It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 23 house and after spending a day of campaigning, this week’s target fought for their Big Brother life. Did their campaign fall on deaf ears or will the Big Brother 2021 houseguests decide keeping them around is what’s best for their game? Get all your Big Brother spoilers right here!

We started the day with Kyland, DX, and Xavier talking in the HOH room about the upcoming weeks. Kyland wanted to strike a deal with the two of them to not target each other or their duos for the next two weeks. Talks turned to this week’s vote and Xavier mentions that he thinks Kyland is leaning a certain way, but Kyland tells them that he is pretty indifferent this week and doesn’t feel the need to campaign for either of them to go. DX mentions that he is worried about keeping DF in the house because anyone who sits next to him will be evicted. Xavier mentions that they could always take DF out in a double eviction.

After Kyland leaves the room, DX and Xavier talk a bit and Xavier says that he isn’t feeling really good about how easy it is for Kyland to talk about taking out Hannah and Alyssa. He also mentions that they have to be careful with what they say to him because he will probably use it against them later. DX talks about how Kyland is trying to justify getting rid of Britini this week by calling her unpredictable but…Xavier finishes his sentence by saying that Kyland is probably the most unpredictable of them all.

Kyland comes back into the room and Xavier leaves. DX tells Kyland that if they take out Azah and DF over the next couple of weeks, then it will only be the four duos in the house. DX also tells Kyland that he isn’t sure if he really wants to win this week’s HOH because he just doesn’t have the heart to do it. What happens if he puts DF and Azah up and one of them comes down, now he has to target a duo. DX gets called to the DR and Kyland camtalks after he leaves about how DX mentioning he doesn’t want to win HOH is the perfect scenario for him, but it breaks his heart because he knows that DX will likely be targeted by whoever does win HOH.

Xavier came back into the HOH room and Kyland quickly updates him on the end of his conversation with DX and Xavier leaves again.

Hannah asks Xavier how Alyssa is feeling about this vote and he tells her that she is leaning heavily towards sending Britini to Jury. Hannah fills him in on how DX and Claire are really wanting to flip the vote and are expecting Hannah and Tiffany to vote that way too. Xavier asks her what they are doing to do and she tells him that they are trying to convince DX and Claire that they can’t vote to keep Britini unless Xavier and Alyssa agree to. He tells Hannah that they are 100% not keeping Britini this week. Hannah says that they can always force a tie and make Kyland break it himself. She says they can get DX, Claire, Tiffany, and Azah to vote for Britini to stay, but then they go back to voting her out.

During this conversation, Xavier tells Hannah that he is planning to nominate Tiffany and Claire if he wins HOH and DX will be a backdoor option. If he wins safety, then Claire will go.

Tiffany talks to Xavier a little later and tells him that if she weren’t in the Cookout, Britini would have some great arguments to stay so she understands why Claire is leaning. Xavier tells Tiffany that they can always get DF out during double eviction so he isn’t sitting around mopey all week and Tiffany tells him that he is already sitting around mopey and no one is going to waste a DE on DF. She says that people like Claire, Alyssa, and SB are going to use a DE to get someone like Kyland, Xavier, or DX out of the house.

Xavier tells Tiffany that every argument to get rid of DF can be made for Britini too. Tiffany tells him the only difference is, Claire has a relationship with Britini and not with DF. She says that no one outside of the Cookout has a relationship with DF. Claire also knows that if she keeps Britini she isn’t going to target Claire. She tells Xavier that she isn’t trying to fight him on this, but she is trying to make him see all of the arguments against DF from Clarie’s point of view.

Tiffany tells Xavier that she knows they want to get rid of DX next week, but if they do that, then SB will come after Tiffany and Azah. Xavier seems shocked by this and Tiffany asks him where he has been? SB has said numerous times that she can’t beat Tiffany and she wants her out. Xavier asks Tiffany who the best option for the next HOH is and Tiffany tells him either her, Claire, or Hannah. Xavier tells her that it doesn’t really matter who SB would target because none of them stand a chance to win anything and Tiffany reminds him that there are plenty of luck competitions that they can’t gauge.

