he has his concerns.

He tells Kyland that when he (DX) was HOH, he didn’t hide anything from him, but with the way that this week went, he’s wondering if Kyland trusts him. Kyland tells DX that he wasn’t trying to deceive DX, he was just trying to make sure he knew his own plan, before filling DX in.

Claire tells Tiffany that she isn’t so sure about Britini going this week and Tiffany says she isn’t either. Tiffany says that the problem they have is if Xavier and Alyssa want her gone, they can’t flip the house. Claire says it has to be all or nothing. Claire says that Britini would work with them, but DF won’t. Tiffany adds that she doesn’t think that Azah or Britini would put them up. Claire says that for their game it doesn’t make sense to get rid of Britini, but Tiffany reiterates that it has to be all or nothing (I’m not understanding the logic there).

Meanwhile, DX and Kyland are still talking and DX says that if they get rid of Britini, the next person the house will go after is DX. Kyland says that he is worried that if Britini stays, she will tell Alyssa and Xavier that the house was going after them after Christian left. DX tells Kyland that he is leaning towards keeping Britini for his own personal game, but he would rather keep Kyland over either of them. (Meaning he is going to vote however Kyland wants him to) DX repeats that keeping Britini in the house gives Alyssa and Xavier someone other than DX to put on the block.

Later DX, Hannah, Tiffany, and Claire weighed out the pros and cons of keeping Britini and while DX was telling them that keeping Britini would keep a bigger target in the house, Tiffany and Hannah kept countering him.

Before going to bed, Claire camtalked a bit about her needing to work on her relationship with Kyland. Claire is questioning why DX would trust Kyland and adds that Kyland is playing a very selfish game. She also wonders how anyone could trust him because he would be willing to vote out SB.

So based on the talks inside the house, some of the HGs are seeing benefits to keeping Britini in the house, but chances are that’s not going to change anything this week.

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