Yesterday was Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother 23 house and after the final noms were locked in, the Big Brother 2021 houseguests started to plot out their moves for next week. If you missed any of the action inside the house on Monday, get all the Big Brother spoilers right here with our live feeds recap!

We started the day off with a conversation between Derek X and Sarah Beth where DX tried to convince SB not to put him on the block. He told her that even when he put her on the block, he had her back the entire time. He told her that even when they tried to flip the vote, he made sure that SB had the votes to stay against Christian. He also brings up that he knows she is worried about Hannah, Tiffany, and Claire being closer to him than they are to her, but if she gets out Hannah instead, that will just force him closer to SB and Kyland.

DX tells SB that there isn’t a reason for her to be nervous about hitting the block next to him because anyone who puts her up is going to put her next to Kyland, Alyssa, or Xavier. He also tells her that as HOH, people will tell you anything you want to hear and that she has to worry about Derek F next week playing in the Coin of Destiny because if he wins, he will put SB and Kyland on the block together.

SB tells him that she has a lot to think about and that she doesn’t want to have any regrets this week and that she appreciates him coming to talk to her. He asks her if she is still having a hard time believing him when he says that he won’t come after her? She tells him she is, but that’s not on him, it’s on her because she has never trusted anyone easily. She asks DX if he thinks that Hannah would go if she were sitting next to Claire and he tells her absolutely because she would have his vote along with Ky, Tiffany, Alyssa, and X.

After DX leaves, SB weighs her options to herself and Ky walks in. She fills him in on her conversation with DX and tells him that DX wouldn’t mention any names when he talked about people coming after her. She tells Ky that proves that he is loyal, but not to her, to other people. She tells Ky that she wants DX to be loyal to her. At the end of their conversation, SB tells Ky that they are in trouble and he tells her they already were. She just hopes that they can actually trust Alyssa and X.

Before the feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony, Ky talks to DX and tells him that right now, SB feels like no matter if DX, Hannah, or Claire go this week, it won’t make the number of people coming after her any smaller.

When the feeds come back up, we find out that X used the Veto on himself and DX was renominated as planned. Ky, SB, Alyssa, and X are all talking in the HOH room about DX. X mentions that DX took Christian out thinking that it would make them (DX & X) closer. SB tells them that if Hannah played in the roulette, the only people they have to worry about for the Coin of Destiny are Tiffany and DF. Alyssa tells them that Hannah did play and told her that she got 17, but we all saw on Sunday’s episode that Hannah did not play so she has enough to play in the Coin of Destiny also. During this conversation, the four of them make an official alliance called The Monarchy.

After X and Alyssa leave the HOH, SB thanks Ky for his support this week because without him, she wouldn’t have been able to make this move…Tiffany comes up to talk to Ky and SB and SB apologizes for being cryptic when she talked to her earlier in the day. SB reassures Tiffany that she was never an option for her and she even told DX that last night. She adds that she also told him that no matter who is sitting next to Claire on Thursday, she would prefer Claire to stay.

DX tells X that if the plan isn’t to get SB out next week, then they might as well take their chances with keeping DX in the house too. Xavier asks DF when he is going to win something so that he can take him out? DF tells X that he is feeling a little uneasy because it seems like all the Cookout members are losing their person except for Ky.

Tiffany tells DX and Claire that based on everything she is hearing in the house, DX is the target this week and likely going home. Claire leaves the room and Tiffany gives DX pointers on who he should talk to and where he needs to try and get his votes from. DX mentions that Ky told him he would vote for him if it looked like it was unanimous against him and wonders if they can convince Ky that there aren’t any votes for him while having votes from Tiffany and Hannah and then either DF or Azah?

DF tells DX that he is stressed out trying to figure out what’s best for his game. He also says that if he were HOH, he wouldn’t be sending DX out this week, he would at least wait until he knew there wasn’t a Battle Back. DX tells DF that Britini was probably better for his game, but not enough for him to vote out DF. DX tells DF that if he helps him out this week, DX would have him for the rest of the game.

DF goes over the eviction order with Ky and they discuss DX this week, then SB, Claire, and finally Alyssa. They think that Alyssa will take a shot at Claire if she wins HOH, but DF says that he has to be the one to take Claire out. Ky tells DF that if he wants to take a shot at SB, he’s going to have to win the secret HOH (Coin of Destiny). Kyland says they just have to make sure that Alyssa or Claire don’t win HOH.

DX talks to Hannah later and tells her that he feels good about her vote and Hannah tells him that he 100% has her vote. She tells him that she will be in people’s hears, but she can’t actively campaign for him as Alyssa did for Christian because that will backfire on them.

Later, Hannah camtalks and says that she really feels bad for DX, but he can’t stay this week. She says she is feeling really guilty about this because she could have done something about it, but didn’t. Hannah then goes to talk to DF and tells him that she is feeling terrible because she is helping DX with what he should say to people, but it’s just giving him false hope.

Tiffany asked Ky later if there was any way that DX could stay this week and he tells her that it isn’t up to him. He knows that DX staying would be better for their game, but not better for the Cookout as a group.

Alyssa talks to Ky about the votes and he is confident that they have the votes to get DX out this week with him, Xavier, Alyssa, and DF. Meanwhile, Hannah is talking to Azah about maybe keeping DX and Azah tells her that she has to think about it. Hannah tells Azah that Tiffany would have to vote to keep Claire or else it will be bad for her game.

Hannah later talked to Kyland about how they should think about making the vote closer in case there is a Battle Back and suggests a 4-3 vote for Claire to stay. Kyland says that is really close to flipping the other way. Ky is clearly worried about doing this.

There are some talks about trying to get DX to stay, but Hannah and Tiffany won’t have the votes unless they can get Azah and DF on board. We will have to wait and see how the next couple of days play out, but as of right now, it’s not looking good for DX.

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