Saturday inside the Big Brother 23 house, the houseguests picked players for the Power of Veto, a Power of Veto winner was announced and Sarah Beth worked on her plan for the remainder of the week. If you missed out on any of the Big Brother spoilers throughout the day, you can find them all right here with my live feeds recap for Saturday!

The day started really early for the Big Brother 23 houseguests with a 7 AM BBT wake-up call so that they could get ready for their busy day. There wasn’t much game talk early in the morning before the players for Veto were picked. After the player draw took place, we found out that Alyssa, Azah, and Derek F were all picked to play in this week’s Veto.

SB talked to Alyssa after the players were drawn and she was worried that if the noms did stay the same, would Xavier have the votes to stay against Claire. Alyssa thinks he would for sure.

DX talked to Claire a bit about the renom situation and he thinks that if SB wins the Veto, things will not be good. Claire tells DX that she is positive that the target this week is one of them.

Hannah told DX that she was sorry that the draw didn’t go better for him and DX tells her that he isn’t worried about being on the block next to Xavier if Claire comes down. Hannah tells him that she hopes the noms stay the same and she mentions that Azah winning is probably their best chance at that happening.

Alyssa tells Hannah later on that she really hopes she can win this week’s Veto so that she can take Xavier down since it’s her fault he’s up there, to begin with.

DF goes to talk to SB and asks her what her hopes are for the Veto. She confirms with DF that her hope is that Xavier comes down and then promises DF that Azah will not be going up. Talks turn to the BB Bucks in the house and she mentions that she can’t figure out who got the 100 this week. DF promises SB that he got 75 this week.

Tiffany tells Claire that she feels like no one is telling them anything this week. Claire tells Tiffany that she thinks DX will end up the renom this week and Tiffany tells her that DX going this week isn’t best for their game. Tiffany tells Claire that she hopes that Azah doesn’t win the Veto this week (since noms will likely stay the same and Claire will be evicted).

Tiffany talks to Xavier and tells him that she is trying to figure out what SB is going to do this week. She worries that if DX is up against Xavier that Claire will question things when Tiffany votes DX out over Xavier.

Not much went on right before the Veto, just a lot of general chit-chat and the same HGs worrying about the results of the Veto. The feeds went down for the veto and when they came back up Xavier was wearing the Veto. There were some prizes and punishments with this competition. Xavier’s punishments included 24 hours in isolation, he will be a third nominee the first week he isn’t HOH, and he lost all of his BB Bucks.

Azah was upset with DF after the comp because he took a cash prize instead of fighting for the veto. He told Azah that he didn’t stand a chance against Xavier in that comp so he took something he could win. She talked to Xavier right after about her frustration because she feels like DF put her at risk.

SB talked to Kyland and told him that DX will be leaving this week and is pretty confident they have at least four votes to put him in Jury. SB does worry that DX might tell Alyssa about SB knowing about the backdoor play to try and sway votes in his favor. SB also hopes that she could convince Claire that this wasn’t the plan all week and just something she thought would save Claire.

DX does a check-in with SB and Kyland sticks around. DX asks her if he is getting BD’d this week and Kyland laughs it off and tells him absolutely not. In this conversation, DX pitches to SB that he wouldn’t use the Coin of Destiny on her or Kyland if he won it and adds that DF has enough to play also and he would definitely use it. DX promises his loyalty to them if she doesn’t put him up this week. When SB doesn’t give DX anything, he is clearly worried.

After DX leaves the room, SB tells Kyland she is still going to put him up. SB tells Kyland that she wants to talk to Alyssa and make sure that she knows her plan was to get DX out all along. She also tells Kyland that she thinks that the two of them will do fine against Alyssa or Xavier in F3.

Tiffany and Hannah talked about who they want out when they get to F6. Hannah says that she wants DF gone at F6 and then hopes that someone will take Kyland out after that. She wants to see them, Xavier and Azah in F4.

SB tells Claire that she is trying to think of the options that help SB out the most and she mentions taking DX out. There was a lot of talk about the Veto comp and past alliances in the house.

Before heading to bed, Tiffany, DX, and Claire talk about ways to try and keep DX off the block this week. Tiffany suggests that he warns SB that there might be a Jury Battle Back and that he could just end up coming back. DX wonders if he should tell SB some of the things he knows are going on inside the house. Tiffany tells him that if he mentions names that might worry SB that he will do it to her too. After DX leaves, Tiffany and Claire talk about how upset they are that DX is leaving this week, but it’s been coming for a while now.

Kyland tells DX that Claire mentioned that she would be between DX and Hannah as possible renoms to sit next to her when she spoke with SB. DX seems excited about this because he thinks that Hannah would be more tempting to put on the block than DX would be. Kyland tells DX that he thinks that Claire thinks she is closer to DX than Hannah is so she wants to keep both of them in the house. DX tells Kyland that he thinks he might throw Azah out to SB. This would allow them to keep the Agency together and they could pull SB in closer.

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