Claire talks to Alyssa and tells her that she is 60/40 for Britini to stay this week and Tiffany is hovering over their conversation doing her makeup in the bathroom. Claire says that if SB wins HOH, they are both probably safe this week, but Alyssa doesn’t believe that after she pushed for Christian to stay over her last week. Alyssa says that she is 60/40 for Britini to go this week and asks Tiffany how she is feeling about it and Tiffany says that’s pretty accurate.

Britini started her campaign with Xavier and added that she would use all her BB Bucks however he and Alyssa wanted to if she stayed this week. He tells her that she made some great points but he isn’t giving anyone any answers until he has talked to both noms and has had time to think about what’s best for his game and Alyssa’s.

Britini talks to Alyssa next and tells her all the same things she told to Xavier, but that leaves Alyssa with some questions. Alyssa tells Britini that her arguments are the same as Christian’s were last week, what makes her saying them different than when Christian was? Britini tells her that with the way the house dynamic is right now, the women are going to be picked off and they need more women shields in the house. She adds that when it came to Christian, he was a much bigger threat because he won way more comps than Britini has.

Alyssa asks Britini that if they work together going forward, how will she know that she won’t quit on Alyssa as she did on Christian. Britini tells her that she didn’t quit on Christian until she knew there wasn’t anything left she could do to persuade people to vote for him. She also told Alyssa that in order for the two of them to stay in this house longer, they need to work together. Britini also tells Alyssa that if she were to stay, she would target Kyland and SB. She adds that if one of them came down, her renom would not be Alyssa, Xavier, or Azah.

Alyssa goes downstairs to talk to Xavier and SB walks in too. Alyssa tells them that Britini had some great points, but she is literally using all the same arguments that Christian used the week before and she’s expecting a different result.

Xavier told Hannah later that if he has a chance to take out DX, he’s taking it. She tells him what about Claire and he tells her that’s why he told her he would put Tiffany and Claire up, but now Tiffany is worried that she would be evicted because DX would play the roulette and probably save Claire over Tiffany. Hannah tells him that if DX isn’t sitting next to Hannah, Claire, or Tiffany, he expects all of them to vote to keep him.

DX talked to Alyssa and wonders what he would do if he won HOH this week and Britini isn’t in the house. Alyssa tells him he can take a shot at anyone at this point because they would all probably take a shot at him if they were HOH. Alyssa tells DX that no matter what anyone is saying to him, they are telling everyone else something else. Just like they did with Christian.

Claire tells Britini that she really wants Britini to stay, but the house is worried that if Alyssa and Xavier aren’t on board with the vote that they will team up with Kyland and SB against the rest of the house.

Hannah tells DF that the house is still weighing options because Kyland hasn’t made it clear that he wants Britini to go this week. Azah says that they can’t mess around with the votes this week and that every Cookout member has to vote to keep DF. DF wonders if he should go tell Kyland that he has to make his target clear this week and Hannah says he should.

SB tells Hannah that keeping Britini isn’t good for her game because she will go after Kyland and she would likely be sitting next to him. Feeds went down for the halfway party and when they came back up, SB tells DF that he has her vote to stay this week because it’s better for her game.

Tiffany and Hannah talk a little later and they both decide that it’s better for their game to keep Britini this week. After their talk, Hannah goes to talk to DX and tells him that she thinks it’s better for her own game to keep Britini this week. DX tells her that she doesn’t want Britini out, but he’s also worried about upsetting Kyland the first week of Jury. However, they both note that if they send SB home next week, he’s going to be upset anyway. Hannah changes her mind and tells DX that she is voting Britini out because it will be harder for her to be next to Britini on the block.

DF and Tiffany talked in the Storage Room about how DF and Azah followed Britini up to the HOH room last week. He tells her that they are very similar in that aspect and Tiffany cuts him off and tells him she would have trusted him and Azah, but they didn’t trust her. Tiffany tells him that they should have come and talked to her a week ago instead of assuming she was good with them. Claire overhears this and tells Britini, Hannah, and DX. They listen at the door for a few and then walk away. Tiffany and DF hug, but then DF goes back to the room and tells Azah that he is not happy with Tiffany right now.

It is now eviction day and it looks like Britini will be going home. Be on the lookout for my eviction prediction a little later to see if anything has changed inside the house Thursday morning!

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