It was a pretty quiet day inside the Big Brother 23 house with some kind of promo for the Red Cross taking place and the HGs lounging in the yard. This week’s target has been informed that they will hit the chopping block this week on Big Brother 2021, but they still don’t know they are the target. Get all the details of what happened on Sunday’s live feeds right here with my Big Brother spoilers!

The morning started pretty early for the houseguests with a lot of speculation on whether or not there was going to be a bonus comp or something.

Xavier and Sarah Beth talk about Derek X being a threat to both their games and how going against the Kings was the worst move he could have made. Xavier said that he would be on board with getting DX out this week.

The feeds cut for just under 3 hours and when the feeds came back up we saw Derek X and Hannah talking about how DX could possibly end up on the block this week. Hannah thinks that it could be him, Tiffany, or Hannah hitting the block with SB on the block. Azah later asked DX why he didn’t play in the roulette and he says that he regrets it, but that he doesn’t feel completely hopeless yet.

DF and SB talked later about how they have to get DX out this week or else he is going to have two opportunities to win the HOH and take one of them out. He tells her that he really does want to go after Claire next week though.

Tiffany and Hannah talk about how they think Claire and DX will feel about the Cookout alliance when they find out about it. They both think that they will be okay with it and know that it was a game move and not personal.

SB and DX talk later in the day and SB basically lets DX know that he is probably going to go up at the Veto Ceremony. She tells him that he has better connections in the house than her and he obviously has more comp wins. Derek X asks if she is factoring in the fact that he let her keep the $5,000 in the Veto and she says that she is and that is making this decision harder.

Hannah tells Tiffany that in order to save DX this week, their best option next to Claire would be herself. She tells Tiffany that she had a conversation with Alyssa about how she was paranoid about SB in hopes that she would tell SB so she would target Hannah instead.

Xavier, Kyland, and DF talk about going into F7 and they all agree that they don’t want to be the HOH for F7 so that they can start taking shots at the women in F6. DF wonders if the women will turn on them first, but Kyland doesn’t think that will happen.

Claire tells DX that he needs to get votes together. DX says that SB won’t get his vote if she makes it to the end but then says that she might if she makes it there. Claire tells him not to be a bitter juror and then tells him that she will talk to SB tomorrow.

Kyland talked to SB later and wonders if anyone is lying about the amount of BB Bucks they have. SB tells Kyland that she is really worried about next week and hopes that Kyland wins HOH. She wonders if Hannah would put her up on the block and then mention that Claire and Tiffany might also.

DX came up and they had some general conversations before heading to bed. There is a good chance that DX will end up on the block next to Claire after Xavier takes himself off the block at this week’s Veto Ceremony which will take place inside the house today.

Be on the lookout for Veto Ceremony spoilers coming up later today!

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